What if time is already being altered?

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MemberNoobMar-15-2022 10:22 AM

     Believe it or not, searching the above answer to a burning question is what landed me here on this website today. There are tv shows, movies, books and more full of science fiction that describe and show time travel, and also the drastic results that can happen, if even the smallest thing like stepping on a butterfly happens should one go back in time. It's frightening even thinking about what drastic event could occur by just a single person going back and just being there could do. 

     For instance, let's say I went back in time and asked a person for directions. That alone could cause them to not be where they were meant to be, and a chance person they were meant to meet, never happens and that other person ends up meeting someone else, that alone could result in a change where many who existed no longer do. Suppose that unborn person was the one who discovered the Covid vaccine and instead of preventing the virus from spreading further, results in millions of more deaths??!! Not good eh? Now what if I were to say time travel does in fact possibly exist and for some reason, I'm seeing the small changes no one else is seeing? How is this even possible? What's worse, has other things been changed that I am not aware of?

     Some really strange things been going on, and only I seem to see the changes. The first of them being took place when I was a child. My parents took me to a funeral of someone famous my father had business connections with who died of cancer. To me it wasn't hard to forget, as I didn't want to be there, it was boring, and I kept getting under foot and being yelled at by someone. Years later, that very same person was announced on television as dying yet again? This time of a heart attack?

     My second job, I was 17 working at a restaurant, and one day my boss brings his kids in and introduces them to staff. They were ages six and nine. My boss had a second job, but never told anyone what it was. I myself never cared to look further into it. Ten years go by. I take on a job in another state temporarily in retail, as my normal line of work, at the time there were no government contractor jobs at the time and needed to make rent. While at this job, which was selling Compaq and HP computers, a man with a six year and 9 year old child show up. I recognize him as my old boss from 10 years ago, and he recognizes me as well. Further, when I talk with him, I can see he is very uncomfortable, almost scared, and doesn't want to talk with me at all, but is afraid to say a word. The moment I get distracted by another customer, he and his children just Vanish, no good byes, nothing. Something also bothered me about this meeting, I just couldn't put my finger on it till weeks later. His kids, they were the same ones I met 10 years ago!! Neither of them aged a day!! On all accounts, one should have been 19, the other 16!!! I called corporate up as the company at the time still existed, and was shocked to be told they see my old info, but never heard of my boss. Even more so no info on the other staff at that restaurant! This still freaks me out to this very day!

     Let's get to the books I read. I read a few times the David Eddings Belgarion series a few times back in the days. I reread them recently, and they changed! Not by much, but enough for me to notice. When I read them before, Garrion is a child just discovering his powers when he loses balance and falls off a cliffs edge. Polgara and Belgarath and that voice in his head tell him as he's hurtling to his death, that they can't help him, he has to help himself, and teach him quickly how to turn into a bird, and even poke fun at him how he's gotten parts wrong. They fly a few times. All that has vanished from my books, as if it's never been written, and I discovered this when I reread the series after David Eddings was announced as passing away. That's not the only book that's rewritten itself.

     Sharon Green Blending series, now that one that's been on my shelf for years has changed drastically! For instance, the invasion took place in both the east and west countries. Not just the east, and the inventors who designed the baby monitor, used it to trick the invaders to attack elsewhere, giving the blending time to get to the east to defeat them. The old version has only one blending, the time changes one has several. Back in the land where it all started, the tyrants who were deposed succeed in getting back from their exile, and have one more battle which they lose. I'd have said spoilers so as not to ruin any of the above series, but how the heck does one spoil a book series with content that no longer exists? Even more so, why was it done in the first place? It's like someone went back in time and told the authors to submit their work before they even completed it. I was wondering, if it is time travel, why not do something more significant like stopping 9/11, but thinking on that, to much time passed. Maybe they didn't want to undo it as broken families met others and had kids, and doing so would be just as bad trying to prevent? 

     I figured maybe I was losing it till several childhood friends recalled my old boss as well, and also looked into his non existence as well, and came up with they don't exist either.

     One last one. Years back when I was in high school, I was in what was called the AV squad, and set up equipment for special events. Another student I worked with, and a great help, not to mention was fantastic with making electronic toys from scratch, not kits, but things he made with components alone. He and I got our selves on a few extra year book pages for the things we did for our high school. My best friend even remembers him. Looking at our year books, he's suddenly not there. No AV squad picture of us both, just me, and he's not even in the yearbook. How does someone just Vanish from a yearbook, that at least one other can confirm as well?

     Makes me wonder if all the lottery winners won honestly lol. Any constructive comments welcome.


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MemberNoobMar-27-2022 1:55 AM

Hello. Yes but maybe it’s best to keep things quiet or am I just extra cautious? I remember there being a letter “N” in the word cemetery. Just saw this movie about time travel and parallel universes so it does seem like a more tangible subject, however, whomever is doing this probably doesn’t want us to know.  


MemberNoobJun-05-2022 1:07 PM

It is actually possible,every move,every breathe might or did alter the timeline.But we won't feel or see it

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