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Your Detailed Guide on Microsoft AZ-900 exam. Why Prepare for It with Exam-labs Exam Dumps?

Your Detailed Guide on Microsoft AZ-900 exam. Why Prepare for It with Exam-labs Exam Dumps?

Scified2020-05-16 12:19:02
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Cloud computing is the talk of the town and every second business is migrating towards it without thinking twice. The benefits and takeaway of this single step are so lucrative that hardly anyone can ignore them.

Out of all the cloud computing products, Microsoft Azure is leading the way.Becoming certified in this technology is the best career move that you can make at present.

To start with, you should earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals badge. This credential lays the foundation of your future promising career in cloud computing. Whether you are a beginner or experienced professional aiming to move to the Azure field, this badge is what you need to start your way. The requirement for earning this certification is passing AZ-900 exam and from this article, you’ll know all the features of this assessment.

What Is This Certification All About?

By providing you with detailed knowledge and understanding of the Azure basics like core Azure services, product pricing, fundamentals of cloud security & compliances, and other cloud concepts, this badge helps you gain entry-level skills that you require to embark on your journey.

Earning this Microsoft badge in Azure Fundamentals also paves the path for various higher-level Azure badges, though it’s not a must. By now, you must be all convinced that if you want to become an Azure expert then Microsoft Azure Fundamentalscredential is the stepping stone. And as long as the only thing that you require to obtain this certification is passing the Microsoft AZ-900 test, let’s delve into details of this assessment.

The Nitty-Gritty of Microsoft AZ-900 Test

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam has been designed to help any technical and non-technical professional to gain foundational knowledge about Azure. This test helps you understand the core concepts and principals of this solution. There are no measures for the target audience so any beginner or professional willing to explore career opportunities related to Azure can take-up this assessment visit Website Certbolt.

  • Exam Pattern

Firstly, when registering for the exam, you’ll pay a fee of $99. The test itself contains 40-60 questions and their number is not fixed.You get 60 minutes to solve these tasks and the minimum passing grade is 700.The questions will be in the form of case study, short answer, multiple choice, mark review, and drag & drop. There is no negative marking for a wrong answer. Hence, we suggest you attempt all the questions.

After you complete the assessment, you will almost immediately get the score sheet.It will contain PASS/FAIL status along with overall performance demonstrates in a bar chart form.

  • Course Outline

The test covers questions based on the below-mentioned modules:

  1. Core Azure services (30-35%)
  2. Security, compliance, privacy, and trust (25-30%)
  3. Azure pricing and support (20-25%)
  4. Cloud concepts (15-20%)
  • Exam retake policy

In caseyou are not able to pass the assessment in the first attempt, here is the exam retake policy to refer to.You can retake the test only when 24 hours pass after your first attempt.If you haven’t aced the exam in your secondtry as well then you have to wait for 14 days. You can’t retake the test for more than 5 times per year.

We understand that passing the assessment for a novice is a bit difficult. But, it’s not impossible. If you prepare diligently and take the help of the right resource, then you can pass the exam in asingle attempt.

Your Best Set of Preparation Materials

There is no doubt that taking up Microsoft AZ-900 test will unfold various new career opportunities. But, when you have no idea about Azure and the course is so extensive, can you pass the exam? Yes, you can. Firstly, you should get reliable study materials like those from Microsoft or Exam-labs. If you follow this path, then we are sure that you will taste success in your attempt regardless of whether you belong to a technical and non-technical background.

Regarding the Microsoft resources, you can enroll in online free or instructor-led training courses. This is a great way to gather the relevant and right information on the topics covered in the test. You can find more details about these options on the official website. And now let’s explore the opportunities you get if you also utilize the materials from Exam-labs.

What Is the Use of Exam Dumps?

In case you are wondering how will help you in this.This platform offers a wide range of Microsoft AZ-900 exam dumps.Their materials are designed with the help of the candidates that have already taken the test. That is why these dumps contain the most updated questions & answers. And notice that paid Premium materials are additionally verified by experts.

Exam dumps from Exam-labs are in ete format that can only be opened using the ETE Player. This ETE Software simulates the real-time testing environment. Starting from the number of questions to the marking scheme, all are kept as same as the main exam.

Their dumps are available in free and paid versions. The Premium Bundle for Microsoft AZ-900 ($59,99) offers you 186 questions with correct answers, 21 lectures, and a detailed study guide of 425 pages. It covers everything that you require to pass the assessment.

Exam-labs’s exam dumps will guide you in the most impressive and precise manner. They bring the confidence and resilience that you will need while moving forward as they offer the most updated and real-time information.

The Final Word

The miles-long way starts with your first step. If you want to begin your journey of a great IT career in the Azure domain then the Microsoft AZ-900 test is what you need to begin with. The success of this step will build the base of your future career. Hence make sure that you are doing it right.Exam dumps offered by will ensure that you taste success in your first attempt.So, take them on board, enroll in the Microsoft AZ-300 test, and become Microsoft Azure certified.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-05-16 12:19:02
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