The design of the XENO. The true creator.

I definitely think Giger could be said to have the most responisbility in creating the alien we all know and lvoe, but not one person should get all the credit of course. Evryone who helped with its on screen depiction deserves credit for creating something so fantastic, mysterious, scary, and beautiful at the same time thats beauty will last ages. haha whoa I really like the Alien today 

Prometheus 2 Cast Ideas

I definitely agree with Guy Pearce being in the film! If it is handled properly, his possible part could help make this movie into something great! I'd be interested if Morse or anyone from the Alien series were to somehow reprise a role, but I dont know how well that would go if they focused too much on the series as oppsed to going further in the oppposite direction like the Prometheus sequel ir rumored and seemingly meant to be. 

Top 3 actors in the Alien/Prometheus Series?

1) Michael Fassbender- David 8

2)Sigourney Weaver- Ellen Ripley

3) Idris Elba- Captain Janek

Would you like Prometheus 2 to be more about the Xenomorph origins, or just stay it's own story?

I'd prefer it to not rweally be baout the xenos. More the story of the engineers past and their culture and also the tension bewtween Shaw and David. I woulnd't be opposed to learning or seeing more the xeno or deacon or whatever they do with creatures in the sequel(s?), but I definitely think that the story should stick to the enigneers and thier story

Primordial ooze


The Weyland Yutani Report...

WHOA Alien: Out of the Shadows looks awesome!!! I'm interested to see if they can really make it a good story because Ripley being awake here seems like it can be an easy failure to me, but I'll have to try and remember that this is coming out and get me a copy!

I predict that alienDerilict ended up onLV-426because,likeJanek,someone crashed into it

@Necronom 4 

AHHHHHH YES!! The nerd in me would explode and fall in love if i saw a dark, horrifying, and well-told story following that SJ through his journey(s?) on the big screen. A true epic is my wish IF that movie ever happens

Why is the Deacon so small in form? Will Shaw and David deal with him before they leave?

And the size of the Deacon can't be too big! I agree that it will porbably grow to be anywhere from 15-20 ft. tall

Why is the Deacon so small in form? Will Shaw and David deal with him before they leave?

I think one thing that i saw here is the question of the goo being a weapon or not...I think that that the door swings both ways. Asin, the goo can be used in violent ways and for destruction, but it is also a tool of creation(creation through destruction sometimes, I suppose)

Where was Fifield after his mutation?

Are you sure he wasn't laying there? I thought he was and they just didn't have time to go check him out with Holloway needing attention and the hammerpede scaring them

What caused the hole in Millburn's Helmet?

I'd assume the hole was when he fell or something or maybe ot just a mistake with the production. Just a mionor continuity error?

Project X

Wow it looks pretty sick! Make sure you post it here when you are done :)

Sci-fi christmas wish list

Haha ditto on the prometheus sequel news!! And definitely anything doctor who :)

The skull on the dome

Great point about everyone being there for money alone Ruhanyia! That's something, to me, that dismisses the critical point that the sceintitsts were all being so stupid! it's because they only wanted their money! Yeah i remember seeing the skull on the dome the first time i watched Prometheus in the theater and I really noticed it and hoped it had an importnt part in the film. but the pacing didn't leave for any exterior exploring i guess

To our Nostalgia

This is great :) thanks shambs the nostalgia is kind of nice. this is the first time in a while I've remembered back to the days of pre-Prometheus and just joining the forum and I'm loving it :)

Which do you find more terrifying? The Hammerpede from Prometheus or the Facehugger from Alien?

Oh Facehugger for sure! The hammerpede is pretty scary in its own right, but I still think the idea of a spider like creature(not a big fan of spiders hahaha) orally violating me and gettine me pregnant is the one of the scariest things ever thought of. And i didn't even mention the fact that the baby bursting out of my chest while I am conscious and growing up in a matter of hours to go kill everyone and try to overrun any world with xenos is a terrifying thought. I'd definitely say facehuggers are more terrfiying

Queen eggs? Hammerpede eggs? Or something else?

Yeah i think that the engineers found the eggs on, maybe the Xeno home world, or wherever they found a hive and took the eggs. It doesn't seem likely that a queen laid these ones

Alien Isolation: The Next Alien Game?

