4 popular comic books that feature gambling

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When you think of sci-fi, you always tend to think of the heroes, villains, action, and their supernatural powers and weapons. But many sci-fi works like comics and movies are also heavily associated with gambling, betting, and video slot games.

When the talk comes to gambling and betting in comic books, sci-fi movies, or series, people popularly always refer to Batman. But these stories are not the only ones holding the fort. If you are a sci-fi and gambling lover, we can show you how the two things have been working together for a long time now. There are more. Let us dive in. 

  1. Psycho gambler - Betting man

This is a story of a gambler named Jin-Goo, who possesses supernatural abilities to see beyond objects. What does he do with this power? This is one of the top mangas that revolves around betting and gambling games. He takes a keen interest in poker and other betting games. But he starts to lose a lot of money on bets when he starts to bet on things beyond his influence and control. He loses track and fails to strategize. Do not become like Jin-Goo and strategize and plan better when you start your gambling game. 

  1. Two-Face: A Dark Story

The story of Batman always comes to mind when we talk about betting and gambling. But the history of Two-Face from Batman is one of the most interesting when it comes to gambling. One side of this man’s face was burnt with acid, and he became one of the best villains in Sci-fi history. He uses a lucky coin to play all his gambling matches because he believes “chance” is the only form of justice. His face and the coin are signifiers of that chance, and so are most gambling and betting games. 

  1. Superman DC and the war of gambling 

Back in the 1930-40s, there was huge negativity spread around gambling and how it had destroyed the world. The main idea was to save people who were “suicidal” gamblers from losing everything on bets. These games were always seen in a negative light, and this is when Superman comes in as the savior. He saves the world and its people from these destroying games. The only way to not go down this lane is to learn about the games from experts before you start playing. 

  1. Kakegurui

Kakegurui is a unique story of students in a Japanese school which only accepts wealthy students. But no students go to classes in this school. They wager their family fortune against other wealthy students. If they win, they graduate, but once they lose, they become slaves to other students. But there is one student called Yumeko who is a gambling expert. He uses his skills to change this system and brings a new fair system to the school.

This also became a very successful television anime in Japan. You can watch it to get some great gambling tips. 

If you got the chance, which of these sci-fi gambling books or games would you want to be part of? Whether online or offline, casinos are always a great hub for stories, game-changing plot twists, and drama. So, if you want to be part of this drama, you can take inspiration from these heroes and villains and learn a few tricks of their trade before you start betting. 

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