Ford and Ridley not arguing on Deckard being a replicant anymore?

Ford and Ridley not arguing on Deckard being a replicant anymore?

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InitiateMember247 XPSep-23-2017 9:44 AM


Starting at 10:28

Does it mean the movie will answer the question despite what Villeneuve said earlier?


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ContributorMember900 XPSep-23-2017 11:36 AM

I do understand that if he would be an android his situation would be more f-ed up, but why does this even matter? I would not go to a movie to find out a question that is irrelevant. 


NoobMember81 XPOct-17-2017 6:59 AM

Well the question has not been answered and most seem to think it irrelevant. I have been pondering and debating the topic with others and still find it very interesting and relevant enough to spend my time on the subject.

Ridley seems adamant his Deckard is a Replicant. Numerous interviews show this. Harrison seems done with the matter and will no longer open up on the topic.

I like the idea of him being a Replicant, I just can't quite fit it into the story as easy as Ridley does. He seems to be quite set on it and his final BR cut seems to enforce that.

For it to work I suppose Deckard would have to be some sort of experimental Nexus 7 like Rachael with an obvious much longer lifespan than the Nexus 6 models like Roy and co.

He clearly has no superior strength and brain capabilities like Roy has so while Roy is like an A level Nexus 6 that surpasses normal human capabilities, it seems Deckard would be more of a B level with equal to human physical and mental capabilities. 

Also like Rachael, he would have to have a lot of human organs, like what Rachael had. 

Maybe they were both experimental Nexus models of a further enhanced stage than the 6 models, designed and destined to be together to see if Replicants could mate and reproduce. Which clearly they did successfully. 

Or maybe Deckard, like Harrison always assumed and wanted, was just human.

Either way, it's still a great topic to discuss and one I find relevant to the story. 

Did we get the answers though? Not spelled out in the movie, No.


NoobMember14 XPOct-25-2017 8:45 AM

To me it doesn't make sense to have Deckard be a Replicant. In the book Deckard is human. If Ridley wanted Deckard to be a Replicant there should have been an explanation as to why he was getting his butt kicked by pleasure models. Same with the idea that he could live longer than 4 years.  Tyrell tells Roy that they made him as good as they could.  "A candle that burns twice as fast burns half as long."  For Deckard to show up in the sequel they should have said or alluded to him being a prototype Nexus 8.  However, even being a Nexus 8 doesn't explain his human level strength though.  His job would have demanded comparable, if not superior strength to the combat models he was hunting.

The story would have made more sense to make him human. Either that or come up with explanations for his life span and lack of strength.

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