Download Best Horror Mods on Minecraft PE

Download Best Horror Mods on Minecraft PE

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Horror Mods on Minecraft PE: Best Mods

Players try to make the game more interesting in different ways, and downloading addons for Minecraft Bedrock Edition is one of the ways. Those who like to fight mobs, test themselves for strength and are not afraid of the dark, should try these horror mods.

Aliens vs Predator

This is one of the best horror mods dedicated to the Alien vs Predator theme. Monsters roam the territory of the game world and constantly attack Minecraft PE players. The task of users is to survive and resist the invasion of terrible mobs.

By the way, the developers have added weapons for battles.


Zombie Apocalypse

There are many horror mods for Minecraft PE players that make them escape from bloodthirsty monsters. Zombie apocalypse addon will introduce users to new dangerous inhabitants of the world and teach them to resist.

The peculiarity is that some mobs do not burn in the sun and have additional abilities.



The most mysterious character of the virtual world will appear in the game thanks to Herobrine addon. This character is difficult to defeat, so users will have to use all their experience in Minecraft PE.

Also, this horror mod gives the player the opportunity to try on the role of a monster.



Players can make the game more fun by reincarnating into their favorite characters with the Morph mod. This is an opportunity to become almost any animal in Minecraft PE, as well as turn into a hostile creature for a while, for example, into a creeper.

Playing with friends and turning into different monsters, it is possible to turn your world into a real horror.



It is no secret that Minecraft PE does not have such a large selection of weapons as players would like. To add power to their attacks, users can download this gun mod.

With its help, they will receive modern weapons: pistols, machine guns, grenades and many additional items that will be useful in a virtual horror.



Fans of comics will appreciate Marvel mods for Minecraft PE. This is an opportunity to add unique characters with fantastic abilities and the most terrible creatures from comics to the world.

Players will have to win in a horror world filled with evil mobs using new attacks.



One of the most famous monsters with incredible strength can now inhabit Minecraft PE. This is possible thanks to Godzilla horror mod.

Players will meet different mobs similar to the popular character and can try to defeat him. The difficulty is that the mob has a giant growth and a large hp reserve.


Star Wars

It is possible to fight space troops and defend your land with a laser sword with the Star Wars mod. By uploading it to Minecraft PE, players will become characters in a legendary plot that will completely change the game world.

The developers have added mobs, weapons, and other themed items.



Fans of horror labs with monsters will appreciate the SCP mod. After downloading, famous monsters will appear in Minecraft PE.

Players can spawn them, fight with them and improve their skills, feeling like scientists from the famous creepy story.


Jurassic Craft

Those who would like to visit a dinosaur park should download Jurassic Craft mod. He will add a little danger, and sometimes the world of Minecraft PE will look like a horror, where the player can only save his life by running away from monsters.

Also, users will get acquainted with different creatures that are impossible to meet in real life.


Written by ChrisPublished on 2023-09-26 09:31:06
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