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Virtual Reality  - The Next Level of Gaming

Virtual Reality - The Next Level of Gaming

Scified2016-11-13 07:26:24
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As our society becomes more technologically focused, so does just about every other aspect of our lives including gaming.  The news has been filled with games using virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR).  Manufacturers of gaming consoles such as Xbox, Samsung and Nintendo, for example, are putting together games that make use of VR headsets that completely immerse players in the experience through a headset.  Even though many media companies such as Sony, Lucasfilm, and Paramount Pictures are getting involved, the technology is still in development. Every year, it keeps getting better and better and the price goes down as more gamers buy into the technology.

Augmented reality games, on the other hand, are considered partially immersive and often use glasses to project an image in front of users.  A recent convention geared toward gamers showed the latest technology that gamers can expect in the very near future.

Virtual gaming online offers a wide variety of types of games. Slot machines are very popular at The slot section is the usually the largest and most frequented of the entire operation. It is possible to play bingo slots without having to get up, get dressed and drive to the nearest casino.  Social gaming sites like BingoMania have bingo slots such as St. Patty’s Gold or Ra to Riches. They also use point systems andpromotions to encourage people to play. It won’t be too long before these sites start to embrace AR and VR as well. Imagine going to a virtual bingo hall to play in your own home. It won’t be too long now!

Not all augmented reality games require any sort of special equipment in order for users to play.  Pokémon Go, for example, can be played through an app downloaded to a smartphone that allows players to interact with their environment and to catch virtual Pokémon characters.  The app has been downloaded a record number of times and the reception has been enthusiastic.  Other types of AR games, like the BEAM system, project images into a space on a tabletop or area of a floor and allow gamers to play interactively with the projected images.  Such systems require a projector in order to work and are usually reserved for gaming facilities or family restaurants.

Pokémon Go is probably the best known of these augmented reality games that also acts as a social game. Users interact with each other in real time and space. Of course, the idea of social games is not a new one. Almost everyone can remember playing board games with friends and family.

Social media websites such as Facebook, have now moved the game board into cyberspace so that players from around the world can play together in real time.  Other games such as World of Warcraft offer a way for players to interact socially while playing games.  Such social games have become so successful that now there are scores of websites that offer either free games or games where players can gamble online and potentially win prizes.

Playing bingo online is one great way to interact socially with friends while you play.  Your computer mouse acts as a virtual dauber to blot out the numbers that have been called, so the game is completely interactive. Some players become very involved socially while playing and choose to take advantage of chat features.  It’s the chat and sense of social interaction that really does make it feel as if you are right there playing alongside the other players. The nice part about it is that it’s available at any time of the day or night.  So if you can’t sleep, chances are there are others who are also up late or playing on the other side of the world along with you.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2016-11-13 07:26:24
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Darth Shiro

Nov-13-2016 8:22 AM

VR is so popular right now....

I Meme Everything

Nov-13-2016 8:26 AM

^Have you seen Robinson: The Journey?  It looks amazing

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