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Time travel has been proven mathematically possible

Time travel has been proven mathematically possible

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NoobMember12 XPAug-03-2021 3:52 AM

Einstein's theory allows for the possibility of time travel, but the science of dynamics means that the underlying sequence of events cannot be tampered with. This is because if the time traveler succeeds in stopping the virus from spreading, it will remove their original motivation, in making them travel back in time.

Could humans soon time travel in the future?

"In the example of patient zero of the coronavirus pandemic, you could try to prevent patient zero from getting infected, but by doing so you will catch the virus and become patient zero, or someone else will do so," Tobar said. "No matter what you've done, the highlights will only reframe around you. This means that - regardless of your actions - the pandemic will still happen, giving you an incentive to come back. Try to create a paradox, events will always correct themselves to avoid any contradiction."

"The range of mathematical processes we discovered suggests that free will time travel is reasonably possible in our universe without any paradoxes. ", University of Queensland physicist Dr Fabio Costa, added. "The math was tested - and the results were sci-fi."

The research has been published in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity.

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NoobMember11 XPJan-26-2022 5:05 AM

Can you provide the maths that prove it to be possible. Also. Not necessarily would you become patient 0, because there is a way you can prevent yourself from getting it whilst eradicating it. You could wear severe PPE or like a hazmat suit to prevent getting, whilst also preventing patient 0 from getting it. I have a theory though that could go along with what you are trying to say.

In theory if there are different universes, then what would happen is as soon as someone time travels once, they will instantly create a new identical replica universe of the one that they time travelled in, however any differences that they make in this new universe will stick and differ, so if they stood on a stick that snapped, it would be snapped in this new alternate universe (this new addition to the multiverse) but not in the one that they left in. So, if they time travel, they will no longer ever be able to go back to that original universe that they came from but if they make no huge changes in this new universe they could theoretically live their life as it was before. However if they for example killed Lincoln, when they travel back to their time that they left from, (creating yet another replica universe of the one they just changed) anything that could possibly even have the tiniest link to the effects that Lincoln had after you killed him, would be different. If there was a way in which you could travel back to the original universe then you could trial and see which way you could change the time line without too much contamination to this universe (by contamination, I mean differences from the original universe to this new one.)

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