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MemberConversationalistSep-26-2019 5:28 PM

Ok, I know it has nothing to do with sci-fi, BUT I want to show people this and have no where else to put it. And in my defense, Syfy played a Harry Potter marathon once. And I payed lots of homage to Mothra/Godzilla as a whole if you can tell. Anyways, hope you enjoy. Of course, credits to Goji again!


“RRROOOAAARRR!!!” The dragon stomps on houses. The armored soldiers’ weapons do nothing to its thick scales. The beast inhales and its chest glows orange. Then it spits out a stream of fire, the homes burning to the ground as woman clutch bundles of blankets and their husbands run as fast as they can. It’s 50 feet tall on all fours, and 100 feet long. One of the biggest creatures they have ever seen. Two sorceresses squeak in unison, “It is he whom has returned! He has come once again to eradicate our kingdom!” The twins rest their bodies, as they know what to do. They walk to a large bronze statue in the shape of a fearsome creature….

They walk to both sides and put one hand on it. The sisters close their eyes and sing a tune:


O mighty one,

A deed is needed done

We need your aid

A kingdom you must save

We need you, o mighty one.


They slowly open their eyes and press the statue lightly. Yellow magic flows around the witches. The structure gleams with copper-gold color. 

“SCREEEEEEE!!” The citizens of the village pause for a moment and smile. Their protector has come to save them from this terrible beast. Then they all run as the dragon roars at them. He then looks back up to see what just screamed. He ****s his head as a slightly smaller (45 ft. tall, 93 ft. long) quadruped creature with a hooked beak and talons walks up to him. It has a lion’s backside, and has a white feathered head with layers of brown, with little feathery ears. It has an eagle’s head, to be exact. The guardian's stern gaze meets with his. Despite having a muscular and stocky build, it seems slightly fragile. Even feminine. The winged serpent flicks his snake-like tongue through his closed teeth at the griffiness. She opens her wings in an attempt to scare him off. He grips two structures and roars at her. She hesitates, then screams in exception to the challenge. He lunges at her with his long neck and bites her. She stands on her hind legs and flaps her wings. She hits him in the face plenty of times before he opens his jaw and backs up. The dragon flies 200 meters off the ground as she sees an eldery person with a child. She scoops them up and takes them to the outskirts along with the rest. As she sets them down, the dragon lands on her suddenly and claws her back. She falls on her stomach and the dragon pins her down. He charges his fire and blasts her, making lots of feathers burn and disintegrate. The griffin takes action, scraping his softer underbelly. He screams and gets off of her. Blood seeps down his body. He growls and grabs her burned head, slamming it into the ground. More blood covers the floor. He grabs her in his claws and flies at least 300 feet into the air. The dragon prepares to drop the griffin, but then she claws at his hands and wiggles free. She starts to fall, but she opens her wings and they send her up like a parachute. She opens her wings wide, in a last attempt to drive him away. But he’s in a battle now, and nothing will make him back down. But he’s also a crafty one. He pretends to whimper and he shrinks into a ball. This surprises the guardian, but she takes pity on the monster. She lowers her wings and begins to fly downward. Then, he opens an eye. And strikes. He wraps his jaws around her body. She screeches in pain and he lifts her body back up. He also rips at her head with his hands, giant feathers softly landing on the village, then burning from the flame. She scratches at him with her talons. She then pulls him off and scratches his underbelly. He howls and scratches her face. He reaches out his talons and tries to rip an eye out. She hisses and suddenly jets to his face and pecks as hard as she can. The griffin screeches when he grabs her tail and yanks her off. She whips around and snaps at his fingers, then she darts back to his face and rips at it. Scales and blood fall to the ground. He grabs her body and tries to tug her off when she tears out an eye. “SSCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” She almost covers her ears. He lets her go as he wails in pain and covers his eye socket. She backs up and flies higher. She can see the blood tears fall from his eye. He lets go of his head and looks at the blood. He looks up at the griffiness, snarling. He’s going to kill this cursed griffin now, if it’s the last thing he does. He races at her with speeds that startle her. But she has no time to react as he rams into her belly. She caws and wriggles as he flies faster and faster. What is he doing? She tries looking behind and sees a large mountain. She screams as they get closer. At the last mill-second, he lets go and barely grazes it before impact. The griffin screams and coughs. The red water dribbles from her beak. She looks up to see his grin. The light from the near town lights them up despite being far away. He flickers his black tongue. His red scales now appear gold as well. She looks down and pushes off the boulders resting on her lap. But then he snatches her up and takes her back to the village. Before he drops her she inhales. She remembers her past fights, and she has this power. The griffiness opens her mouth and a fireball shoots out. It hits his chest and he lifts his head to scream. She breaks from his grasp and flies up. She crashes down on him really hard. So hard, in fact, when they hit the ground some of his ribs break. He cries out in pain as she hacks at him with her talons and beak. He closes his eyes. He releases his muscles and goes limp. He slams his head down. The protector stares down at the corpse and feels as her duty is down. She gets off of him and turns around to go back to her resting spot. The people cheer as she opens her wings to fly. Then, she screams. A heat grows on her wings. A fire. She looks at her wings and sees they’ve been burnt to a crisp. She turns around and sees the dragon. He faked it. He faked his death. She becomes confused for a second, making a window for him. He leaps to her and raises his fists. They crash down on her beak, making it look like a “dented” egg shell. Blood leaks from it. She opens her mouth to screech when he abruptly lunges at her, making her fall. He blasts more fire, mostly at her beak. She screams ear-piercing scream after scream. The dragon pushes his foot down at her now-weakened ribs, slowly breaking them. He enjoys her pain. He wants her to feel what real pain feels like. The griffin coughs blood and her body goes into paralysis. He grabs her body and sends it plummeting into the nearby ocean, drowning her. He turns to the stunned townsfolk and wreaks more havoc, burning the village to the ground.


Winner: Dragon. He was larger, stronger, and had hotter fire. I do love griffins tho.

I might write an alternate ending tho


Hope you enjoy. I know it’s a bit long. Like I said, I know it’s not sci-fi, but uhh...I guess fantasy and sci-fi sometimes get grouped together. Byyyeee~

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!
6 Replies


MemberRespectedSep-26-2019 5:32 PM

Awesome fight, liked the Mothra reference.

Btw, my next fight will have DRAGONS too

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


MemberConversationalistSep-26-2019 5:32 PM

The battle of le

winged lizard


the chicken cat

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


MemberConversationalistSep-26-2019 5:39 PM

Thanks Goji

Worked hard!

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


MemberRespectedSep-26-2019 5:50 PM

Nice job Flyleaf! Wasn't horribly long though. Seemed about a good length.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


MemberConversationalistSep-26-2019 5:52 PM


RIP chicken cat

you were a good guardian

then you died+ I fixed some typos

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


Admin2KSep-27-2019 2:15 PM

I'll allow this because it's obvious you worked hard on it, and I will ask Chris if he is willing to make a separate page for fan fiction posts (since a lot of you seem very interested in creative writing). Please try and not create too many posts like this on Scified for now though, until I can find a proper place for you to post them. If you must post, try and keep them on topic and to the appropriate forums. Thank you for your understanding, if you have any questions feel free to PM me! 

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