What did Kane tell?

Maybe the ampules someho w later will lower into the floor/hull and the xeno eggs will grow up from them.

You may say: 'Well what about the ampules facing sideways within the circular pillars that the red PUPS fly around?' Well, in Alien novel by Alan Dean Foster there is one or two  sentences that state something along the lines of either Dallas or Kane notices: 'A strange Urn-like shape stuck on the side of the 'wall' crumbling away. Perhaps something similar occured on the Derlict at some point.

Sign of cross in Alien and Prometheus

Also, in Alien the Xeno was hanging UPSIDE DOWN whilst in the cruxifix pose.The upside down cruxifix pose is supposed to be indicative of the Anti-Christ. Literally the exact flip-side of the Cruxifixion of Christ upon the cross.

What did Kane tell?

Ahh... Yes! Good one Meshuggah! I'll have to watch Prometheus again too!


ripley in prometheus 2,ultimate news

Hey BigDave:

Time Travel scenarios may cause some people to roll their eye but if they incorperated elements of The Philadelphia Experiment tampering with electromagnetic fields and explored ideas of Black Hole therums and the darker manipulations of those concepts as are known in current urban legends but with an added twist, The same was done with Prometheus with hints of ancient alien theory and Prometheus 2(a.k.a: Paradise) will be going up against the likes of Interstaller and The Black Hole remake but with no doubt an added darker tone to the narrative.

Sigourney Weaver on for Prometheus 2!!

You tell em' TERMINATED!! :-)


What did Kane tell?

I concur COLDLOGIC, it's more than likely the conversation, all but brief, just occured off screen while they escorted Kane to the change rooms and probably conversed with him along the corridors as they did so. Then when he is all cleaned up, he possibly continued to chat along the corridors again up towards the dinner area until we pick up the conversation as they had just sat down and begun to serve food and converse some more before fate interviened with Kane's destiny.

Ultramorph, Giger monster and weapons of war!

This is all really interesting background information. Good find!

Paradise question

And in saying that, there have must have been more of them then just those whom apparantly 'rebelled'  so why didn't they come and re-visit us back on Earth yet again? After all it has been give-or-take 2000 years plus or minus. They must have been if not completely then near-enough completely decimated. There must not be enough of them left to care enough to travel through space anymore. So there may be none of them left now.

Paradise question

If they even exist at all now. They could have a pristine looking place that looks as lite as a heavenly depiction but has a black hole darkness lurking behind that facade.

I predict that alienDerilict ended up onLV-426because,likeJanek,someone crashed into it

Couldn't the ships (Juggernaughts) from LV-223 be thousands of years old abandoned already until The Engineer awoke and attacked everyone before taking off in one bound fo Earth. If Shaw and David end up in another Juggernaught that becomes the one that crashes and ultimately is revealed as the origins of The Derilict if it is thousands of years old any way before they both then got in it and it ends up upon LV-426 and in addition gets weathering on top of things to its hull then it stands to reason that it was inevitably described as a couple of thousand year old derilict ruin. A gigantic ruin of a space craft or something like that. 

One possibility the sequels may go.

I predict that alienDerilict ended up onLV-426because,likeJanek,someone crashed into it

I would like to see the 15ft elephantine race idea pursued also if they chose to do that. I hve always been interested in that line of inquirey as well.

I predict that alienDerilict ended up onLV-426because,likeJanek,someone crashed into it

The idea that the SJ in the Derilict is in fact a taller humanoid-looking being underneath that elephantine-like helmet is a really thought-provoking idea! That would be a good road to go down and explore in more detail.

The fact that they were potentially bullied and pushed around much like the Engineer at the end of Prometheus is overbearringly trying to enforce his will upon Shaw. A taste of their own medicine!

And also how the interiors from the Prometheus Juggernaught becomes internally entombed in potential skelletal secretions or 'secretions' because we don't know as yet if they are or not.


I predict that alienDerilict ended up onLV-426because,likeJanek,someone crashed into it

Well it may become the future Juggernaught but it would have to be by time travel or something because it is most probable that the Derilct has been upon LV 426 for hundreds, if not, thousands of years before the Prometheuss even came to its mission on LV 223.

It would mean that it would only have been on LV 426 for say around thirty to forty years so its either a much older looking ship that crashed and weathered even more in its short time languishing on LV 426's surface or its been there for much longer was old looking anyway and being there for much longer has added to its decay or there may be a time-loop phenomenon as with the Terminator that brings a Juggernaught to the small planet to meet its fate and become the Derilict eventually - and perhaps it was old looking to begin with which only added to it overal decayed appearance. Not sure about the inclusion of Interstellar themed concepts to Prometheus or not. It would take on aspects of Stargate series then and would people still go for it? It could work maybe.

