Other Blade Runner type movies?

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NoobMember0 XPApr-14-2015 10:27 PMI was trying to find a topic related to movies that are similar to blade runner or whatnot. So I will get the ball rolling by suggesting two movies that I think fans of blade runner will enjoy! So, please share with us with any films that you might think is worth watching that is somehow similar to blade runner or whatever! I was going to add movie posters for both movies that I suggested but I'm too lazy to remember which website I needed to use to upload the pictures in order for the pictures to properly display on this board. Anyways, 3......2.......1.......GO!!!! First movie! Title:[b]"Renaissance"[/b] Release: 2006 IMDB Link: [url=http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0386741/]Renaissance IMDB Page[/url] Storyline: "In 2054, Paris is a labyrinth where all movement is monitored and recorded. Casting a shadow over everything is the city's largest company, Avalon, which insinuates itself into every aspect of contemporary life to sell its primary export -- youth and beauty. In this world of stark contrasts and rigid laws the populace is kept in line and accounted for." 2nd Movie! Title: [b]"Dark City"[/b] Release: 1998 IMDB Link: [url=http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118929/]Dark City IMDB Page[/url] Storyline: "John Murdoch awakens alone in a strange hotel to find that he has lost his memory and is wanted for a series of brutal and bizarre murders. While trying to piece together his past, he stumbles upon a fiendish underworld controlled by a group of beings known as The Strangers who possess the ability to put people to sleep and alter the city and its inhabitants. Now Murdoch must find a way to stop them before they take control of his mind and destroy him."
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2KAdmin4319 XPApr-15-2015 12:18 AM

There was a TV series, that aired long ago and was based on PK Dick's "We Can Remember It for You, Wholesale", and "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" , it was called "Total Recall 2070" and it was awesome. Had all the elements Blade Runner has, Replicants, Detectives and a run down futuristic city. Watch it if you have the chance: Total Recall, 2070 There recently was a sort of remake of that series (Total recall 2070) called "Almost Human", I haven't watched it but I guess it could be good too, Karl urban is in it. And of course there is the Battlestar Galactica TV series (The rebooted one). It's very Blade Runner-like, with replicants but lacks the film-noir elements. Total Recall 2070 is the closest in feel and look and substance to Blade Runner though, it's basically Blade Runner the TV series. It was a Canadian production and only had one season so very few people know about it, sadly. If you love Blade Runner it is a must-watch. I found episodes 1 and 2 of "Total recall, 2070" on YouTube, enjoy:Total Recall, 2070-Episodes 1&2 There is also the short film by Ridley Scott's son called "LOOM": LOOM-Luke Scott


NoobMember0 XPApr-20-2015 7:47 AMalmost human was good Ghost in the shell Akira the end scene in 48 hrs considering Walter hill knew scot and made the film at the same time as loaning Brion James to him as Leon


NoobMember4 XPApr-20-2015 8:49 PM

unC3QPy.gif Next_A_Class_for_Mercedes_Benz.jpg CM NEXT A-Class (2012)
for Mercedes Benz by Production I.G

Thanks Tetris + Svanya
+ Mr. FKB.

Bonus links:
Doggystyle Reality
Hey, idi-wa, Galactica
Bourdain Keeping It Real

Sawapinkey.gif Sawa


NoobMember10 XPApr-22-2015 12:58 AMI gotta go with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy has a certain "Pris" quality about her. She also battles Rutger Hauer and Pee Wee Herman(Paul Reubens) in dark places...plus I met her at this years Calgary Expo :) [img]http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z292/djrees_2007/S1020002_zpsymcjxpjc.jpg[/img] [img]http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z292/djrees_2007/Scan_20150422%202_zpshhsjn4ni.png[/img] https://youtu.be/bqQ3fLq-y9U


NoobMember4 XPMay-03-2015 4:09 AM

s1DN7OD.gif rwNbIGq.gif Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1978-79)
Rintaro (DIR) from TOEI Animation

This series was certainly one of my first serious doses of awesome sauce. And there is a fair bit mildly in-common here with BR (even Prometheus); however, without copying or mimicking, and thus giving one something fresh to watch, too. :)

Several of the Leiji Matsumoto created series (especially those done prior to BR) are highly enjoyable, and authentic Japanese animation classics. ;)

nighttime_barbie_b.jpg spzWRFX.gif
It appears others likely felt the same; regarding this possibly deeply spiritual Buffy/Pris sensation you describe, Dale. =D

AH_Pinkey.gifAnd thanks boys. ^_^

Bonus links:
The Future of Sex
The Noodle Master
Harlock Series Streams:
Crunchyroll | Funimation | HULU


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