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Video games, if they're any good, are fun to play. Interestingly, the fun doesn't stop there, as there are stories behind some of these games that will blow your mind! The gaming world has come a long way in the last century, with modern tech allowing us to enjoy all kinds of video games. Online entertainment is so diverse that one can easily find whatever they want even if it’s True Blue casino login page. Feel free to play for real money in foreign casinos in Indian BONS casino site or try out BetWinner kirish or casino utan spelpaus! However, some video game facts are so awesome that they stand the test of time.

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Let's check out some 25 fun facts about:

  • Popular video games
  • Game consoles
  • Gamers
  • Video game characters
  • Video game world records

Popular Video Game Facts

1.    Batman: Arkham Asylum was almost rhythmic and in 2D

You got that right - the famous Dark Knight was almost going to see a 2D release in a rhythmic fashion. The developers and designers created Batman: Arkham Asylum as a rhythmic action game during its earliest production. The second prototype focused on creating it in a 2D fighting sequence. They dodged a bullet there, didn't they?

2.    Super Mario Characters Got Their Names from Famous Musicians 

If you were observant like few other players, you would notice the pattern in Iggy, Ludwig, and Lemmy’s names. Yes, most of the Koopalings in Super Mario got their names from famous musicians. Also, the fact you may never suspect is that the fire-breathing Triceratops, Reznor, in Super Mario, got named after Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails.

3.    E.T the Extraterrestrial by Atari was the Worst Game Ever

In 1982, Atari made a huge mistake by releasing an entry titled E.T the Extraterrestrial. The game was so bad that it's widely considered the worst video game of all time. Urban legend has it that the company had to bury unsold copies of the game in the desert. This "myth" turned out to be true when a documentary crew dug them up. But that's a whole other story.

4.    Assassin’s Creed was a Prince of Persia Spinoff

The famous Assassin's Creed series from Ubisoft was initially a spinoff of the Prince of Persia. Furthermore, during its early design and thought, the game developers initially referred to it as Prince of Persia: Assassins. Originally, the story centered on a female assassin tasked with protecting Jerusalem’s Prince. However, Ubisoft turned the offer down as the story didn’t focus more on the Prince.

5.    Sonic the Hedgehog Got His Name from a Comic Book

The idea of sonic being super-fast came from the gene and protein in humans that separates the right and left brain. However, the game’s name didn’t get inspiration from the SHH (Sonic Hedgehog) gene, but a comic-book series.

6.    Final Fantasy VII was Previously Exclusive To Nintendo

The famous Final Fantasy VII was initially among its predecessors as being exclusive to Nintendo. However, it was the first Square Soft Final Fantasy VII series that came to PlayStation. The reason for this change was due to the limited storage capacity for cartridges used by Nintendo.

7.    A Comedic Cameo Featured in Halo 4

Comedians Andy Richter and Conan O’Brien recorded brief comedic audio for about 343 industries. Furthermore, the duo did a spoof set for dockworkers aboard a spaceship, and the audio made it to Halo 4, in the Shutdown level. To trigger the cameo, you would need to stand close to two dockworkers for some minutes for their dialogue to begin.

8.    'Space Invaders' Started The Famous Enemy-Waves Gaming Idea

The idea of some “more aliens getting killed, the faster they come out” started as a fluke and hardware malfunction while playing Space Invaders – although it is one of the bedrock of gaming today. Initially, the game’s hardware frees up whenever aliens get killed and that caused the game to run faster – it wasn’t the initial plan.

9.    Minecraft is the Best-Selling Game Ever

Minecraft is currently the best-selling game ever. Its creator Marcus Alexej Persson (a.k.a Notch), recorded over $180 million in sales. It also remains the most played game across all platforms.

10.    Burnout Paradise Advertized Obama’s Campaign

During its development, Barack Obama seized the opportunity to involve his 2008 presidential campaign into the game - purchasing ads. One of the billboards in this game sees Obama’s “Vote for Change” campaign sign.