Important reading: Everything that explains \'Alien\' and it\'s connection to \'Prometheus\'.

Yes, but BigDave, in the end the scene with Dallas, Brett and the so-called Egg-Morph thing got re-instated to the DVD remastered re-release.  So it is now part of the imagined Alien \'universe\' and so now part of \'canon\' aswell. It was deleted but it is now reinstated for good so it\'s official as far as DVD viewing goes.

So Egg-Morphing and Egg-Laying go hand-in-hand as either-or as far as canon goes. Both concepts are right or defers to either one-or-the-other provided what the given enviromental circumstances and conditions are prevalent at the time.

I predict that alienDerilict ended up onLV-426because,likeJanek,someone crashed into it

By the way, I haven't been on here discussing for a while so it will be interesting  to see what people have been talking about.

Space Jockey FTL or Wormholes?

And it also confirms that they along with the rest of us no matter how they think they are so arrogantly ahead of us in terms of evolution and technological advancement are still bound to obey the law of physics as the rest of us all have to. They have to go into cryostasis even in their advanced technological state as the crew of the Nostromo and the Sulaco and others all have to.

different scenerio from what happend inside the base and the juggarnaut

Show me that there was a shred of evidence of chestburster activity that is found when the Prometheus crew visit the head temple chamber and all the rest of the complex. I saw no 'confirmation' on screen that there ever was anything remotely connected to anything regarding the chestbursters, xenomorphs and all the rest of it.

I'm not saying that it wouldn't be cool to see those sorts of things in Prometheus and I would welcome them if they were laced in htere but to the best of my viewing knowledge I never saw anything connected to the chest bursters except the little bit at the end and some thing implied carved on the walls or painted in the form of the murials.

With regard to the Black Liquid the dead Engineers infected with it simply

Which builds a case that all the more seems to be leaning towards my original thread possibility...

Shaw and Vickers DO make a turn to escape falling derelict.

Yeah, don't get me wrong I loved that particular crashing scene in Prometheus, no doubt about it, it was a great cinematic visual and spectacle to behold there are and have been less well executed examples where by the internal logic structure SCREAMS OUT at you, me, us the viewers to say "OHH COME ON! Quickly dart left and run ito that clump of trees either side of you no more than fifteen or twenty feet away left or right to get under that canopy of trees to avoid that arial carnivor that is constantly trying to swoop down upon you and eat you YOU DUMB SHIT!" That is what I said to the television whenI watched an episode of Primeval. One guy was running upon an open golf course I think and a Teridactyle was constantly trying to swoop down upon him to take a bite out of him or some thing and rather than suddenly throwing off the creature and making a sudden dash to his left, to those clump of trees and to safety the stupid F***in A****le INSTEAD runs the longer distance of about thirty or forty feet down range in the GOD DAMNED OPEN!! Its just stupid sometimes when that occurs in things its like the creators, producers are sometimes insulting our inteligences. Humans are unpredictable more often than not during serious situations and improvise their way out of calamaty if it need be.

Its fair to say and you could argue that Shaw and Vickers BOTH saw that lumbering GOLIATH falling straight towards them they stood and stared at it for a little time, it is then they could have decided to run the direction that is left of the crashing ship or the right. But no doubt about it, it did look fantastic while crashing down after them, I won't take that away from the film.

With regard to the Black Liquid the dead Engineers infected with it simply

Well what we all see at least on screen is that the holo-recording of the Engineers running happens followed by the seal coming down upon the failing one towards the end of the hologram viewing. Then the Prometheus team finds it, they take it back to there ship to which they apply electro;osis of sorts that re-animates its iterior mechanisms (biological in orientation as far as we can tell at this point) then it explodes so it seems safe to assume that it was already about 'Him' and within his particular type of bloodstream before the decapitation.

There could have been some puddle of it in there 2000 tears or so ago but I would hedge my bets that he and all were running from an apparant realisation of what they had gotten themselves into and thus were trying to make it back to where vere they were heading to affect some kind of escape and possible cure for what they knew was surely coming for them both in the shape of what ever they keep looking back at during the holo-recording and what ever they know may well mutate out from within them or mutate them into something else far more hideous lest they bring about some sort of an antedote for the crisis they all find themselsves now involved in during the time these events took place in their ancient history.

Shaw and Vickers DO make a turn to escape falling derelict.

I wonder as with many other internal film structures they ALWAYS have the character/s running CONTINUOUSLY 'down wind' so to speak from what ever calamity is attempting to befall him/her/them. Why don't they near enough IMMIDIATELY try to snatch a quick look behind and all of a sudden DART LEFT or RIGHT! and keep on running those directions.

