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The Galactic Dinosaurian Empire Claims It's Final Forum

The Galactic Dinosaurian Empire Claims It's Final Forum

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Jun-12-2016 8:05 AM

Hello citizens of the Heroes forum, I am your new Emperor.

You see, my Galactic Empire has conquested and succeeded in capturing all of the forums. The Jurassic Park forum, Godzilla, Star Wars, Alien & Predator, it is all mine.

Do not worry, you are under safe protection from the Empire's new super weapon, the Necro Star. Harnessing, yes, your very own Infinity Gems to create a weapon capable of blowing up a solar system.

My, battalions, only had to destroy approximately one-third of your troops and a few of your heroes to claim this province. You all are now apart of my Empire, which shall last an eternity.

Henceforth, the Empire shall be known....As, the Universal Scified Empire!!! For a safe.....And secure, society.

-Emperor GG

Good grief.

3 Responses to The Galactic Dinosaurian Empire Claims It's Final Forum

I Meme Everything

Jun-12-2016 8:28 AM

We have taken over the whole site!  Citizens, bow down to your emperor, LORD GORILLAGODZILLA!

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Jun-12-2016 8:53 AM

*Smiles villainously*

Good grief.


Apr-07-2020 3:37 AM

The adventure continues as you join forces with a team of scientists to unravel a corrupt plan and save JeanieUPSers

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