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Top 5 Video Games Where You Can Gamble

Top 5 Video Games Where You Can Gamble

Scified2019-07-27 17:48:02
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Gambling and playing video games are very similar and have went hand-in-hand in progress as soon as they started progressing. They contain many similarities and overlapping points. For example, slot machine games often include video games elements and story lines. You can find many popular video game characters leading the way and starring in your favorite slot.  In the same way, many video games include the betting or gambling option as a mini-game within their gaming platform.

Since video games tend to replicate our real world and lives and create a virtual reality, it completely makes sense that gambling is included as part of the experience. That’s why many video games include gambling mini-games, where players can stray away from the main story and enjoy some game of luck.  Video game popularity is constantly on the rise, just like eSports, which started introducing betting more and more. If you’re a fan of both gaming and gambling, here’s where you can find the best of both worlds!

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is the absolute evergreen of video games. It’s one of the rare video games with full-blown casinos within the game, where you can enter and play casino games just like in British online casinos. In GTA San Andreas, you can enter the casino and play slots, table games or poker. 

The fun part is that you can borrow money from the casino for your gaming: if you manage to win it and beyond, great! If not, the bad cards will be the least of your worries.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption is focused on poker. If you’re a poker fan who enjoys playing RDR 2, you will have a chance to enjoy both, all within the same realm! It’s perfect for players who enjoy to game-within-the-game technology, where they can relax from the adrenaline from the main story line and go out for a different type of adrenaline.

As you roam the area on your horse, you will be able to come down and enter some of the poker rooms, Wild West-style. You have the opportunity to play both against the computer or other real players. 

Fallout New Vegas

The video game is a fantastic tribute to the Las Vegas strip. It’s one of the best games where you can find a wide variety of gambling mini-games included in the main story line. As you walk down the strip, you will find that you are able to enter 6 iconic gambling institutions with a variety of games.

It’s especially great for blackjack lovers, as all six of the Fallout New Vegas casinos offer amazing 21 card games

Final Fantasy VIII

Now, we also included something completely different. Given that Final Fantasy is not set in the real world, it is unreasonable to expect that you will find our real-world blackjack, slots, or poker in this fantasy world.

However, Final Fantasy developers know that the urge to try our luck is at the base of any world. Therefore, you can also find a game of Triple Triad. This is a game on a 3x3 layout, where you need to obtain all the cards on the grid before your opponent does. 

The Sims 3

From its beginnings, the Sims have tried very hard to replicate the real world, human lives and what everyday actions of a human being look like. Therefore, it’s necessary to include gambling as well, as one of the most popular entertainment activities out there.

You can opt-in for casino games in the Sims by purchasing the casino add-on. Then, your Sim will have the option to go to a casino and have a raving good time on the tables!

Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-07-27 17:48:02
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