Fair enough the falling/chasing obeject could be gradually pulling to either the left or right during its decent upon our fleeing characters as is the case with the crashing Juggernaught but more often than not TV and film characters are portrayed as not really being spacially aware or even showing any symptoms of actually being clued up on the process.

With regard to the Black Liquid the dead Engineers infected with it simply

I'm just wondering that as with the retrieved head still had remenants of the black substance still witin it it shows that 'he' was fully fledged 'infected' or at least 'dosed up' on it. I think that maybe the reasoning behind all of the holes upon all of their bodies was that they just exploded from the inside out and only certain sections of their bio-suits were acting as points of weakness enough for the exploding body from within doing that for what ever reason and as it did so found the path of least risitance to the outside of a pressure suit.

Other exstenuating circumstances could may well have been a contributing factor to the strickend Engineers desise. They are all piled on top of one another because they were all panacking to get into the room for a potential cure if ever there was one or at least something to reduce their symtoms at least. The age old adage: "Prevention is better than cure".

It makes me think of the poor souls whom were lead to their deaths in Nazi death camps, similar piled up bodies due to extrenuating tragedy going on about them all. It at least makes you wonder when you observe it in a similar context with Prometheus film.

It may not be the explenation to the conundrum but it was something to think about.

Alien deleted scene with Dallas and no queen

O.k. Man It's cool. Good for you to get back to me and return the compliment in kind as I second that emotion. I am equally sorry and look forward to continual conversing with yourself and others.

Speak to you soon man,

Hyper! :-)

Alien deleted scene with Dallas and no queen

Wait a se second Anunnaki50 I am not your enemy on this, your attacking the wrong person. I know you are not a new comer, we have both spoke and co-operated on pst conversations,thats not the point here. I agree it is an interesting topic to a degree and I know this because I have participated in one thred of a similar nature a while ago. I'm saying that some same threads keep being re-hashed for the third sometimes fourth time but I am also thinking that some new comers to the site may want to get familiar with the kinds of threads and conversation topics that have already been dealt with. I was considering both sides of the coin not just one. You got the wrong impression of my earlier statement.Up to a point I was on your side. (and by the way you reflect the tone to me now of a petulant child!)

Alien deleted scene with Dallas and no queen

It is true this particular topic has been explored, examined and technically debated quite a few times before and any true fan-follwer of the alien/Prometheus franchise would have intellectually reasoned a lot of this out already. It seems [sigh] that we are going here again but for the sake of newcomers that may have come here and are just getting into the Alien/Prometheus franchise canon and the overall understanding of it It is welcome I feel for us die-hard enthusiasts to offer-up the technical details of what the overarching themes and life cycles of the Xenomorph and how they all potentially match up are all about.

Incidentally, the alien xeno could be equal by comparison to a weed (i.e) Bramble Bush, Thistles, Wild Grasses, Nettles etc. Even if you chop up the main body of the growing weed spores left over could continue to give rise to stand-alone invading colonies thus spreading the spore and maintaining the exploits of every niche enviroment and availability of sunlite for procreation and photosynthisis.

Even though it has been covered in previous threads it is an ingenoius plot-point to discuss and would be excellent if it was somehoe expanded upon further then the two films essentially that have presented this cycle of its life (i.e.) Alien/Aliens) and the suggestive beginings/purposes of that very same life cycle in Prometheus.

This along with The Things life cycle origins are really interesting topics to ponder about how extensively their spread across the galaxy in each of their prospective franchises truely is.

David and the engineers

Its not set in the Blade Runner univers by absolute fact YET Svanya. We have yet to see just what exactly he is yet to do with both franchises as they develope and evolve them further. We may yet see a definate YES they ARE both connected officially in some wya or no it still remains flirtingly abiguous or a definate NO they voth ARE NOT connected in anyway shape or form. He hasn't totally come out and said that they are definately connected YES, but he hasn't come right out and said that they arn't connected to each other either! He has not catagorically said NO to that too so in some ways the jury is still open to suggestion I guess which is probably how he likes it.

He did say once in a commentary for either Blade Runner I once listened to or for Alien but he stated in the audio commentary that he gave at least that if the crew of the Nostromo were to have made it all safe and well back to Earth, landed came to the city and walked around the corner of the block the scenery and the streetst they would have walked into would have been that of Blade runner. Now he was most likely being just comparative and thats all to give viewers and fans a rough idea of both what the outer reaches of the Solar System and space would be like within the grounded Blade Runner universe and vise versa what the Earth, life and technology would have been like in more detail within the Alien/Aliens/Prometheus universe. He was probably just making a relevant point of comparison and a point of reference so as we can paint a clearer image within our minds, nothing more but it is fun to speculate that perhaps in a seemingly throw-away comment he may have had dressed up within that a more cryptic alterior thought process that he perhaps was always thinking of pursuing at some point in the future. It would be cool if he did in some way or another, we'll see!

