Any Sci Fi Hidden Gems Out there?

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Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

NoobMember0 XPNov-01-2015 10:25 AM

I have posted this thread on over forums and got some great films back that I have never heard of.

Im a big sci fi fan and believe I have seen most sci fi films.

(I know you dont know what I have seen) 

Is there any Sci Fi films that are not well known that you have seen and gave it more than a 6!

throw them at me please.

Love Sci Fi, Love Movies, Love Gadgets

Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

26 Responses to Any Sci Fi Hidden Gems Out there?

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPNov-01-2015 7:16 PM

SCI FI MOVIE GADGETS - Greetings! Hmm...I would have to say that two of the best "obscure" Science Fiction films I have encountered are Moon Trap and Screamers. Both films lean heavily toward horror; however, they are fantastic thrill rides! If you have already seen this pair of films, I apologize in advance for providing selections whith which you are already familiar. Regardless, I have greatly enjoyed this topic! :)


NoobMember0 XPNov-01-2015 9:49 PM

Hi and welcome to the forums, soon we will have a list of all the movies to review here in the forums, as you have seen a lot of movies, we would love to see your reviews, as for the gems, that is dificult and tricky if I don't know about your likes, maybe if you give us a little help with it? XD

I Will give you a list and you are going to tell me if is a sci fi movie to you and if is your style of movie or not. Maybe I know some not so popular movies, if I can put them in the list of gems of all the times, I'm not sure of it.

ok the list :

sunshine 2007, snowpiercer, europa report, gattaca, the zero theorem, jurassic park, coherence, automata, dawn of the planet of the apes, x men, blade runner, the thing, aien, the signal, 12 monkeys, lucy, edge of tomorrow, 28 days later, gravity, circle, the fith element, mad max, I origins, the purgue, spring, trollhunter, robocop, under the skin, interstelar, upside down-

some of them are already in the review section, some of them are going to be added soon, let me know what worthwhile material we are missing here, that we are not considering yet in our list (we might wait few days to get the whole list of movies to review yet)


The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you

Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

NoobMember0 XPNov-02-2015 1:37 AM

I have not seen Moon Trap and Screamers or Circle, So I will Take a Look. I have seen the rest and the only one I think should not be on the list is "the zero theorem" Really did not like it (sorry)

Also think that SNowpiercer is bloody Awesome, Fantastic and Awesome again! :)


Thanks Guys.

Love Sci Fi, Love Movies, Love Gadgets

Sci Fi Movie Gadgets


NoobMember0 XPNov-02-2015 8:21 AM

hey SR! :D screamers! oh yup, I know that movie under other name.

And indeed the zero theorem could be better, and snowpiecer, some ppl didnt like it, I can't see the reason, I liked it and enjoyed it a lot- 

Do you have any gems to share with us?  I bet SR would to know them as much I want it. 

I will feature this thread so hopefully we will get movies added to the list.

Are you interested in short movies? 


The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you


NoobMember13 XPNov-03-2015 10:41 AM

It's a diamond in the ruff


Space Truckers



NoobMember0 XPNov-03-2015 1:39 PM



O.o the pigs 

The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you


NoobMember13 XPNov-17-2015 9:19 AM

.The Quiet Earth, Moon, Mad Max: The Road Warrior, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Nausicaa & the Valley of the Wind, Primer, Cube, Children of Men, Battle Royale, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, The Road, Soylent Green, Silent Running, The Thing, Planet of the Apes (1969) Beneath the Planet of the Apes, the two new ones are quite good too, Rollerball (1974), The Last Man on Earth, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, 12 Monkeys, Iron Sky, Dredd (2009), Equilibrium, Dark Star, THX 1138, The Andromeda Strain (1974), 2001, Blade Runner, The Day, Go To Hell (Aussie animated movie), Dark City, Forbidden Planet, Eraserhead, Hardware, The Winds of Amnesia, Iron Man, Watchmen, Batman Begins.

All great films. Some old, some new, Some quality low budget gems and big budget blockbusters.


NoobMember13 XPNov-18-2015 9:14 AM

Here's a bunch more I thought of:

Pandorum, District 13, Unbreakable, Triangle, Aeon Flux, The Crazies, Ed Wood, A Clockwork Orange, 28 Days Later, The Time Machine (1969), Invasion of the Body Snatchers,  Cloverfield, Robocop (1986), Panic in the Year Zero, Logan's Run, Capricorn One, Brazil, Wizards, Cowboy Bebop, The Wings of Honneamise, The Day the Earth Caught Fire, The Butterfly Effect, Paycheck, Escape from New York, Outland, The Fly, Gattaca, No Blade of Grass, The Blood of Heroes, The Boys from Brazil, Videodrome, Slaughterhouse Five.

