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Hong Kong Saying Goodbye to Neon Street lights

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NoobMember10 XPAug-14-2015 4:28 PM

Looks like Hong Kong is trying to get rid of traditional neon lighting on there streets and replacing it with LED lighting. Makes me want to visit before there all gone. There's an entire industry behind it. Watch the awesome video on the mom & pop shops that create custom neon lighting for the restaurants ect... Its a really good short do***entary. Here's the link to the article and do***entary short: Hong Kong eliminating neon lights

5 Responses to Hong Kong Saying Goodbye to Neon Street lights


NoobMember4 XPSep-08-2015 11:42 AM

ZOMl91H.gifLight_Is_Beautiful_from_SRS_BR.jpgA quote from SRS On-set photo by Stephen Vaughan

There is a strong trend to move to low-consumption lighting solutions, including in Japan. And even Micro Man has made the grade; all-the-while, dangling selflessly off purse zippers. As a child, I imagined those translucent plastic figures were intended to be made out of neon (if they were to really exist). I'd hold them up to the light, and wonder what it was all supposed to be about.

There was once a very odd concentration of neon; in long alleyway that was nearby someplace I previously lived. It was unusual because there was nothing else so elaborately lit in the vicinity. It was not only magnetic to the curious, but also the perverted. In hindsight, it was probably an entrance to a shady bar or an adult club; although, I was too young to realize it at the time. Certainly for me, neon symbolized a gateway to a sexually-charged adult world; however beautiful the light was.

Hong Kong is simply on the path to greener energy solutions, and as they are restricted from any coal-fired plant expansion (the air is generally 'dirty'). It's likely in the near future that power needs will be met by using nuclear power, almost completely. The largest station in the world is currently under construction, just over 100km out in Guangdong province, China.

Fukushima Reactor #3 was retrofitted, similar to the buildings of BR's motto-neon Chinatown (aka Ridleyville). Syd's concept being that it was too difficult, plus expensive to replace old with new. And so retrofitting was the only viable option to partly modernize. The thermal reactor was one of three at old power stations retrofitted into a pluthermal reactor, and started burning reprocessed fuel, in 2010. And as opposed to doing so with a fantasy fleet of new fast-breeder reactors (the Holy Grail of Japan's energy independence strategy).

These technologies use MOX fuel (hot & potentially unstable) made from a mixed oxide of plutonium & uranium. This kind of fuel rod definitely has the ability to unleash an environmental Frankenstein; in the case of any release of it's radioactive contents. Japan will continue to use this fuel in retrofitted thermal reactors, and because large stocks of plutonium need to start dwindling. And until it's burned-up with a stable, plus non-experimental fast-reactor; the fuel needs stay cool (whether it's spent or not), like Chew.

One single pool's worth of fuel rods, could actually cause the end of the world; if they were to catch fire/get super-heated, and explode. Storage of these rods, is a big problem in Japan, and for a variety of reasons. Even for other countries storage is a task that simply doesn't get done properly. A 1970s British television series that Stanley Kubrick was very unhappy with; warned that these rods could eventually, cause a catastrophe. It's premise was ridiculous, along with storing spent nuclear fuel on the Moon of all places.

One aspect that general audiences were put-off by when BR debuted in 1982, was it showed a future that people didn't like. And that is partly the point of the film; in a way it subliminally implies this is where we're heading, and asks what will you do? Just as much people cite the film as being predictive; it could also be flagged as influential in being preventive.

And with 311 Tohoku earthquake, the tsunami, the aftershocks, the blackouts, the evacuations, the nuclear meltdowns, the fatalities; from my perspective at the time, it felt like the end of my world was in progress. The opening episode of SPACE: 1999 came to mind, and when compared; it was like the country was blasted out of orbit, instead of the Moon.

