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War of the Gargantuas Movie Page

War of the Gargantuas

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Directed by Ishiro Honda, War of the Gargantuas is a Toho movie based on a screenplay by Ishiro Honda, Takeshi Kimura.

War of the Gargantuas Trailer

War of the Gargantuas Release Date

The release date for War of the Gargantuas was July 31st, 1966.

War of the Gargantuas Plot

Five years ago Dr. Paul Stewart captured a Frankenstein monster regenerated from the flesh of the one that fought Baragon. Named Sanda, the monster escaped into the mountains without a trace. When another Frankenstein monster, known as Gaira, attacks a Japanese boat the press assumes it is Sanda. Attempting to clear his name, Dr. Stewart and his assistant Akemi search for Sanda. Meanwhile, Gaira reaches land hunting for food. The Japanese Self-Defense Force attempt to kill him, but are stopped by a fully grown Sanda. The brothers' tender reunion turns into a war when Sanda discover's Gaira's taste for human flesh.


War of the Gargantuas Poster

War of the Gargantuas

War of the Gargantuas Cast

Russ Tamblyn
Kumi Mizuno
Kenji Sahara
Nobuo Nakamura
Jun Tazaki
Kipp Hamilton

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