These films fall mainly into the sub genres of Dystopian, Social and Environmental, Sci Fi/Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Anime and a bit of Zombie carnage. I like films that stimulate the intellect and get the old brain working a bit. They won't be everybodys cup of Romulan Ale, I personally can't stand Space Opera/Fantasy/Superhero films, hence the Star Trek reference! But if you appreciate  intelligent, thought provoking, Science Fiction, these are all definitely worth the effort to check out


LegendMember9516 XPNov-19-2015 10:16 AM

Some interesting movies being named here, some of which I ahve not seen for quite some time though I have noticed a few gems that seem to have been overlooked by y'all...

Demon Seed, Enemy Mine, Alien Nation, The Explorers, The Last Starfighter, Wargames, Invaders from Mars, The Blob, Hardware, Death Machine, Cyborg, Saturn 3, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, The Langoliers, Dreamcatcher, Tommyknockers, The Andromeda Strain, Westworld, Earth Girls are Easy, Return of the Living Dead, Basketcase, Critters, Ghoulies, Braindead, Flash Gordon, Highlander, Mutant Chronicles, Flight of the Navigator, Mac and Me, Alf, Mork and Mindy, Stay Tuned, Weird Science...

those are all that I can remember for now, though now this thread has wormed its way in I will no doubt think of many others.


NoobMember13 XPNov-28-2015 9:30 PM

"Drop your linen and start your grin'nin, I found them", a Hidden's an 1989 Film called 'The Hidden'!


NoobMember0 XPDec-12-2015 4:18 AM

Thank you guys. good list.



LegendMember9516 XPDec-16-2015 8:54 AM

I forgot another one - Predestination, starring Ethan Hawke.


2KAdmin4331 XPDec-19-2015 7:30 PM

Anyone mentioned 'Moon'? That one is just awesome.


NoobMember0 XPJan-27-2016 8:22 PM


Typist (sci-fi short film)


The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you


NoobMember1 XPApr-20-2016 1:24 AM

Somnio, an independent sci-fi thriller written and directed by Pandorum's Travis Milloy, has been completed and has already appeared in two US film festivals, winning best screenplay at Boston SciFi and the Audience Award at Fantastic Film in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Next it's due to be shown at Sci-Fi London at 7pm on Saturday 30th April -

Now looking for distribution deals!

(I'm involved in the film so I hope this isn't seen as spam...)


NoobMember1 XPApr-20-2016 1:28 AM


NoobMember15 XPFeb-16-2017 8:50 PM

Here's some oldies but goodies...

Quatermass and the Pit. Very Lovecraftian.

Day of the Triffids — Classic!



Dr. Curt Connors

ContributorMember661 XPFeb-17-2017 9:22 AM

Didn't see any mention of Lifeforce on here.


NoobMember13 XPFeb-17-2017 9:07 PM

 oh ya! no one mentioned   Robot Jox either



2KMember3073 XPFeb-17-2017 9:11 PM

A lot of great recommendations so far.Here are some i like that haven't been mentioned yet.Air staring Norman Reedus and Djimon Hansou.Repo Men (2010).Oblivion.The Signal (2007) The Arrival(not to be confused with Arrival) Dredd(2012)Event Horizon.Solaris(2002)Ghosts of Mars. Appleseed(2004) Mimic.Sphere (an underrated Michael Crichton adaptation)Ex Machina if it hasn't already been mentioned.Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within.AI:Artificial Intelligence.Soldier.Tomorrow Land(deserves a little more credit than it gets.)Tron and Tron Legacy.Minority Report.If i can think or more I'll post them.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 

Dr. Curt Connors

ContributorMember661 XPFeb-18-2017 6:17 AM

No Lifeforce the movie from 1985, from Cannon Films directed by Tobe Hooper. Alot of Cannon Films classics out there.


NoobMember87 XPFeb-22-2017 12:16 PM

CREATURE (1985) starring Klaus Kinski.  A rather low-budget Alien rip-off but a fantastic performance by Kinski helps make this one of my guilty pleasures.  Some of the special effects were done by the same company that would do some of the effects for Aliens the next year.  Well worth watching.




NoobMember1 XPJul-27-2017 4:56 PM

Well, over a year later I can finally give a major and very exciting update.
Somnio secured a distribution deal and is now renamed Infinity Chamber, with a September release date.

Jay Johns

NoobMember39 XPJul-30-2017 4:28 PM

Sunshine, which was directed by Danny Boyle. The Adventures of Buccaroo Bonzai. Peter Weller was the star and for some reason I do love that movie. Brazil, not sure if it is really sci fi but thought it was worth a mention.


InitiateMember247 XPAug-04-2017 12:53 AM

I second "The Arrival" from 1996. It's a great movie. BUT DON'T WATCH THE TRAILERS

Also ignore the sequel, it's a direct to video turd from what I recall

Timmy the ultramorph

ContributorMember559 XPDec-31-2017 5:58 PM

the cube franchise is extremly underrated. you should check it out.

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