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Online dating: how to find and keep love in 2022

Online dating: how to find and keep love in 2022

Scified2022-03-23 09:31:25
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Against the backdrop of pandemic and quarantine, people are consuming more and more information and building communication in a digital format. Indeed, by and large, this is the only opportunity to maintain social ties with the outside world, and not just with your closest circle of people. According to researchers, about 80-90% of people have transferred a significant part of their communication to the Internet over the past two years. This really wasn't a surprise.

Here are just a few interesting facts that clearly show the pace of digitalization of modern society:

  • Internet traffic in the first months of the pandemic grew by 30% (according to a report by the Akamai company).
  • More than half of the world's population already uses social networks on an ongoing basis.
  • Every second, 12 new Internet users appear in the world.
  • About a quarter of people, according to GlobalWebIndex, believe that after the end of the pandemic, they will mainly work from home.
  • The percentage of people videoconferencing increased by 8-46% (depending on the country).

Alongside all this, the dating industry is changing a lot. Now, more than two years after the start of the pandemic, it is clear that offline dating will never be the same again. All loners have gone online, and many are already calling attempts to start a conversation in the real world bad manners. But why then is it so difficult to start a new relationship online, and any attempts to make a good acquaintance do not provide results? Let's figure it out!

Why Tinder and its analogues don't work the way you want them to?

Want to know the ugly truth about all dating sites and apps? It lies in the fact that it is simply unprofitable for them for you to find a match. After all, each successful couple is two lost users who bring money to the site and improve statistics. It's a paradox, but it's true — Tinder and its rivals are only interested in you using them for as long as possible.

However, it would be unfair to blame only the sites themselves for unsuccessful interactions. In fact, there are many reasons why millions of people do not succeed. We are ready to name these reasons and give some tips on how to avoid them.

  • Reason 1: Inflated self-esteem or too high expectations

People with high self-esteem (both men and women) find it very difficult to find a match. Many think that they have two options. The first is to find the prince/princess. The second is to find an ordinary average person. Of course, they are interested in the first option. But this option is false. In fact, the options are different — to bind your fate with a normal person or stay alone.

What to do?

Try to reevaluate your self-esteem. No, you shouldn’t sacrifice your own principles and completely abandon your ideals in order to improve your personal life. But sometimes it is useful to descend from heaven to earth and look at the world without rose-colored glasses.

  • Reason 2: Lack of self-presentation skills or simple laziness

It’s naive to think you’ll meet your love on a dating site or app without putting any effort into it. If you’re too lazy to fill out your profile with information and add a few relevant photos, what kind of successful and promising interactions can we talk about? The same can be said if a person does not know how to present themself correctly, talk about themself and their interests, show creativity, and so on.

What to do?

Spend more time building your virtual self. It should be correct, adequate, understandable, interesting and at the same time real. There is no need to invent something that does not exist, or ascribe yourself with other people's achievements. If your profile is not attracting other users, it's time to change something.

  • Reason 3: High expectations

Just go to any dating site or app page in the app store, and you’ll see amazing statistics. Millions of active users, thousands of happy couples, unique partner selection algorithms and much, much more. In most cases, all this information is heavily embellished. And this is what inflates the expectations of users who begin to think that in a couple of hours they’ll find the love of their life here. But that doesn't happen!

What to do?

Be realistic. Searching for a partner on the Web can be a long and exhausting process that requires perseverance, attentiveness and the ability to present yourself. Moreover, success doesn’t always await you on classic dating sites and apps. Sometimes it’s worth finding an alternative.

Online video chat roulette: a promising dating platform or an ordinary means of communication?

Video chat sites have been around since 2009. And recently they’ve become very serious competitors for classic dating apps for a number of reasons:

  • Large and active audience around the world
  • The ability to use chat roulette without registration (in most cases)
  • Good moderation when compared with the situation ten years ago
  • Communication face to face instead of writing
  • No mindless swipes and strange search algorithms

In addition, there are more than enough online roulette video chats now — dozens of popular platforms with an audience of many thousands. For clarity, let’s consider a few examples of such random chats:

  1. Emeraldchat — a combination of video chat roulette and functional messenger for media and text messaging. Plus an original user karma system for an even more accurate search for suitable people.
  2. Tinychat — not exactly a classic chatroulette, but rather a streaming service. You can start your own stream or join someone else's stream as a viewer.
  3. Bazoocam — a time-tested videochat with a slightly outdated design. But Bazoocam has online mini-games, as well as the video streams, including 18+ streams.
  4. OmeTV — a simple yet user-friendly web chat with gender and geographic filters, as well as the ability to translate messages into the language of your choice. A good option for communicating with foreign speakers.
  5. CooMeet — a chat roulette with an exclusive gender filter that connects men only with girls. No search errors or glitches, plus CooMeet has one of the best moderation systems in the industry.

As you can see, the choice is quite extensive. But we have listed only the smallest cross-section of popular chat roulettes. You’ll easily find one that suits you. And you’ll definitely meet interesting people here. Who knows, maybe the love of your life is waiting for you in video chat and not on Tinder.

Maximize your chances to find an online match

Despite all the assurances from developers, dating sites and applications are not even close to being as effective as we are usually told. We don’t deny that you can meet the love of a lifetime, but the same applies to social networks, forums or instant messengers. However if you have a clear goal to find your love and start a strong relationship, you should not be limited to classic dating services.

The world of internet dating is much bigger than you think. It's not limited to Tinder or Badoo. Discover new sites, use video chats and other online platforms. Only in this way will your chances of success increase significantly, and online dating will no longer be a disappointment for you.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-03-23 09:31:25
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