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Exploring the world of Sci-Fi movies

Exploring the world of Sci-Fi movies

Scified2019-11-03 13:09:05
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Science fiction has always attracted filmmakers and audience alike. When the concept of filmmaking started, there was not much scopes in terms of special effects but as the technology advanced and special effects came into play, gradually the science fiction genre to came into existence. Prior to that, science fiction or Sci-Fi was limited to the novels of HG Wells and counterparts, who dreamt of lots of interesting things that does not look normal from the human perspective. But as soon as special effects came into play, many of these novels were later adapted into movies and with the advancement of technology, their execution became more and more improved. In this article we are going to cover some of the interesting aspects and different facets of Sci-Fi genre of movies and examine various aspects of this genre.

The history of the Sci-Fi movies started at around 1950 with some movies with innovative and interesting story lines, but limited technicalities and special effects were able to express its theme. However, as special effects improved, see movies remade in a better way and special effect made them look just fantastic.

The Target

The target audience or the takers of Sci-Fi movies are the people who are open to seemingly unreal. It is mostly woven around some larger than life concepts like life at a different planet, alien attacking the humans with mankind in danger, mammoth species of animals like Dinosaur or Godzilla coming into existence and similar fantasies. However, while some of the movies are made purely for the entertainment value, some others are more thought provoking and questions and raise lots of interesting issues that need to be addressed seriously.

What Sci-Fi genre has to offer?

While there was some pure entertainers like The war of the Worlds, that more or less dealt with interesting creativity and fantasies of the alien world, The planet of the Apes, though dealt with a hypothetical subject but it still was more than an entertainer. It questioned and raised lots of thought provoking subjects and concerning matters to mankind.

Children of men was another example of thought provoking idea mix with creativity when the thought was what would we do when women becomes infertile and suddenly, there are certainly questions of existence and  survival arising in the mind. It was the good mixture of fantasies mixed with flying cars, aliens, robots, machines and everything packaged and yet trying to keep the meaning and the main theme of the movie reasonable. The same applies for The Matrix, that had a very interesting concept and it was superbly technically executed as well. The Day the Earth Stood Still was another alien movie with a meaningful theme and it was much more than a pure entertainer.

Then there was a movie like Jurassic Park and Godzilla, that were pure entertainers and Steven Spielberg’s products but they were a good expansion and acknowledgement of the technical advancement and the special effect development, as and when they came into play. Then most of the movies like Terminator and Star Wars, that are considered as cult Sci-Fi movies were mostly entertainers but they also had a deeper meaning to convey.

At the end of the day, movies are products and creative expansion of the human fantasy about the hunting past or the worrying future and their own concerns and approach towards life. All of us want to get answers to some of the questions that are concerning to us and for that, we often have to look into the past and they and possibly give them the search for that in future.

Sci-Fi as a solution to queries?

Some of the fantasies that were looking quite stupid at the span of time they were thought of later become reality. Some of the concepts of hybrid, cloning and robotic dreamt on paper buy some Sci-Fi writers were later recognized, scientifically approved and acknowledged by the scientists. So we can say that though there is no guarantee of what part of a fantasy would hold through or prove substantial in future, but the very idea of thinking and the liberty to think is something that serves as an initial motivation after concept of the theory that can buy the transit of time and technology can come into existence point at the same time, we also need to acknowledge that another to improve a life we have to learn from the past and improvised them do make a better future point this is more or less the essence of most of the Sci-Fi movies that we have seen.

The main thing is taking the initiative. The game of cards was invented hundreds of years back and at the same time, if somebody had taught that one would play blackjack online then people would have laughed at him. But computers came into play, the internet came and conquered the world and soon, things that were never expected before started to happen online. The same concept of belief and dreaming holds true for the Sci-Fi genre of movies as well  It is the writers who have some imagination, that might sound like a stupid dream, but it somehow lays the foundation of something of the future and once it comes into existence, people look back at the person who dared to think differently.


We hope that you found this article thought provoking. At the end of the day, it is up to the cinema lovers and filmmakers on how they treat cinema. Some of the movies irrespective of their motive have been more than a movie and more of a social statement. It depends on the filmmaker's perception and audience reception as what they could make out from a movie. That being said, the Sci-Fi genre has always offered some super platform for creativity as well as it has been able to find out or at least made an effort to try to find out the solution of a problem of the future by peeping into the future.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-11-03 13:09:05
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1 Fan responses to Exploring the world of Sci-Fi movies


Nov-08-2019 9:38 PM

For me, sci fi started with Twilight Zone. It was a 30 minute show in black and white with the best effects they could muster at the time. BUT- the stories, and writing were so strong that they delivered thought provoking punches that are still relevant.

Lately, there are movies that seem weak on story but are strong with eye candy (enough to take notice) and they are forgettable.

Sci fi will stay strong as long as there is a strong story that speaks to the human condition most can relate to.

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