Who would play the next set of Engineers in Paradise?

Its a strange concept but the entire civilization of Engineers may all be facially similar, the males at least and at least the younger more verile types. They may all be similar as they get to old age too if the y even get there. Not sure about the females, we have yet to see how the Engineers socienty truely functions. If indeed it even does so anymore, by conventional means at least (i.e) obviously males and females coupling. I wonder if Shaw is going to end up being the key to their salvation in some ways if the Engineers are somehow in fertile or the entire civilization has collapsed and the females were vanquished somehow then it stands to reason why they would go into hybernation until a cure was found, if that is indeed what has happened to them in the distant past.

Prometheus reboot?

With regards to the term "All the rage" that is the saying, its an old term and it is worded this way not all the "range" although you can use that in the same context as well. Earlier critticisms about this term not being worded acuratlly with the term rage were unfounded. The term "rage" is used to mean in addition to (current interest/currently fashoinable/current trends) its also so currently "NOW" it's a "RAGE" of interest because evrybody is talking about it. Much like the similar saying "everybodies RAVING about it". It's both the same thing both in meaning and a similar thing too. The guy who originally said this at the beginning of this thread was right in the first place. He was just on the recieving end of narky commentry simply because he raised the issue of the idea of 'Reboot' with regards to Prometheus.

What is yutuni's ECIU?

I feel that the Weyland-Utani connection needs to be fleshed out more and given hints to its origins story within the Prometheus/Alien canon while at the same time shirking off the annoyance of the AVP series trying to tack itself onto the Alien franchise canon like a parasite franchise connection.

It can be swept aside or merely glossed over in one fail-sentence Frank Aurthur Weyland or Peter Weyland I think is his whole name in AVP 1 was merley his grandson or great grandson or decendant along-side Prometheus' Weland from the brothers or sisters of his decendants brother or sisters. They were all successful at the time and Avp can splinter-off into its own decendancy while the Weyland we all know and hate (lol) stays with the Prometheus/Alien universes' and it does not have to be drawn upon or even mentioned anymore.

Ripley, Shaws Gran?? What is the timescale

Svanya, Shaw and Ripley have no relation, as yet, that we know of - franchise-wise that is. Who knows what could be advanced within the writing and furthering of the story in potential future films/sequels, etc.

It may appear like a cop-out to make them related or relateable in some ways but on the other hand some ingenious method could be introduced that somehow places Shaw in cryo-stasis as Ripley was that slows her metabolism down whilst everyone else around that she may have known ages and it places her in a prime placing of events where somehow she can now have children as a direct result of her nasty encounter and exposure to the black liquid and that would account for why both hers and Ripleys timelines can be brought into close proximity so as to be related in some way even Ripley somehow becoming a direct decendant of Shaw... who knows??? It's no coincidence that the producers of Prometheus have made the Shaw character to look a strikingly similar incarnation of Ripley. It could be innocent and simply for asthetic value to recapture the Alien "feel" or Ridley and co could have made things that way and just-so as insurance for a potential set-up to explore later-on in future films.

Thoughts on this?

Bishop. Good, evil or compliant?

Do you think that the ethical program that would allow Ash to 'think twice' before commencing with an action that may-well result in a human or humans coming to harm was suppressed in some way, turned off by his programmers specifically for him I mean. Everything else was left in palce bar the slight or major tampering with his ethical routines, and who else could tell that he had been altered in some way? How can you tell on the outside that someone is feeling suicidal or hungry? Its not so fundimentally obvious at first sight. Laterbehavioral analysis may have raised a few red flags which could have altered the outcome of some missions.

Although know this is about Bishops 'validity' as an android he is most likely the best example to date of the term: artificial person than either of the other two versions with the exception of Cal.

After some thought I have decided to reverse my opinion regarding eggs transform

She may have known her time upon the Hadleys Hope colony was up and was going to be destroyed so she went into self-preserving, survival mode. To be fair to the idea of a king alien if all but brief time to procreate with the queen say one of her smaller drones. Lets just briefly say that cycle perhaps at times is 'performed' by the quenn and selected grunt/warrior/drone male there is nothing so far that has both been presented by Ridley Scott's Alien film and James Cameron's Aliens that it hasn't taken place even if it was off-screen when it occurred. There would perhaps need to be a stronger case to back this idea up in order to support its further debate but as the case was with viewing the cargo down in the Derilcts silo. As yet, within the franchise, there is nothing to suggest that this is not indeed is the remenants of a 'converted forsaken'.

It's intruging and engaging and I welcome the intruge to pursue that type of inquiry but it does have to be followed through with some selmance of educated reasoning which the cocooning hypothosis can stand up to scrutiny on in dual relation to the queen birthing sequence as well.

