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Celebrating A Sci-Fi-Inspired Wedding To Remember

Celebrating A Sci-Fi-Inspired Wedding To Remember

Scified2021-05-02 10:58:58
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Themed weddings are a hot trend in countries like the U.S., Peru and Czechoslovakia, and another big one is personalization. This means that if you and your future bride or groom are sci-fi fanatics, theming your wedding around this theme is a fantastic way to express your passion. If you check out image-based apps like Pinterest, you may be surprised to find that many couples embrace both fantasy and science fiction as their chosen theme. From Star Wars cake toppers to futuristic wedding attire, there are so many ways to show off your rich knowledge of the sci-fi world on your Big Day.

Selecting A Theme
Whether Jurassic World, Godzilla or Star Wars is your favorite film, think of how well it might work as a theme. There are no limits when it comes to the imagination, but your budget will definitely determine how far you can take it. Real Madrid soccer star Sergio Ramos and wife Pilar Rubio, for instance, achieved what might seem unthinkable: entering their reception aboard a flying red dragon. Of course, certified specialists would be required to pull off such a feat, but there are ways you can incorporate this type of idea - for instance, by placing dinosaur statues in the reception hall, or by filling it with tall plants to mimic the wild atmosphere of Jurassic World. Creating the right ambience begins with your wedding invitations (which can feature imagery from your chosen film or game) and ends with the music you choose for the post-ceremony bash.

Keeping Colors Consistent
Once your theme is chosen, stick to a specific color scheme that is true to this theme. For instance, you may wish to adopt a Star Trek theme - in which case the table décor, bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s ties and other elements can mimic the colors of the USS Enterprise’s crew (think red, mustard, or ‘Spock’ blue). You can also use these hues in your wedding jewelry - including necklaces, bracelets, or even an engagement ring. Colored gems are actually making a big comeback in engagement jewelry designs, taking their cue from some of the most highly prized superstar engagement rings of all time. Find inspiration in stunning designs like Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring (featuring two main stones - a sparkling diamond and a sci-fi-friendly emerald that added a touch of originality to the ring) or Lance Bass’s dramatic ring in black and white diamonds, channel set within a gleaming yellow gold band. Your wedding attire should also reflect your theme, either through the colors of your garments or their styles, which can be modeled on specific characters.

Remembering The Tiny Details
Throwing a successful sci-fi-themed wedding doesn’t only depend on your major décor and outfit choices, but also on all the details, which, together, contribute to keeping your wedding within the world of your creation. For instance, try to ensure your wedding favors are themed - just a few ideas include figurines from your chosen film and pen drives containing your chosen soundtracks. One Star Wars-themed wedding had cute Stormtrooper heads serving as place card holders. Another had Yoda illustrations as part of the reception table décor. Dream up as many ways of including characters, images and art from your theme so that everywhere you look, there is a feature that is worth putting up on your guests’ Instagram accounts.

Themed weddings continue to be popular in many countries, including the U.S. If you have chosen a sci-fi theme, think of the many ways in which you can incorporate key moments from your chosen film or game into your reception. From décor to food, and jewelry to wedding favors, there are so many ways in which to get creative and share your passion with your friends and loved ones.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-05-02 10:58:58
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