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Best Sci-Fi Gambling Games

Best Sci-Fi Gambling Games

Scified2019-06-23 09:14:38
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Manufacturing companies often produce gaming machines in the science fiction genre and some of them have achieved excellent results.

Developers are always looking for new ideas and themes for games, so we will look at the most popular game models that that have become entwined with the science fiction worlds.

Sabacc from "Star Wars"

In this genre, the online gambling card game of sabacc is the undisputed leader. It was even mentioned several times by the main characters of Star Wars. Of course, the most popular moment happened when Han  Solo won the "Millennium Falcon" in this game. According to the film, this game was invented by The Ryn for fortune telling. But later, it became popular in all the galaxies. Participants made big bets.

The Hunger Games ... Betting

Modern Internet users and sports fans make bets on boxing/UFC/ Formula-1 and football matches. It is logical that the author of The Hunger Games has come up with a great story, according to which rich people make bets on warriors. This gambling game has no rules and complex algorithms. Only one member of the Hungry Games will be the winner. During the film, viewers could see how the chances of survival of the participants varied.

Triad Cards from "Battlestar Galactica"

In the Battlestar Galactica movie, this awesome card game captures the Sci-Fi world. It became very popular and some entrepreneurs started selling real Triad Cards on Amazon and other platforms. The main characters of the film often mentioned this game based on 52 hexagonal cards. It is worth noting that the game had no rules, so the actors often had to improvise.

Heroes of Star Trek and Poker

Traditional poker has become an integral part of the popular film whose main characters were fond of this game. Throughout the film, the characters said this poker was very popular on our planet many years ago. In addition, Star Trek members are confident that they can find a universal "key" to this game before they discovered the element of bluffing.

Thunderdome Fights in "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome"

The movie with Mel Gibson has become very popular around the world. The Thunderdome first appeared in the third instalment of this film. If you have not watched this film, then we will tell you that this is the gladiator arena where spectacular fights took place. Of course they had a huge number of viewers. The Thunderdome has the appearance of a large grid filled with various weapons. Dr Dealgood always says: "Two men enter, only one man leaves."

Eulogy (Killjoys)

In this film, Eulogy is presented as a huge outlaw casino. Killjoys is a small town where criminals can relax in the gaming halls and drink fine whiskey. But all visitors of Eulogy must abide by two rules: the casino is open only to known convicted criminals and they must use stolen goods to place bets.

Andromeda with Clarion’s Call Casino Ship
According to the plot of the film John, Dutch and Pree want to enter the city to find the secret technology. In the end, they get to know that this technology is built into the beautiful girl called Clara.

Perhaps the Andromeda television series did not change the Sci-Fi genre, but despite this, it had several interesting points. So, the main characters often mentioned gambling, especially when Captain Hunt tried to find Commonwealth warship, Clarion’s Call. Later, he found out that a warship traveling through different galaxies was used as a casino. During the series, we didn’t see a single gamble, but we had enough hints.

Space Boxing (Arena)

If you are not a fan of this genre, then you must not have heard of this film which premiered in 1989. This film tells about a man who wants to win an intergalactic boxing tournament. The script and graphics of the film disappointed the viewers, but some of them marked the original UFC version of the fights.

Time Poker - In Time film

This film appeared in cinemas in 2011. It takes the audience in 2169, when scientists have found a tool that stops aging. Everyone has a special clock that counts for 12 months. When time runs out, that

person dies. Here is the main feature of the film: this time can be bought/sold or placed in a casino as a bet.

In one of the episodes, Will visits the game room and selects a table with poker. At the end of the round, he wins 1,100 years.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-06-23 09:14:38
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