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Destiny End Game Is Where It All Begins

Destiny End Game Is Where It All Begins

Scified2014-06-29 09:27:48
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Believe it or not there is, in fact, an area of Destiny to which Bungie were met with moans and groans from their almost, hook, line & sinker audience. News that the player level progression would be capped at 20 hasn’t been well received from their MMO based community. With feelings that the game would end rather abruptly with such a considerably small number when it comes to the Massive Multiplayer Online genre, but Bungie Head of Community Eric Osborne told TechRadar at E3 2014 said that there's more to Destiny's end-game content and that. "In Destiny, when you complete the campaign, you're really just getting started,"

With the world of Destiny In game constantly changing and moving It’s no wonder every aspect of the game is connected. Multiplayer is linked directly back to the rest of the game For example, "reputation" credits earned in deathmatches can be used to purchase weapons in the hub area. It's all "rooted in story, and that, this will keep players moving around and not getting stuck in a rut, Osborne said.
"It sounds like light storytelling, but once you start experiencing it, it's a driver to keep you moving around the world in a really cool way," he explained. "It creates these cool cyclical experiences where you sort of become omnivorous."

Of course there is a’lot more to the end game aspect of Destiny that has yet to be revealed to public eyes/ears. "We've named a raid, but that's just one of the examples of the kind of stuff we want to give player," he said. "Once they reach what they believe is the peak in the game, then we really just want to blow their minds with a whole bunch of crazy, like, 'Now go try that!'"

To me it almost sounds like we’re looking at the typical MMO style of keeping the consumer Interested by pumping out new battle grounds, new faction/tier based gear & weapons etc.  

Bungie arealso looking at sticking to the Halo roots by creating a world full of mystery that can't be unwrapped in one signle game.

"We have a pretty good understanding of that full arc," he said. "It certainly isn't completed in the first entry to Destiny. We want to make sure that there's a great introduction to the world and you get a sense of completion as you finish the game, but we certainly want to leave a lot of mysteries out there and a lot of things for the player to do."

At the center of that web is The Traveler, an enormous spherical craft floating directly over Earth's last city. Questions about it will pervade this game and future entries in the Destiny series.

"We want people to sort of wonder what it is," Osborne said. "Is it good? Is it evil? Is it, you know, benevolent, as the people of the world believe it to be? Or is it something else? We want to preserve that sense of mystery across the world."

"And it's a fine line to strike," he continued. "You have to give people good storytelling and good characters and information about what they're doing, you know - make them feel like they have agency in the world, like what they're doing is important and going to drive to a conclusion.

"In the same sense you want to leave a lot of that mystery out there, because it drives that interest in that intrigue and sort of becomes captivating in its own right. It also sets the stage up for stories later down the line."

With Activision and Bungie's partnership spanning a full decade, It's easy to assume that there will be plenty more stories within the Destiny world to dive in to.

Source: Techrader 
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Written by Dean SalterPublished on 2014-06-29 09:27:48
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