Do we need to use robots in education?
Scified2019-05-07 12:56:59
Written by Chris3,536 Reads0 Comments2019-05-07 12:56:59

Robots have proven they can change the life of society by helping in healthcare and other industries. They can perform small and delicate tasks without difficulties and worries. Robots are also amazing at handling monotonous tasks that might be quite challenging for humans, so it is only a matter of time when they are going to fully conquer the educational sector. There are many different ways we can benefit from using robotics in education.

  1. We can use robots for students that are otherwise unable to attend the classroom. There are some cases when due to special needs or some physical states of body people cannot attend a traditional school, but they still need to gain that experience. Technology, in this regard, can make this process easy and almost real.
  2. Robotics produces simulators that are amazing at training for a particular activity without taking risks. As education gets more focused on the practical use of knowledge, different simulators can be implemented as a safe way to practice skill and model various situations. As well as pilots use simulators for training, there could be programs teaching to act in real-life situations.
  3. They are also amazing stand-ins when it comes to learning to perform delicate procedures, like those in medical training. We cannot use people as a training ground, and that is why many professionals lack practical training. Robotic stand-ins can change that and give actual practical experience with the most sophisticated procedures.
  4. They are a great solution for students with special needs, performing various study programs that are designed particularly for them.
  5. They might also become tutors. It is actually happening right now in Tampere, Finland, where robot Elias helps children to learn languages and math.

How can we benefit from using robots in education? Well, they are great with repetitive tasks; they do not get tired and can perform the same assignment thousands of time. One of the most crucial benefits of robot tutors is that they are not judgmental or biased and they give a child as much time as they need. They will repeat the same word or question even hundreds of times just to give a person time to learn with the natural speed.

They also can provide valuable insight for a human teacher regarding the learning process and the interaction with students. In the not so distant future, they will probably be able to identify students’ facial expressions to understand them better.

Technology makes our life easier and provides us with the ability to delegate tiring or monotonous tasks to robots. However, they probably will never completely substitute humans in education, writing, and creativity. Only humans can create truly remarkable pieces of writing and help you to buy essay papers cheap. However, we still need to get the best use of technology in the future.

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