After some thought I have decided to reverse my opinion regarding eggs transform

Since the validity of the androids have been raised with particular attention being paid to Bishops 'loyalties', in pa rticular to his human counterparts I wonder why it has not been raised that perhaps and android was present and active during the Hadleys Hope exposure to the alien and have perhaps had been there for several months, years even, analyzing, inspecting, collating information and thus, relaying that back to the Company executives.

After some thought I have decided to reverse my opinion regarding eggs transform

I want to consider that if the cargo was 'people' or 'sacraficial lambs' over a time converted into the eggs it could play like a similar plot thread as Aliens did, capturing the entire colony and moving them down to the atmosphere processors for parasite infestation. Note the idea that the Hadleys Hope colony was taken 'down' into the atmospheric processors, it would make for a compelling paralell story/plot thread that entire numbers, thousands by all accounts of what Kane saw down in the Derilicts hold and by Ripley's interation of his so-called words during her 'trail-by-judgement' from her superiors: "Kane who went into that ship said he saw thousands of eggs there, THOUSANDS!'

This would make for keeping the story similar without retreading old ground.

We only saw a glimpse of the cocooning process with regards to Brett and Dallas much as we only really saw a glimpse of the Derilict Space Jockey just sitting there for an age for all we know. Yet Ridley Scott felt it compelling to explore and expand upon the Engineers as a people and a species and a race, so too I would like to see him and producers to expand upon and explore the coconing procedures bridging both this with the egg-laying concepts so that both concepts converge and thus connect.

After some thought I have decided to reverse my opinion regarding eggs transform

WE did see a xeno sneak-up on the first drop-ship, while Bishop was piloting the second drop-ship at some point could a grunt/warrior xeno have snuck aboard with two eggs? The drop-ship returns to the mother-ship and the Queen thus reveals herself. One idea, just tying up the two eggs for Alien 3 cunundrum.

After some thought I have decided to reverse my opinion regarding eggs transform

Svanya, no matter how hard you try to educate the masses some are just slow to see the wood for the trees. No matter.

how will shaw be 'received' when she get to the engineers home world?

That is a very plausable scenario Indy John, at least to ponder it if not to actually execute it on film but as with the Close Encounters connection also it immediately springs to mind Cocoon and Cocoon: The Return when we see all of the older folks aboard the spacecraft fly off into what looks like the Orion Nebula, or some type of nebula, then they all return in the sequel. It makes you wonder as is the case for the returnees in Cloes Encounters: what wonders or terrors did they see during their voyage out and returning to Earth again? Makes you wonder, and so it makes you wonder about the Engineers and if they had the chossen few from earth to go along with them - the deciples you could say.

This is a great idea! In some ways it could work, it would have to be cleverly done though, thats all.

After some thought I have decided to reverse my opinion regarding eggs transform

You can also infer that nature has in some ways found a way to reproduce itself. Lets say the only way for an egg to get created is if the alien grunt/warrior xeno as on the Nostromo used secreted resins to thus 'convert' viable living organisms into eggs taking that method and looking way back in time to some distant place where the Xenos first came into being. Yes they some how created eggs out of people but perhaps this method was not a secure garantee of survival so nature through natural selection and converting so many 'viable' specimens somehow into new eggs suddenly developes a new method, out of which suddenly springs forth the first proto-queen xeno and now the alien life cycle has a safety net and a guaranteed lifecycle should any thing go wrong it simply differs to its back-up method of survival. More queens get created whom have become isolated from the original colony, thus, new colonies are formed and so the cycle continues on into the generations of the future.

I read this somewhere too where the alien takes on the attribute and adapts its lifecycle to the challenges of the Darwinian experiment: adapt to the changes taking place else perish. I got that from the books as well as the scripts and various tie-ins with the comics as well.

You just need though, to make it valid, an originator of sorts. One that does the secreted resin to turn the first 'valid specimens' into eggs in the first place. That is where the Black Liquid comes in. It eventually results in a proto-facehugger being born as a result of a Shaw/Holloway-type experiment, thus it facehugs an Engineer or other valid lifeform, creates the first proto-xeno like the Deacon and from that Deacon it can capture other beings. There may be other Deacons running around on other planetoids doing similar things as was explored on LV-223. It can incarcerate them, imobilze them, secrete resins around them to turn them into the first batch of eggs an simply wait for more 'live test subjects' to unwittingly happen along and find them lying there, dormant: as was the case for Kane and the Nostromo crew and so the cycle goes. The Queen method is simply the lifeform perfecting its survival rate prospects and capabilities by increasing its chances of remaing in control of its own destiny by exploiting every possibly nook and cranny there is in nature ensuring it never dies or goes extinct. Its an addition.

