65 Movie: Adam Driver battles Dinosaurs in this upcoming Sci-Fi thriller!

65 Movie: Adam Driver battles Dinosaurs in this upcoming Sci-Fi thriller!

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From Sony Pictures and the writers of A Quiet Place comes 65, a new sci-fi thriller movie which stars Adam Driver as the film's lead actor. The trailer which was just released by Sony (see below) shows Driver's futuristic ship crash land on an unknown celestial body - a prehistoric Earth set 65 million years in the past. With only one child survivor of a 35-passenger crew, the two must find a way to get home while fighting for survival by avoiding Dinosaurs which roam the planet's surface.

65 arrives in theaters on March 10th, 2023! Check out the trailer below:

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-12-15 08:12:15
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2 Fan responses to 65 Movie: Adam Driver battles Dinosaurs in this upcoming Sci-Fi thriller!


2KMember4037 XPDec-16-2022 1:39 AM

Wait no feathered raptors? At least Jurassic Park/World had the excuse they were genetically engineered dinosaurs


ConversationalistMember1282 XPDec-16-2022 7:56 AM

Honestly, as much as I love seeing new dinosaur content, I'm not really feeling that excited for this one. The plot seems kind of generic, it pretty much feels like Planet of the Apes (a spaceship crash landing on an unknown planet that turns out to be Earth at a different time period) mixed with Turok 2008, (also, am I the only one who thought of Newt from Aliens when the other survivor turned out to be a little girl?).

The only thing that's really drawing my attention is the fact that there's dinosaurs and, to be honest, I'm not really feeling their designs. I'm not much of a stickler when it comes to scientific accuracy in fiction (though given the fact that this is supposedly Earth during the Late Cretaceous, it's a bit disappointing), my main issues with the designs is that they feel kind of bland. The Tyrannosaur pretty much looks like the V. Rexes from King Kong and the T. rex from Turok, with a bit of the Indominus Rex thrown in (heck, it almost looks identical to the Indominus in that screenshot). The raptor pretty much looks like any other interpretation of a featherless dromaeosaur with a little bit of proto-feather quills thrown on, and the oviraptor, while creepy looking, just looks like a gray, almost texture less mass (it almost looks like an unfinished CG model).

Also, some of the rumors I've heard about this movie, like the fact that they apparently cut most of the herbivores out of the film (including Triceratops and a "three-legged" Ankylosaurus) because they were viewed as "boring" and "not scary enough", is kind of concerning (say what you want about the later Jurassic World movies, they actually acknowledged the herbivores and showed how cool they can be).

Hopefully, I'm wrong and it ends up being a fun movie, but based on what I'm seeing now, I'm not really feeling the same hype that other people are...

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