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Top Comics on Sports That You Just Have to Read

Top Comics on Sports That You Just Have to Read

Scified2021-11-02 08:26:38
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Sports is an integral part of the lives of several people who are all fit and athletic and like to spend most of their time chasing a ball or out on the field making it to the track and field competitions held annually or almost every month sometimes. But, what about those who do not much like participating in all that activity? What do these people do when it comes down to actually getting on to the field and running or participating in some sort of hard-core sports match? Do they not have any enthusiasm for sports then? Well, then you would be completely wrong. Because there is no nerd and jock stereotype in this world. If the world of sport has reached such a crescendo, then that is also due to the impact of some high end and graphically stunning comics that those whom sports enthusiasts jokingly call nerds have created. 

These sports comics and graphic novels will make you want to congratulate the artist behind it all and look at the beguiling art as well as the meaty plot lines that have been built around them. As for those who want to know about How to Bet on NHL, you have come to the correct place! 

The following is a list of some of the best comics on sports that you will definitely enjoy:


  • Bull On Parade: Written and created by Wilfred Santiago and published by Fantagraphics, Bull On Parade is an amazing in-depth comic and a thrilling ride based on the life of Michael "Air" Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time in history. The graphical illustrations style is really clever with the cartooning done by Santiago to show the way in which all the legends alongside Jordan used to play basketball. It also serves as an excellent biography because it is not only about his successes on the court but also about his life off it, including his infidelity scandals and his depressive episodes;
  • Kill A Man: This comic has essentially everything that you need to enjoy a good sports comic book. Lots of sporty drawings, emotions, passionate retribution and so on- do we need to give you more at this point? Written by Jim Campbell and drawn by the super talented Al Morgan, Kill A Man revolves around a young boy who sees the murder of his father in the ring and later turns into a Mixed Martial Arts star at the top of his school till he is outed as gay and disowned by his own community. He turns to the one man who can help him. But the catch is that that man is the one who murdered his father. So, without further spoilers or ado, go buy this comic and enjoy now! 


There are other sports based comic books to enjoy. These include the comic Dracula starrer Old Head, the feel-good Check, Please!, the young adult drama Dragon Hoops, the high fantasy comic Fantasy Sports and so on. So grab a copy and spend time reading! 

Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-11-02 08:26:38
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