Pacific Rim Uprising: Scrapper Jaeger concept art!
Scified2018-03-30 12:59:22
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Now that Pacific Rim Uprising has hit theaters, as with most films, concept artwork from its pre-production phase is beginning to hit the web. Today, we're thrilled to share some concept art created by our good friend Dane Hallett! Dane was responsible for perfecting the design of the film's new Jaeger Scrapper. He shared a number of concepts to his Facebook page, check it out:

Heres 'Scrapper' from Pacific Rim 2. The thing about this project is that it had been gestating for such a long time that by the time I was attached to it, a large chunk of the concept art and design work had already been roughed out or completed (mostly by ILM). Hence, while it might be assumed I had the chance to design the Kaijus, they were all done by the time I had arrived. *Tear rolls down cheek. It was still an honour to be contributing to the works of such brilliant artists as Evan Whitefield, Stephen Zavala and Mark Yang. In this instance, there was a rough 3D model in existence and some rough concepts, but I was tasked with refining and to do my best to resolve the mechanics of how it might work. I did so much of Amara's world that I think it was only natural that I got to realise her Jaeger. Cheers everyone!

Be sure to like Dane Hallett's art page for more!

Dane recently provided a ton of brilliant concept art for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, you can browse some of that here as well if that is of interest to you!


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MemberNoobApr-01-2018 4:49 AM

Boooooo!!! I hate that movie. No concept art is going to change my mind. What do you think of theā€¦movie?

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