There has been threads about this before that I've read, I found it compelling and it really makes sense when thinking of the alien life-cycle as a sort of weed or a fungus spore that has found ways to infiltrate nature both head-on and vicariously through the back-door of evolution. Its really quite a facinating idea, by all accounts the alien lifeforms in some ways are almost immortal themselves when it come to nature always testing them, trying to destroy them, making them go extinct. It keeps coming back in new and inventive ways that prevent its extermination. The Queen cycle is merely one of those ways now, if a grunt/warrior finds itself isolated from its former birthing colony it merely goes into redundancy mode and effects a tranformation of a potential 'live host' for matter-convertion and lie dormant for a live host subject to be facehugged for the incubation process to begin, resulting in either another grunt/warroir to secure their position then manipulate events so they can assist with a queen chest burster next or it is just a queen chestburster straight-away.! She begins laying an entire horde of eggs, they lie in stasis and wait for them to be discovered then a Hadelys Hope outbreak/epidemic/infestation begins.

Also, regarding the two eggs conundrum, the Queen that got aboard the drop-ship could have just carried two with her, from where? Not sure. This is probably either two things that I have thought of, she (the Queen) simply goes into a survival mode for the presevation of her kind, her brood and her race, she just produces two eggs to be sure, one for a grunt/warrior chestburster and one eventually as a Queen chestburster or the other way around. Secondly, its a bit of a continuity error on the part of the filming fiasco and the eventual debacle it all became when they had to re-shoot things in different contexts for Alien 3 and all the rest of it. So saying that the Queen simply laid, or somehow carried two more eggs with her onto the drop-ship then onto the Sulaco I guess gets around the problem that way.

Incidentally, the idea that the egg silo down in the bottom of the Derilict is some how the last remenants of a civilization (perhaps the last of the Engineers) 'converted' into eggs perhaps as a form of execution and then to be left there in storage like that down there has got to be one of the most creepy and intriguing ideas about the origins of that cargo and the alien xeno lifecycle. I hadn't quite considered that concept until Nostromo1 proposed it. This is an EXCELLENT idea and proposal! Great thread, Nostromo1 - and by-the-way: you are forgiven!

Time Travel possibility

Not so much time travel in the litteral sense but certainly as we are currently looking at LV-223 we could see it as it was perhaps many millions of years ago and that is the only theme/link equating to time travel in the observing through the lens of a telescope/telescopic recorder of what things were like as you are observing them now in the current Prometheus time. I guess Time Dilation is the term that can be used.

What set of new characters, if any, may show up in 'Paradise' sequel: A rescue p

For Korpen:
The list for all of the above are as follows:
1 Isle of the Dead - BaseI version 1880 - Isola_dei_Morti_IV_(Bocklin)

2 Isle of the Dead - New York Version 1880 - ARNOLD~1

3 Isle of the Dead Third Version 1883 - Arnold_Boecklin_-_Island_of_the_Dead,_Third_Version

4 Isle of the Dead Fourth Version 1884 - ARNOLD~2

5 Isle of the Dead Fifth Version 1886 - ARNOLD~1

6 Greek Island Pondikonisi near Corfu - Pondikonissi_Island_05-06-06

7 Isle of Life - BCKLIN~1

8 Dark Water - hr_giger_hommageaboecklin
The work Ilse of the Dead as compared to Gigers Dark Water, see the similarities!

What set of new characters, if any, may show up in 'Paradise' sequel: A rescue p

Yes I will hold on, i'll get back to you on that one. Incidentally, do you know the name of the Giger piece just above? I will do a search engine on that piece and the name for its direct inspiration may come up as a result, alright.

What set of new characters, if any, may show up in 'Paradise' sequel: A rescue p

Just wanted to post this picture again. It's Great!
This was based on another artist's work but I can't as yet remeber what his name is but it is kind of dark in tone as well as this which is perhaps what inspired it in the first place for Gigeer.

It has a 'Gates of the Dead' feel about it and the murky underworld that Perseus visited in the first Clash of the Titans with Sam Worthington (remake version).

What set of new characters, if any, may show up in 'Paradise' sequel: A rescue p

Wouldn't it be cool if the Engineers' Paradise' homeworld was a multiple layered Giger-Derilict style design that has been completely stacked upon stack upon stack over the entire world like Courascant in the Star Wars films is one GIGANTIC MEGA CITY running down to the bowels of the planet and its murkey underworld, sort of like a layer-cake. I see the entire sub-surface world and above built upon world like the ring layers of an onion ever-expanding outwards with more technology upon technology. And if these sub-levels were explored then we would get an insight into the background and history of the Engineers going back hundreds-of-millions of years!

