Best Sci-fi Games to Play on Laptop
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Sci-fi games are some of the most popular and immersive genres in gaming, transporting players to new worlds filled with unique experiences. Laptops are becoming increasingly powerful and capable of running these games, providing an excellent gaming experience. 

It’s worth noting that running some of these games can be demanding for low-spec devices. If you need to improve your laptop performance, you can reduce the resolution and graphics quality, shut down unused programs and apps, and optimize your OS for gaming.

Whether you're looking for fast-paced action, open-world exploration, or an engaging story, there are plenty of great sci-fi games to choose from. So, prepare to suit up and explore the galaxy, discover distant futures, and defend Earth from alien invasions.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

This remastered edition of the original Mass Effect trilogy features updated graphics with all DLCs included. Players can follow the iconic Commander Shepard's journey through the galaxy as they make decisions that affect the fate of humanity and the rest of the galaxy.

Featuring action-packed gameplay, an engaging storyline, and memorable characters, this remaster's enhanced visuals are worth the price. What’s more, players get to experience the full journey of Shepard as it includes all three games in the classic series.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world RPG set in a dark and gritty future, with intense first-person combat and a branching narrative with multiple endings. Players take on the role of a mercenary known as V, and can customize their abilities, appearance, and playstyle. 

With a vast open world to explore, Cyberpunk 2077 has received critical acclaim for its incredible graphics and detailed art style and for the deep and engaging story that players will experience as they navigate the neon-lit streets of Night City.

Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

The Outer Worlds

Set in a distant space colony, The Outer Worlds is a first-person RPG where players must survive by making decisions with far-reaching consequences. The game features fast-paced combat, a variety of weapons and abilities to choose from, and a highly engrossing story.

The game's unique setting, the Halcyon colony, is a well-thought-out blend of science fiction and Western elements. This is a game where the story clearly comes first, and the player's choices throughout the game will shape the fate of the colony’s inhabitants.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is the latest entry in the long-running Doom franchise and one of the most highly-rated sci-fi games in general. The game features fast-paced and brutal combat, a variety of demon-slaying weapons to choose from, and an epic storyline. 

Players have one objective: to rid the world of hellspawn. Eternal is a masterclass in fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay, with a great variety of demons to fight, an arsenal of powerful weapons to use, and an excellent story driving the action.


This turn-based strategy game is the sequel to the critically acclaimed XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game features intense battles and an epic storyline, pitting the survival of humanity against a dominant alien threat with advanced technology.

XCOM 2 tasks players with leading a team of soldiers through various missions, but survival is never easy. The challenging gameplay tests even the most seasoned strategy gamers, and the constant threat of permadeath for any soldier will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

Alien: Isolation

Set in Ridley Scott’s Alien universe, Alien: Isolation is a first-person horror game where players have to survive against a deadly alien who continuously stalks them, all while navigating through a stunningly realized space station. 

The game features intense stealth gameplay, providing an authentic Alien experience where the player is always vulnerable. It’s a true survival horror game by all definitions, with a constant sense of tension and danger, as players avoid the Xenomorph at all costs.

The Division 2

The Division 2 is a third-person shooter RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Washington DC. A biological weapon has decimated most of the population, and players must survive against various factions while making decisions that affect the game's outcome.

Players can look forward to fast-paced gameplay, an eclectic variety of weapons and abilities, and a highly replayable endgame. Most of the content is designed for groups of players, so grab a friend or two if you plan on giving this one a try.

Fallout 76

An open-world RPG set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of West Virginia, Fallout 76 is the first and only MMO set in Bethesda’s Fallout universe. Players must survive various dangers as they level up, including Super Mutants, robots, and all manner of strange creatures.

The game offers a huge open world to explore, filled with secrets to uncover and quests to complete. The ability to team up with other players for a more immersive experience is revolutionary for the Fallout series, and millions of players keep coming back for more.

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