Seeing Red! Why we will probably be seeing Jason Todd on the Big Screen soon

Seeing Red! Why we will probably be seeing Jason Todd on the Big Screen soon

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With Justice League just around the corner many are wondering who will be joining the list of future appearances in later films. For many, people are looking towards the future Ben Afleck Batman solo production since there are so many characters associated with Batman that we are hoping to see. And there is one character (a member of the Bat-Family) who has almost a shoe-in to make his debut; Jason Todd, a.k.a. Red Hood. 

The reason why Jason Todd is such a reasonable estimation for the big screen is because of the enormous Easter-egg that was dropped regarding him in Batman Vs. Superman, Dawn of Justice.

In the film, we see Bruce Wayne looking at a glass case holding a blatantly obvious Robin uniform. On it you can see the spray-painted words "HAHAHA, JOKES ON YOU BATMAN". This coincides with the premise from the comics of The Joker killing Jason with a crowbar. He then leaves the body for Batman to find as some kind of disturbing gift. Batman then decided to keep the suit in the Bat Cave as a sickening reminder of, in his own mind, his greatest failure. 

Jason was not dead for very long however, as he was eventually resurrected in the Lazarus Pit by the Demon's Head himself; Ra's Al Ghul. This act thus altered the young hero into the dark and hostile combatant known as 'Red Hood'. 

Red Hood walked the hilariously fine line between anti-hero and psychotic killer. The affect of the Lazarus Pit brought out Jason's primal kill-or-be-killed ideals. His look on justice was very simple; if you do wrong in his eyes, you don't deserve to live.
After even more rigorous training with Ra's, he returned to Gotham to do one thing; be the "hero" (using that term lightly) that Batman could not. 

In other words, killing his enemies. 

Jason Todd is a nearly unmatched warrior. He is a phenomenal martial artist and impeccable swordsman; not to mention a skilled tactician and detective. His weapons include Batarangs, explosives; but what he is most known for is his unnatural accuracy with his automatic handguns.

He is a formidable opponent that is highly feared across the globe, and can even give both Batman and Nightwing runs for their money.

Now it will be extremely intriguing to see how the writers and directors of The Batman film will be presenting the relationship between Jason and Bruce. After dawning the new persona he and Batman have had a very complicated relationship; from trying to kill each other all he way to actually working together. The real question is are we going to see them as allies, enemies, or in a hazy grey area in between. 

Overall it is not yet set in stone as to whether the Batman film will be made at all. Though if it is, it seems pretty plausible that other members of the Bat-family will be making appearances as well (such as Nightwing, Barbara Gordon, Damian Wayne, etc). However, what is known for sure, is that Jason Todd's suit making the appearance in the Bat Cave seems a little too 'on the nose' for it not to have any premonitions for future films. Most likely we will be seeing Jason Todd, and when we do, we will all be seeing red. 


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Written by Lupine RoninPublished on 2017-06-23 17:12:06
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1 Fan responses to Seeing Red! Why we will probably be seeing Jason Todd on the Big Screen soon


LegendMember9516 XPJun-23-2017 10:53 PM

Ah, Jason Todd...

The second Robin, the second Joker, the second Red Hood and the Arkham Knight.

While Under the Red Hood would be an awesome story to have adapted to the big screen, there are some slight issues. The first being that The Batman movie which will be Ben Affleck's first solo outing as the Dark Knight has already cast Joe Manganiello to play Deathstroke, a very similar character to Jason Todd's Red Hood (minus the baggage, of course).

Secondly, many fans believe that we have already seen Jason Todd in the DCEU in the form of Jared Leto's Joker. Typically the Joker is portrayed as being older than or the same age as the Batman, so a younger Joker that shares the Jokers brandishing mark on his cheek would suggest that Leto's Joker was actually Jason Todd, despite director David Ayer's claims to the contrary.

Thirdly, it was announced some time ago that Willem Dafoe had been cast in the upcoming Justice League as Atlantian Nuidis Vulko. Now while it may take a while for an actor to top Heath Ledger's legendary performance as the clown prince of crime, if anyone had a chance to do so it is Dafoe - his manic looking smile just screams Joker. Surely Zack Snyder must be able to see this, and with Ayer's Suicide Squad having fallen flat and Leto vowing never to reprise his role would it not make sense to kill off Leto's Joker and then reveal Dafoe as the true, original Joker.

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