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MemberNoobAug-12-2013 9:37 PM
For a sequel of Pacific Rim, I had this idea that what if the humans didn't actually created the Jaegers, that they founded the Jaeger technology from an ancient mechanoid race and reversed engineered their technology. Pacific Rim 2 will be set science fantasy world inhabited predominantly by part-organic, part-machine beings with souls known as Jaegers. The subterranean world is contained in massive underground domes, which reside in the massive robot body known as the Seeker. This world was located across the milky way galaxy. It arrived near earth's orbit after the first Kaiju attack. NASA's astronauts flew to the planet, and found massive giant robots decommissioned. They found out that these beings where the answer to win the war against the kaiju. The humans took one of the Jaegers technology and reengineered it to fit their needs. The Jaegers race were once protected by a Great Spirit. The humans also found out that these giant mechs where also created from an intelligent alien race, they used these Jaegers to search for different planets and colonize. But during the 5th ice age, a massive battle took place for who would take control of the planet Earth, as the aliens used their Jaegers to fight off the Kaijus that appeared into a wormhole. The aliens won, but they feared the Kaiju would return, so they sent these ancient jaegers in a giant orb to hopefully one day the humans would find. What you guys think?


3 Replies

Badass Typhoon

MemberNoobAug-13-2013 9:48 AM
cant happen on the take over the world in fifth ice age member that Newton said that tehy tryed to take over earth but the air was inhabitable for kaijus? yea


MemberNoobAug-13-2013 10:22 AM
I like the creativity. However, that would destroy the single most important difference between this and Transformers (Or most Kaiju film) We actually gave a damn about the people for more reason than because the camera wouldn't leave em alone.


MemberNoobAug-14-2013 5:16 AM
Gotta be honest... that's an awful idea. Nothing personal.
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