Help with movie title...please

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NoobMember14 XPDec-31-2019 5:29 AM

Can anyone help me with a movie name/title?  Saw a part of a movie this morning and lost comms....offshore

5 or 6 people captive on a spaceship.  Their fear or anxiety fed an ancient digital, artificial lifeform.  It was harvesting humans.  There was a black lady from the 70's, rock star from the turn of the millenium, a french junkie girl from around 2016-2018 and then Sarah the part alien girl and John (govt. man) who was her handler.....I only caught in bits and pieces before signal loss


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LegendMember8212 XPDec-31-2019 1:22 PM

That's pretty vague. Maybe give what station or site you were watching on and the time maybe? It sounds like an interesting movie.

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NoobMember14 XPDec-31-2019 2:11 PM

I got it dk.  It was Project Ithaca.  I couldn't be more specific at the time as the signal was weak d/t storms out here this morning and that's all I could glean with the spotty TX.  Thanks though!

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