Revolutionary Sci-fi Slot Games You Need To Try Now
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Science fiction or Sci-fi stories are distinct from other genres because they feature fantastical characters, settings, and technology. Instead of reading, watching, or playing about the same old thing, science fiction incorporates new components to keep the story interesting.

As a result of the widespread interest in sci-fi, even the gambling industry has developed slot games based on this futuristic imagination. Find a new online casino at and take advantage of fantastic deals on a wide variety of science fiction slot games.

Here's a selection of the top-rated sci-fi slot games you should play now if you are a sci-fi fan and are either new to the gambling scene or have been there for a while.

Nitropolis 3

Nitropolis is already an established, highly anticipated franchise, thanks to ELK Studios. With the release of Nitropolis 3, they are carrying on this tradition. In this slot, the animal factions fight on the beach instead of in a city.


There are 4,096 ways to win on the Nitropolis 3 slot machine. It has six reels, four rows, and a total of six rows. You win money when three or more identical symbols appear on consecutive reels, starting with the first reel.

As has already been said, Nitropolis 3 takes place on a beach. The doomed city is in the background, where animals fight over nitro fuel. No one knows what made ELK set up the most recent performance in the sand, but it is a fun change of pace for the series.


Nitropolis 3 is full of features, and there are 11 of them. You can expect payouts that come in waves, more rows, Nitro Reels, big symbols, and more.


As symbols, there are four royals (A-J), Pug Thugs, Rogue Rats, Dirty Dawgs, Gritty Kitty, Pug Boss, Rat Boss, Dawg Boss, and Kitty Boss. The Dawg Boss has the largest payout in this category, five times the bet for six symbols.

Significantly more than its predecessors, Nitropolis 3 provides payouts of up to 50,000 times your wager (10,000x). This slot machine also features a standard wild symbol that can substitute for any preceding symbols.

Mystery Mission to the Moon

Two years after the successful game Mystery Museum, Push Gaming launched Mystery Mission to the Moon slot with an equally intriguing sequel. This is a high-definition, six-reel, twenty-pay line slot game about mysterious aliens.


This slot machine has a 6x4 grid with six reels and 20 pay lines. The game pays off when three or more identical symbols appear in a pay line, which begins on the first reel and progresses to the left. 

The story takes place in a huge lab where aliens are being studied. This laboratory's ceiling has colossal test tubes, machines, and windows. Mystery Mission to the Moon also features a creepy rhythm that recalls Area 51.


Mystery Mission to the Moon features some massive win potentials, thanks to the combination of Mystery Stacks and free spins. Plus, at any time you like, you may purchase additional spins.


Four asteroids, a medal from another planet, a sandworm, a ray gun, a droid, a space voyager, and an extraterrestrial are only a few of the standard emblems. The latter offers the highest payout at 500x the initial wager for a full house of six symbols. When bonuses are included, the maximum payout is 10,000 times the initial wager.

The Wild Moon serves as a substitute for other symbols and a scatter. It can double or quadruple your bet and replace any character other than the Mystery Stack to help you win.

Alien Antix 

Slot game developer, Blueprint Gaming, has released a new game called Alien Antix, which has a grid size of 8x8. The plot focuses on adorable aliens traveling to outer space. 

This is Blueprint Gaming's second entry into the grid slot market, following Dragonfall, which is famous for its extreme volatility, and good reason. The maximum reward in Alien Antix is 50,000 times your initial wager, which suggests a highly volatile game.


This game uses an 8x8 grid and pays out in clusters. Clusters of 5 or more identical symbols that run horizontally or vertically are paid out when they appear. At the beginning of each round, 64 new symbols are randomly placed on the grid. If you successfully form a payout, you will experience a reaction win.

When a winning combination is made, the symbols that made up that combination vanish (except for the wild icon), and new symbols fall in to take their place, giving the reaction victory. This pattern will persist until no further prize can be obtained.


Wild symbols, like the atom, remain on the reels during a winning reaction, unlike regular icons. Instead, it shifts to a nearby place just in time for the next cascade. More wilds may appear during reaction wins if you take this move.

All of the wild symbols offer an infinitely increasing multiplier for winning combinations. If a winning combination is completed with the assistance of the appropriate wild symbol, the multiplier will increase by 1. If two or more wilds contribute to a payout, the multipliers associated with those wilds will multiply each other.

With the Colossal Symbols bonus activated, large versions of the regular symbols will randomly appear on the reels. The odds of making large winning combinations with these symbols are higher, but they are restricted to using generic icons and may not provide wild cards.


Common symbols represent an alien in one of six colors: green, brown, purple, pink, or orange. The orange alien offers the highest payout at 100x your wager for 25 symbols. With features considered, you can win up to 50,000 times your initial bet. The spinning atom acts as both a wild and a scatter. 

Final Thoughts

Playing these science fiction-themed slot games will let you enter a world where anything is possible and will let you enjoy playing with strange species, mysterious places, surreal gadgets, and extraordinary abilities.

Creators of video games have taken note of the demand for imaginative adventures and delivered delightfully.


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