7 Technological tools for science classrooms

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Today technology is everywhere – it defines the way we live, work and study. All these cutting-edge tech devices are intended to make our lives easier and better overall. Nowadays it would be really hard to find a school that is not making use of technology in education and teaching process, as technology can be a key tool regarding pedagogical resources and engaging with the young generation.

Technology is interactive, and students can learn by doing researches, receiving feedbacks and building new knowledge. Moreover, if you are a science teacher, there is a great range of technology tools to help your students become more effective and engaged scientists. So, if you want to know more, then check out our top 7 classroom technology tools that every science teacher should know about.

  1. Wireless Network

Today technology and learning process are deeply connected with each other. So, having a secure wireless network is the most important thing as basically, every digital tool depends on the Internet. Do you need to check Wikipedia or play on YouTube some informative video about teaching technology? Well, without a good internet connection you will not be able to do that.

By using the Internet, your students can have access to the most recent data as some websites update the information on a daily basis, or some of them are even using real-time applications. Thus your students will be able to make well-informed decisions and conclusions on their projects.

  1. Simulation software

It is one of the greatest tools for teaching science as you can bring to the classroom some amazing activities that would be impossible to see without technology. Students learn the best through the interactions, and by using specific simulation tools you can show your students how do volcanoes erupt, or how do tornadoes form. Interactive simulations are colorful, vibrant and fun.

There is also computer software that can provide an interactive simulation of a chemistry laboratory, where you can do some experimental procedures while using simulated laboratory equipment. It can include such common lab procedures as heating, pouring, volume measurements, temperature measurements and so on.

  1. Digital notebooks

There are a lot of benefits of using digital notebooks. For instance, it allows students to work together and collaborate more easily on a team project. Students can create and immediately share their notebooks with the other members of their teams. Also, it allows team members to organize all the information gathered through the research or lab experimental procedures.

With having a digital notebook organizing information becomes more interactive for students. Also, it encourages them to be more creative thinkers. Some of them can even come up with the best idea ever – to order an essay for their literature class on Essayvikings, thus they will have more time for working on their science project.

  1. Document camera

Document camera is a great tool for every teacher. It allows you to display almost everything (student works, images, science experiments, maps, different objects) on the big screen so that everyone could see it. Students are actually getting excited about showing their work or tests to others.

Also, if you want to show your students how to measure a liquid or any other procedure, you can just perform it underneath the document camera. Hence, everyone will clearly see the demonstration without gathering around the table.

A document camera makes discussion topics and engaging with students much easier. Thus, your class will be more interactive and interesting.

  1. Probeware

Probeware is a tool for collecting and analyzing data on temperature, motion, gas pressure, lights, and others. This tool helps deepen students’ understanding of different science concepts. According to the researches, students who used Probeware got higher grades on tests in science compared to those who did not use it. Just start using Probeware in your classes, and you will wonder how you ever taught without it!

  1. Pocket Camcorders

It is the best device to capture a video at school! You are probably wondering why do you even need to film a video at school? So, let us explain. In the science class, such device can be used to film an instructional video (made by students or a teacher), demonstrate lab experiments process, researches, and others. The pocket camera’s advantage is providing students authentic learning and assessments opportunities.

  1. Digital Projector

A digital projector can be a valuable tool for increasing engagement with your students. You can show them videos, take online tests and quizzes together and check some information on the topics you discuss.

Projectors just make the education process way easier for everyone. Learning and discussing a space? Turn on the NASA TV! Arguing about whether the Loch Ness monster is real? Check out the Loch Ness LiveCam together and wait for ‘Nessie’ to show up!

Also, having a projector in the classroom allows you to share all the notes digitally at the end of the lesson. Hence, students can focus more on listening to what you are talking about since they do not have to worry about taking any notes during the class.

So, those were our top 7 technology tools for teachers that can take the learning process to the new level. If your school has a tight budget, then try out at least one of these tech tools to understand the huge difference that technology can make. In fact, those technology tools will soon start saving you time and money. By welcoming technology into the classroom, you will help your students in developing skills in decision-making, problem-solving and researching.


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