Imagine a GIGER MEGA-CITY world like Hades/San-Angeles/Los Angeles in Blade Runner the new world built upon layer upon layer on that of the old!

Take that idea and apply it to that of GIGER-style architecture and Derilict design en-masse! PLANETARY IN SCALE!

What set of new characters, if any, may show up in 'Paradise' sequel: A rescue p

I do feel though that Vickers got crushed to death - the Vickers WE know-of, or knew-of anyway. Ridley Scott pretty-much says so during the Audio Commentary of the Prometheus Blue-Ray disc where he says something like arrgh! crushed! or Arrgh! sqashed! Or something like that.

It's a neat idea to think that perhaps the Deacon stealthly followed them (Shaw & David-Head) and stowed away somehow aboard the second (commandeered) Juggernaught or crawled onto the side of the hull somehow. Although we see it edited as the ship that Shaw/David-Head is in lifts off first and the Deacon hatches afterwards we do not know whether-or-not it took longer than expected for her and he to find the entrance to the second site/pyramid/ temple, get down there, get into the second Juggernaught ship, power-up its systems, wait for the hanger bay 'petals' to open up then lift off out of the hangar pit, ascend towards higher orbit then fly off into deep space and presumably beyond. While lal that was going on the Deacon, in the meantime, could have been going through its birthing process, perhaps accelorated birthing process from within the Engineers body and thus began systematically hunting around for solutions to its current predicament being marooned with no-one presumably or no thing to interact with or devour - if it needs to.

Also, given that it was birthed from within the Engineer and assumed some of his host biological attributes is it not a stretch of the imagination that it inherited at least on a primeaval level hints and elements of his intelligence and vast supirior/advanced alien knowledge as well?

Ringed Planet

Well the shadows cast by the Sun through the rings Saturn appear upon the gaseous planets upper atmosphere. 'Surface' is a loose term used only to define a spacial divide from the planet Saturns outer atmosphere and the 'realm' of space beyond, it is primarily full of gas with no solid surface that we know of - perhaps a solid core exists but its possibly tens-of-thousands of feet deep inside the planetary interior in. Crushing depths. Shadows would be relative to that of an eclipse of the Moon as seen on Earth yet this would be unusual upon or inside the atmsphere of Saturn looking up into the sky at the rings circling above as the shadow effect would be stretched across the sky for miles and miles, thousands of miles, kilometers even with the glinting Sun light eeking through the ring layer system.

The effect of the Sun would be a twinkling effect throughout thee rings as different ring thicknesses passby the Sun thus creating the effect.

But these regions of the rings shadows if you were in the area of Saturn when they passed overhead would be the same as when you are in the prime areas when the Moons shadow passes over head during a total eclispe, the region you occupy would grow extremly dark until the event passed over or the gas giant orbited itself out of line-of-sight with the Sun.

Secondary phenomenon would thus occur with regards to the orbiting moons and moonlets would in-turn create total or partial eclipses upon Saturns outer atmosphere. The same phenomenon/occurences are possible upon that of the parent gas giant planet to LV-223.

Time Travel possibility

It's interesting to speculate that there could be a moment in one of the future sequels where some sort of viewing of LV-223 was conducted and they saw the world as it was thousands, even millions of years earlier as the distance the light from that system had to travel before it got here to us. You could imagine there is a scene where-by some sort of recording was made that revealed the planetoid was perhaps thriving and you could see the commerce of inter-galactic space traffic going to-and-from the world, juggernaughts lifting off from the planet and arriving upon it bringing with them new supplies each time.

The Engineers woukd be alive perhaps and we could see the events that led up to them all (nearly all) being killed/destroyed and what-not.

Weyland Corporation's logo/inspiration may have featured early on in Blade Runn

Here's another image hinting at what appears to be, to the right hand-side from Deckards' head, a SECOND potential Weyland Corporation logo/sticker! Cool!
Its tantalizingly obscure to read what is at the begining of the wording/titles to the logo running underneath the black triangles upon a red background surface this timer as opposed to a white one on theversion to the left-hand side of the booth/kiosk in relation to Deckards field of view. This suggests four 'Hints' now with regards to Alien, Aliens, Blade runner and Prometheus. I tried to use a higher contrasr, change brighness etc but will have to try it some more. Interesting though don't you think!

Weyland Corporation's logo/inspiration may have featured early on in Blade Runn

This is a great find Snorkelbottom! I have learned something new as well! I had not known that Tyrell Corporation titling featured upon the crew manifest/ details and listings of Dallas' profile.

