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Casinos and Gambling in the Sci-Fi Universes

Casinos and Gambling in the Sci-Fi Universes

Scified2021-05-06 12:31:34
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Gambling has been a part of human history since time immemorial. One can find mention of gambling in epics and the oldest written records. Thus, it should not come as a surprise to see gambling in almost all sci-fiction series and movies. They form an integral part of sci-fi and owe their popularity partly to them.

Comics, television series, and movies inspire our lifestyle largely. It was the world of movies that made casinos so cool and dazzling. Countries that never had casinos also find it fascinating. And due to its popularity, we see a lot of movie-themed online casinos that can be particularly exciting for fans. But before you jump to your online casino games, let us have a look at the Sci-Fi universes that feature gambling.

Gambling and casinos have an air of mystery around them. Its unpredictability acts as a great factor of also gives an edge to the character who is associated with it. Just as we see the sexiest villains in the comics are either gamblers or somehow have an affinity to its nature.

Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise is the founding father of popular science fiction. They have an incredible fan base who not only watch the movies but also anything related to it. It has its own universe and is popular among people of all ages. Star Wars has inspired several movies like itself but by far remains the best.

This franchise incorporated a phenomenal scene of an outer space casino in The Last Jedi. the protagonist reaches an alien casino and at this point of the plot, the casino helps in furthering the tension and unpredictability.

It had also invented a game called Sabbacc. This card game is one of the most innovative casino representations ever done on screen. In the movie, it is played all across the galaxy and is of much importance to our protagonist Hans Solo. The Ryn had created this game for the purpose of fortune-telling.

Star Trek

Star Trek features the original game of poker without many renditions of its own but nevertheless, it is important to the very plot of the movie and not just some kind of ornamentation. In the movie, McCoy teaches Spock how to play it.

Sci-fi directors love to include casino scenes in their movies and for that purpose may even learn how to play. This helps them understand how the game can be used to enrich the plot or even invent a similar kind of game or make modifications to the existing one.

If you too wish to experience the same, you can do so through online gambling. We suggest you begin with a casino that requires you to invest only $10. According to a reputed review of the best minimum $10 entry casinos or $10 Paysafe deposit casino NZ these are not only low-budget but also offer deposit bonuses and other perks. Don’t worry, they are very user-friendly and you won’t be needing a Leonard McCoy to explain to you the mechanisms of the game. They can be played easily on your mobile.

Hunger Games

Betting is the major component of any casino. The whole point of it boils down to wagering an amount as a bet. The Hunger Games feature just that. It has a significant amount of bets and it is not only crucial to the plot line but also contributes to the whole body of philosophy that the author wished to convey.

In the movie, people take part in an event of survival that requires them to fight each other for survival. It takes us back to our primordial instincts of survival of the fittest. The movie shows bets are placed on people and how long they will survive. Peeta and Katniss are protagonists whose progress is what we are primarily looking at.

Betting as depicted in The Hunger Games, also adds to the atmosphere of thrill and suspense. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and does not let you take your eyes off even for a while. The game of survival and death is made more ruthless. It is almost heartless to bet on human beings and their death but you cannot stop watching it.

X-Men Origins: Gambit

Wolverine is one of the hottest superheroes hands down! And just when we thought things can't go any hotter with Hugh Jackman in the house, we have Gambit do his crazy thing with the cards. His superpower is light kinetic energy and he used tarot cards to harness and project it. He uses tarot cards because he loves them. He meets Wolverine at a casino before a fight ensues between Wolverine and Victor where he teams up with the hero.


Andromeda is among the television shows that did not match up with its contenders but has some very well-written moments. Captain Hunt desperately tries to look for Clarion's Call which was formerly the Commonwealth Warship. He is baffled by a revelation that the former warship now travels across the Three Galaxies. It has taken the shape and function of a casino ship.

Although we do not get any direct glimpse of gambling or betting, it opens up a vein of fancy for the audience to imagine a futuristic world that is largely dominated by organized gambling.

Final Word

The Sci-fi genre has integrated gambling and betting very well into its universe. Whether it is a superpower or an alien ship, gambling does not lose its charm and appeal. It has attracted mankind for centuries and continues to do so. If you too are attracted to live your fantasy, you can play online casinos. Some of these are even sci-fi themed and you can bet real money with high stakes. How cool is that?

However, that does not necessarily mean that you gotta have a lot of money to play online gambling. These casinos offer you the best deals with bonuses and free spins which allows you to enjoy yourself just as much you enjoyed watching these movies.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-05-06 12:31:34
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