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Monster_Zero 2112

Jan-24-2020 8:11 AM

I struggle with my laziness. I'm like "Should I sit down and do nothing or should I lie down and do nothing" Sometimes the most menial tasks are exhausting. I'm like"I actually have to point the remote control? What is this? The fifties? Can't I look at the tv and it'll know what i want to watch?" You've ever been on an escalator and there's that one person walking up behind you? I'd be like"Settle down weirdo! This is one of the good parts of life."

Anyone else lazy?

6 Responses to Laziness


Jan-24-2020 8:15 AM

LazyFish is pretty lazy, at least I assume.

"Cutting it up!"

-Cut Man

Monster_Zero 2112

Jan-24-2020 8:24 AM

Yeah. I messaged him or her and I put"Good morning Sunshine! The earth says hello!" and Lazy put"Sunshine? Me, sunshine? HA. You obviously never read my name. XD." So yeah. Lazy is pretty lazy.


Jan-24-2020 9:41 AM

I have been summoned?

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


Jan-24-2020 9:45 AM

y   e    s

We have successfully summoned TheLazyFish! 

"Cutting it up!"

-Cut Man


Jan-25-2020 8:45 PM

You have the gumption to open your eyes and look around? You have the energy to post a thread? If you were truly lazy, you wouldn't bother. You actually sound pretty motivated for talking about laziness. Well played.

Maybe watch Office Space?


Jan-28-2020 12:15 PM

 This is way off topic. I'll ask Chris to open up the chatroom we used to have, so you guys can talk about your lives and socialize.

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