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Forbidden Technology - Propellantless Propulsion, Anti-Gravity, Anti-Inertia, and Overunity Free Energy Revealed

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NoobMember13 XPNov-01-2017 1:14 PM

In a science fiction thriller set in modern America, a male alcoholic stoner obsessed with faster than light travel must evade and outsmart the near omniscient Project Luddite and It's All Seeing Eye to see his dream come true. - Forbidden Technology - Propellantless Propulsion, Anti-Gravity, Anti-Inertia, and Overunity Free Energy Revealed by Robert Francis

My favorite sci fi book has to be George Orwell's 1984. The surveillance technology in that book has been a blueprint on what to do by our government. Why? To monitor the internet for content like the content in my book. Luckily I think that is changing.  With Tom DeLonge's launch of the To The Stars Academy, I think the government is finally in the process of white worlding this technology.

I am sure most of you are skeptical but please contain your skepticism till after you read my book. I have made it available for free precisely because I want to reach as broad an audience as possible.

It is available for free at:

It is also available on Amazon including for free on Kindle Unlimited at:

Thank you

1 Responses to Forbidden Technology - Propellantless Propulsion, Anti-Gravity, Anti-Inertia, and Overunity Free Energy Revealed


NoobMember13 XPNov-04-2017 11:02 AM

Chapter 4 – Debunking the Debunkers

I made my way from my bedroom where I had just steamrolled several hits of cannabis off of my bong, getting nice and high, to my home office. I went to Google first, I found an article called How I Control Gravitation by Thomas Townsend Brown. It discusses an experiment of his using two 44lb lead spheres suspended by a wire, positive for one sphere, negative for the other sphere with a glass rod in between the spheres. When 120kV of steady DC electricity was turned on Brown claims the apparatus moved in the direction from negative sphere to positive sphere.

Now there are lifter builders out there who will claim the Biefeld-Brown effect is nothing more than ion wind, electrically charged air, and that air flow is what lifts the craft into the air. They have even put lifters in a vacuum to show the propulsion effect will not work without air and would therefore be useless in the vacuum of space. Lifters are missing what appears to be a critical component, the dielectric between the positive and negative plates, in this example the glass rod or in the ARV the plastic, G10, or epoxy resin.

Otherwise, for there to be movement of the 44lb spheres, Brown's lab would had to have a hurricane blowing through it. That does not seem likely. Occam's Razor says the simplest reason is the most likely one, even if that reason defies the known laws of physics. The experimental data trumps theory.

Further research was required though.

I found one paper, Twenty First Century Propulsion Concept:, in the Anomalies section, a series of experiments with pulsed voltages was done.

Generally, no motion of the test devices was observed, except in Test No. 69 (the last test) where a very small but detectable motion was seen.

The only experiment producing a result was when the 19kV was applied to the positive plate at a pulse rate frequency of 600 Hz with a solid dielectric between the capacitor plates that caused the torsion pendulum to twist ever so slightly, applying a small but consistent pressure.

I took another break to smoke some more cannabis from my bowl. I calmly watched the smoke fill the room as I exhaled. Euphoria and certainty that I was onto something filled my mind like the smoke in the room.

Another paper, Asymmetrical Capacitors for Propulsion:, in the Observations section detailed one of the experiments where movement was seen in a vacuum. Only the capacitor with a solid dielectric between the positive and negative capacitor plates moved in a vacuum when the 50kV steady DC was first applied to the positive capacitor plate. A rotation of about 1/8th was seen through the viewing port of the vacuum chamber. A spark accompanied the movement which stopped just after it started.

The conductors of the experiment speculated that material had been ejected when the spark occurred and that that was why the capacitor moved. That seems unlikely to me, after all, why weren't there sparks and material ejected when the other capacitors were tested? Furthermore, if they had encased the Brown capacitor with epoxy that would have eliminated the spark and they would have been able to tell if the Brown capacitor would have still moved.

The key appears to be high voltage, the higher the better, those last two experiments used 19kV and 50kV, Brown used 120kV steady DC, and the ARV supposedly used between 500kV – 1,000kV DC, pulsed into the capacitors.

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