Video Game Console Facts

11.    The Gameboy was the First Game in Space

In 1993, the Gameboy’s Tetris was the first-ever game played in space. It came aboard the Soyuz TM-17 rocket meeting the MIR Space Station. Russian cosmonaut Serebrov A. Aleksandr was the first to play it.

12.    PlayStation 2 is the Best-Selling Game Console

The PlayStation 2 game console is the best-selling of all time! At the last recorded sales of 2012, it reached a total of $155 million. By now, it should have superseded that number.

13.    Atari 26 was the First-Ever Console to Have an RPG

In 1982, Dragonstomper for Atari 2600 was the first-ever role-playing game. Although it didn’t get much fame, critics applauded it for its ingenuity, detailing, and depth.

14.    The First Console with Cartridges was Fairchild Channel F

In 1976, the Fairchild Channel F (Channel Fun for short) console was the first console to have its games available in cartridges. 

15.    The Nintendo Switch is the Only Commercial Hybrid Console

Unlike the advancement in technology, many developers are yet to perform the magic of Nintendo. Till today, the Nintendo Switch, since its 2017 release, remains the only commercially sold hybrid console to date. 

Video Gamers Facts

16.    Americans Spent $2 billion on Arcade Games

Americans' obsession with video games peaked in 1981 – with Time Magazine reports stating they spent a whopping sum of $20 billion on arcade games alone. And that’s twice the income of online casino and land-based casino pokies and lovers in Nevada.

17.    The Youngest Professional Gamer was 11

Victor De Leon III, famously known as Lil Poison, is the World’s youngest professional video gamer of all time at 11 years. He got the status after signing an exclusive deal with a game company, Major League Gaming.

18.    A Japanese Man Married a Video Game Character

In 2009, a Japanese man (27 years old) took his love for video games to a whole new level. He married the video game character Nene Anegasaki (of Love Plus - Nintendo DS) over a Livestream – becoming the first- known gamer to do that.

Video Game Characters Facts

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19.    Sonic, the Hedgehog?

During Sonic’s original design concept, Sega initially thought to design the character as an armadillo. Soon after, the thought kept changing from a porcupine, to a dog, to a guy with a moustache.

20.    Megaman is Rock Man in Japan

Originally, during the Megaman design, the character's name was the "Rock Man" in Japan. However, when it came to the U.S., the gaming society censored the name. As at that time, the term "Rock" was mainly slang for crack cocaine; hence, the change.

21.    Pac-Man Could Have Been Puckman

Due to this game’s character resemblance to a hockey puck, its developers initially planned to name it “Puckman.” However, they later changed it to Pac-Man because of the concern that vandals may deface the name.

22.    Mario’s Last Name is Mario

Some would believe Mario doesn't have the last name; however, he does. Since they are both tagged as the “Mario Bros,” it is fair to assume they are Luigi Mario and Mario Mario.

Video Game World Records

23.    The longest Gaming Session is about 138 hours

In 2015, from July 11 – 17, Carrie Swidecki from the U.S. created a world record for playing video games. Carrie played Just Dance in a gaming session lasting 138 hours and 34 seconds in Bakersfield, California, at Otto’s Video Games.

24.    Someone Hit Level 90 in World of Warcraft 

A player, Doubleagent, spent about 173.5 days collecting mined herbs for XP. This player eventually played till level 90 in World of Warcraft without even leaving the starting zone! 

25.    Minecraft’s Overworld Surface Area is over 9 million Times Larger Than Earth's

Minecraft survivalist creative game has a large surface area that is 9,258,235 times bigger than the earth. The game’s idea is to create infinite possibilities, so its size fits this narrative.


Those are 25 of the best and coolest fun facts about video games. Since the industry keeps creating new games yearly, expect more fun and exciting new facts to pop up. Visit casino pokies for more!

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