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Gambling is so ingrained in our lives that it has made its way to space! Yes, in a bid to make their films even more interesting (if that’s even possible), sci-fi directors introduced gambling in different scenes. After all, even out there in other realms, characters are keen to unwind. And while earthlings would seek to do so with reputable casino games like diamond reels, these space characters do not have access to our websites, do they? So, they must play unique games in their realms. Are you curious about what you would get to play if you ever ventured into the worlds around us? Let’s find out:

The Unique Sci-Fi Gambling Games

You might not think you have much in common with the people in sci-fi movies. After all, you are not fighting wars, trying to survive extreme conditions, or gifted with supernatural powers. But there is one thing you share – a love for games. Below are some of the games which have enthralled sci-fi fans:


  • Sabacc from Star Wars


Have you played blackjack? If yes, you know how it works. You must try to get 21 or as close to it as possible while beating the dealer’s hand. And if you go over 21, you go bust, and if you fall under the dealer’s hand, you lose. It takes a lot of strategizing to win such a game because you must know when to hit, stand, or double down. For players who take the time to learn the game's nuances, lots of rewards await them.

But why does this matter? Well, follow us into the Star Wars franchise, which has held firm in the sci-fi world, attracting millions of followers. Anyone who’s watched any of these movies has come across Sabacc, a game sprinkled throughout the movies in the franchise. In one instance, Han Solo relied on this game to win the Millennium Falcon! 

A close look at the gameplay reveals that it works a lot like blackjack. How? Well, you must hit 23 or get as close to it as possible without going over the number. Does this sound familiar? If you’re good at blackjack, you can easily play Sabacc and maneuver your way around the 76-card deck.


  • The Hunger Games Betting from The Hunger Games


In most jurisdictions, betting on live animal or human events where violence ensues (excluding boxing, rugby, and other legalized sports) is unacceptable. People still run such wagers between themselves or using betting exchanges, but this is not entirely legal.

But in the sci-fi world, people will barely bat an eyelid at such a wager. After all, the rules are pretty different. Enter the Hunger Games, where people get to watch young and vibrant people fight to make it out alive. And the viewers decide to make things a bit more fun by backing the people they think will survive. So, they are essentially betting for or against the death of the competitors! While this would not fly in our world, it was once a common scenario some centuries ago. And the Hunger Games brings out this concept quite vividly.


  • Time Poker from In Time


Poker players love the game. They love everything that goes into winning – bluffing, strategizing, the adrenaline rush, everything! So, it was only a matter of time before this game made its way to the sci-fi world. The setting starts with a world where everyone stops aging at 25. And that might seem like a great thing because you would eliminate the need to wear sunscreen, buy retinol, or even use antioxidants – only that you die at 26! 

Of course, a solution lies in wait for those who wish to live longer. They can buy time which now exists as a currency. But it gets a bit more complex. This time can also be stolen or gambled away! One lucky character who understands the ins and outs of casino games heads to a time poker game. And with each win, the chips translate to years, amounting to 1,100 years! You can imagine just how tense such a game would be – after all, people usually play poker to make money, not to live longer! There is a lot at stake in this case.


  • Triad Cards from Battlestar Galactica


If you’d followed the original series, you’d have heard of this game but not know how it worked. That’s because the characters never played it and instead spoke about it in several instances. The cast decided to spice things up in this series by playing the game. And it’s a pretty simple card game that comprises a 52-card deck with suits and numbers. Anyone who wants to win must aim for full colors as this is the hand that pays out the most. Its simplicity and the accompanying tension made it such a hit that fans demanded a chance to play the game on earth. If you feel the same way, you can also grab some Triad Cards and start playing!


  • Eulogy from Killjoys


Do you recall when physical casino establishments were the only way to enjoy a casino game? You would have to:

  • Dress up and show up in the casino dress code,
  • Commute to the casino, and
  • Show up with enough cash to buy chips and enjoy the games.

Eulogy is much like this. But it has some interesting distinctions. Unlike casinos where anyone is welcome (above 18 and in the required dress code, not everyone can enter this casino. Instead, you must:

  • Be a known convicted criminal, and
  • Possess stolen goods that act as your stake in the games.

It’s an excellent spot for criminals to unwind and enjoy their spoils. And sometimes, well-meaning characters find their way to this casino to seek help from the criminals.

If you were in space, which of these games would you try? You would likely need to follow the same strategies you do in online casinos – research the games, have a limit on what to spend, and enjoy the surprises!

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