Also note there are other in-house references to the Alien creation (this time on the part of the writer/producers Ronald Shusset, the name Michael Seymore is connected to production and Ron Cobb, designer/futurist, etc. who worked on Alien.)
With this 'find' there is now a third linkage with regards to the Alien universe Aliens and that of Blade Runner and Prometheus. This name/corporation referal to Tyrell upon Dallas' file, the 'apparant' Weland Corporation logo and the Prometheus Blue-Ray easter-egg regarding the kryiptic message/memo sent by Peter Weyland to someone he was connected to in his past that seems to hint at very closely and near-enough obviously to any reasoned thinker on this subject to Eldon Tyrell are all good indicators that the producers are on the one hand having fun but yet on another seem to be gearing up potentially to an Avengers type inter-connectedness with one-another. At least I hope that is going to start building to a kind of subtle crecendo of-sorts.

I'm wondering if after the release of Alien then Blade Runner when Aliens went into production then many years later Prometheus thus did the same both directors James Cameron and Ridley Scott poured over the films little incidental things, seemingly hidden in the back ground within plain sight and began from ther to build upon the idea of the Weyland Corporations fictitious logo/emblem after-the-fact. Its not until Aliens comes out that the whole Weland-Yutani Corporation thing begins to be played like the identity, to the abiguous 'Company' which up to this time had remaind relatively an unseen yet often mentioned 'existing entity' but with no face. Later on after subsequent rereleases of both Alien and Aliens in the extras and bonus materials more references to Weyland-Yutani Corporation and its involvement with events to Alien became more apparant and more frequent.

Weyland Corporation's logo/inspiration may have featured early on in Blade Runn

I came across this excerpt from a Blade Runner Wikipedia section, knowing what many have to say in reaction to anything wikipedia it can have a mixed review of reaction went anything from there is being used as a citation but you can't lie or make-up something to which we, as fans, are all familiar with with regards to Blade Runner so here is some information based upon Eldon Tyrell which has to fall in line with what we know because it is wide open to scrutinty and pulled up on for coninuity and so on so theses passages highlighted here which I came across seem to veify a few logical things.
"He refers to Replicant's as his children, part of his metaphorical comparison to God, as he demonstrates the power to create life, block the light of the sun as he wishes it, displays vast knowledge and lives in a vast golden place, where he is supreme ruler. Batty is his Lucifer, his most perfect creation rising up to challenge and then seeking to destroy his creator. Indeed all rogue replicants are presented as like fallen angels, faster, stronger and on the whole more intelligent beings than humans who can nevertheless walk among them, turning from the "Wisdom" of their creator and rising up against led by the greatest of them. He is also a master chess player, losing to fellow master J.F Sebastian only twice, and the second time, he lost because Batty told Sebastian what moves to make. He also possesses a pet owl, used as a symbol of wisdom, however as the Owl is artificial is can be seen as showing that Tyrell has "False wisdom". He also displays a somewhat condescending attitude to almost everyone.

It was originally intended that the Tyrell murdered by Batty would be revealed to be a replicant, and as a result Batty would head up to the next floor, where he would discover the real Tyrell in cryogenic suspension. Sebastian would then explain that a incurable disease struck Tyrell, who had himself frozen until a cure is found. Subsequently Batty would demand that Sebastian awaken him. Two different versions exist on what would have happened next, in the 1st, Sebastian would brake down and admit that he made an error years earlier and resulted in Tyrell's death and in a rage, Batty kills him. In the 2nd Sebastian reveals that years before (estimated as 2013) a blackout struck the city, and during the approximately 45 minutes the power was out, Tyrell's life support failed and he died. Again Batty is struck by despair and feeling there is no hope, he kills Sebastian much as he did in the finished film.

In the Blade Runner video game, it is shown that Tyrell met with rookie Blade Runner Ray McCoy shortly after meeting with Deckard and spoke briefly with him about the death of one of his senior Gravity Lab technicians, but he provides little useful information. It also reveals that just hours before his death at Batty's hands he had narrowly survived a confrontation with a Nexus 6 named Clovis who unlike Batty, does not ask for more life from Tyrell himself, but rather for the DNA data on the Nexus 6 in the hope of using it to find a way to prolong his lifespan himself without Tyrell's involvement. When Tyrell insists the 4 year lifespan is unalterable, Clovis moves to shoot him, but is thwarted by Tyrell's security team. Tyrell is also revealed to be attempting to convince Governor Kolvig to allow replicants to work on Earth, but the governor is killed by Clovis not long after this proposal is made." _______________________________________________________________________
It sheds light on a few tid bits of information in tandem with things we are currently familiar so putting them together makes for an interesting read, somewhat at least.

Weyland Corporation's logo/inspiration may have featured early on in Blade Runn

No I know, but have you come across anything that may have inferred about Tyrell Corporation's history and may have had one or two lines in it which refered to Eldon Tyrell himself and possibly his death? His supposed real death? You haven't come across any thing like that or magazine articles, anything?

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