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Blade Runner 9732, Preview #2

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Nov-09-2014 7:29 PM

Here is a new preview of my BR Virtual Experience: Thanks for watching.

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Nov-10-2014 9:17 AM

Holy Cow!! That's great Blackwheat!! :) I understand this is a "work in process". Don't forget the Jello mold in the kitchen sink ;) The balcony is awesome!! Thanks for posting this :)[img][/img]


Nov-11-2014 3:47 PM

MAMMA_MIA.gif Fujimi_Spinner_set_by_Dorobou_Hige.gif FUJIMI Police Spinner (enhanced + custom set)
by Dorobou Hige


Blog step links:
01_FSpinner_bx.jpg 02_FSpinner_1st.jpg 03_FSpinner_scr.jpg 04_FSpinner_ass.jpg 05_FSpinner_st.jpg 06_FSpinner_int_a.jpg 07_FSpinner_int_d.jpg 08_FSpinner_int_w.jpg 09_FSpinner_int_LED.jpg 10_FSpinner_barr.jpg 11_FSpinner_int.jpg 12_FSpinner_fr_LED.jpg 13_FSpinner_unpa.jpg 18_FSpinner_Lside.jpg 17_FSpinner_tires.jpg 16_FSpinner_back_LED.jpg 15_FSpinner_RAM.jpg 14_FSpinner_unp.jpg 19_FSpinner_AS.jpg 20_FSpinner_Dec.jpg 21_FSpinner_W1.jpg 22_FSpinner_Wa.jpg 23_FSpinner_LED1.jpg 24_FSpinner_LEDa.jpg 25_FSpinner_LED.jpg 26_FSpinner_DGa.jpg 27_FSpinner_DG.jpg 28_FSpinner_f.jpg 29_Seb_Ap_O.jpg 30_Seb_Ap_TVs_O.jpg 18_Pris.jpg31_Seb_Ap_Pill.jpg 32_FSpinner.jpg 34_Seb_Ap.jpg 33_Seb_Ap_Spinner.jpg 35_Seb_Ap_Bscr.jpg 36_Fin.jpg
Preview Video


Thanks Quentin!



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