More recently, they finished moving 1331 Reactor #4 rods at risk; thankfully, without poisoning the entire planet (teamed with many brave souls). And the previously dormant Japanese reactor fleet is currently in the process of being re-started.


h0yrXIY.gif aoH20iZ.gif D3QqVLR.gif MV from Girls' Generation
Directed by Ki-Baek Lee

2015 BR:TFC mini-Gallery VII:

Yotel_Roof_Top_Film_Club_Manhattan_USA_by_carlyn.jpg Film_noir_au_canal_Montreal_Canada_by_n_pichette.jpg

Tower_Sacramento_USA_by_soushiguy88_ss.jpg Transit_Drive_In_Lockport_NY_USA_by_Flo.jpg

Art_Cinema_Seoul_South_Korea_by_cutihoney.jpg Telus_Science_Centre_IMAX_Edmonton_Canada_by_Mar.jpg

Bud_b.jpgimage.jpgThose Were The Days (1981)
Exec-Producer, Blade Runner Partnership

Bud was among those which believed strongly that BR needed a happy ending, some closure. And thus resulting in a dramatic change to the character of Deckard; particularly when the revamped voice-over is considered.

Hampton once said something to the effect that it isn't important if he was or wasn't a Replicant. The matter at hand was the question of whether or not Deckard was authentic. A quality we all want that is more often than not, quite illusive (as human beings).

A reality we don't want to face, and the almost feverish impulse to run away from it all? And with someone to someplace where we'll magically live happily ever-after. Perhaps delusional right down to the closing credits. I once ran North, and it didn't work.

In a closing note of related trivia, Bud's daughter Nicole was part of the writing team for the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica (featuring Replicant-like Cylons). His ex-wife Jane: her favorite film is Ridley's Thelma & Louise (1991). Bud's wife Cynthia is currently among the producers of the BR sequel. Time is luck, and Bud was a lucky man.

I have a lot of fun n' fancy lighting in my home (including custom neon); however, little else for decoration, or even furniture. When guests visit for the first-time, they always say, 'This is great, when are you moving in?' And I simply change the subject, plus sometimes remind them who has the biggest milk-reactors in the room. surprise.gif


And thanks Dale.


Bonus links:
Neon Signs HK
The Anticipointment Cut
A Man Who Loved Happy Endings



NoobMember10 XPSep-12-2015 7:06 PM

I remember Micro Man. My parents wouldn't buy me any because they were so expensive. They wouldn't let me play hockey either because the equipment would cost almost $ I turned my attention to science fiction instead..that'll teach them. I remember seeing the effects of the Japan earthquake on the news. The aftershocks causing tidal waves. It was horrible news. I have friends that live on Vancouver Island(most work for the government). The Japan earthquake created new efforts to prevent similar effects from disrupting coastlines. Nobody realized that this could happen anywhere in the world. My friends on the island will tell you that through a lot of research Vancouver Island discovered they were(and still might be)unprepared. Since I work in a mine, I've worked with a few people that have worked in Uranium mines. Raw,natural Uranium has a very low radiation level. They need very high powered detectors to find natural Uranium. A television gives off more radiation than natural Uranium. It has to be mixed with nickle to make it more reactive and dangerous. Now I have learned about "milk-reactors". After some brief research I'll have to show my Vancouver Island friends this video on preventative measures if such a disaster strikes. Milk-Reactors,the do's and don'ts: Milk Reactors


NoobMember10 XPSep-12-2015 9:28 PM

Micronauts(as they were called in Canada) in 6,5,4,3...with the Micronaut Sled....each sold separately(You bastards!!) Micronaut Commercial(each sold separately)


NoobMember0 XPNov-12-2015 11:51 AM


The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you


NoobMember4 XPNov-14-2015 5:35 AM

I see you performed a conversion on my posting, Alex. I appericate the help (+ a winky); although, I have a very specific way to convert my postings that are on the fancy-side. The method I provided earlier is not the way I will do these ones. And the alternate method likely will be improved upon; as I get to doing more of them (requires knowledge of html). 

There is a slight glitch with the Editor upon editing, and some photos will not appear. Also, why it's important to have the source code for both the bbCode, and the html (if re-editing). Bascially, it makes more work if I do not have the original (bb) script. And I'm simply using that script-code as a reference for the photo addresses.

The method I gave Dale, is something easy that requires no knowledge of coding. And for the majority of his postings, it's a way that should work well for him (including the other members, if they choose to use it). However, no worries; as you can see I've done what I wanted with the posting. It's pretty much as close as I'm going to get it, and if compared to when it was originally posted.

It's nice to see you here again, Alex.

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