I don't know if i am a huge fan of the story following her daughter, but if they do a good job and make it entertaining, then hey, im in! haha i already know that I'm buying it!

Deacon What Next?

What if the deacon reproduced sexually? Not the traditional face rape, but actually had to have sex with someone. Now that would set up for what could a very odd scene or two in the movie haha, but yeah. I think that's a possibility too. The result of that sexual encounter would be a new xeno or deacon type of organism burst of the victim's chest or stomach

Hi, Special Programmer here

Sleep well! Welcome to the sight :)

How the new Alien, Predator and Prometheus comics will share a universe

I'm really excited to see if the comics are good!! It sounds cool to hear a fresh AvP story from them, but uhhh yeah. PLEAse keep these ideas FAAAAAR away from the big screen(and small screen) please!!!

Ripley's Return?

Well, I would only say that they somehow forced Ripley to go to this planet because I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't willingly go to some planet at the companies orders or request considering what they have already put her through.

Now, in general, I don't necessarily think this would be a great story. Well, I do like it, but I just don't think this will happen. If Morse is actually the one from Alien 3, then I am thinking that that character will just be in a cameo type of role. Like, he will be in one scene hat has to do with a look into the future(I'd be willing to bet that the engineers or at least one of them, can see into the future by now in the storyline or something like that, it could even be a dream Shaw is having and it has to do with the Xeno and she kind of has a prememinsion(sorry about the spelling...haha that word has me stumped. I hope its spelled well enough to understand!) So that is really how I would see Morse being back in this movie working out. oh! And if Ripley was to be in the movie, I'd say she would basically have that same type of appearance where it is Shaw or David or the engineers seeing into the future. Or maybe Ripley would be a human representative in Paradise.

Also, if Paradise is somehow, actually a place for deceased people to go in the movie(I'm not saying they will be walking around and living life there, but you can come into contact with them if you try or something, that's how Ripley could be onvolved also if she were to be involved at all. I could imagine her soul's attention being aroused if Shaw or David let it slip out that the Deacon is on Lv223. Haha she Ripley would probably be very upset to hear an Alien-like creature is alive somewhere!

My Big Response to THE DEAL

Well this is actually a pretty darn cool idea to me in general, but I don't think they will go queen with deacon. It would be cool to see that idea on the screen especially with a character as strong as David. Haha he is a robot. He has nerves of steel and is always focused on his mission, so for him to be challenged by his "mind" or to actually have the deacon, or any force for that matter, convince him to do something so irrational would be very interesting and show that there are some pretty powerful things and beings in this universe. One more disagreement, I think that the xeno itself is still, basically just a killing machine. Maybe the Deacon is more complicated...I can definitely see that being the case, but I think our beloved original xeno has a pretty simple thought line(which is to keep their breed alive by getting people face hugged or cocooning them)

Back agen and geting excited for prometheus 2 :)

Yeah I haven't really been too excited since we got the casting news and a writer. although Ridley must have something pretty stellar in store for us(haha he almost always does!) with the writing process and casting already started when we can assume that the movie probably wont be filming for a couple more years(maybe 2015? and then it would come out late 2016 I assume) but I will be here with everybody else until, during, and after then talking about it!

Next Aliens game...?

I pretty much agree. like on the scified article it said there are shots of test images with dummies that have nostromo shirts on so that seems like a survival game could be in the works. either way I agree with you, I hope it isn't linear shoot em all down with dumb AI

NASA's Voyager picks up "shrieks" in space.

Creepy! good find

Aliens: Chestburster Behind The Scenes Video

very cool video! thanks for sharing Gareth!

Who is your favorite Predator from all the movies

Definitely the original from Predator

Scar To return

Is there any other sources you can site to back this? This is awfully big news! Wow. Predator taking on Predators. Interesting how the choice would be too resurrect a Predator

Shaw and Ripley


Favorate scene from predator

hahaha it's definitely the get to the chopper line

Chet Predalien from AvP:R vs. 'Tracker' Predator from Predators

Yeah...I'd say that the predalien would win. I think it would be pretty close, but I feel like the predalien would be able to defeat several predators before being defeated actually


I don't know...I don't really think that the space jockeys should really be a major part of any avp game, well not the next one. it depends actually. if they were to make a new game I would be interested in the SJs being a prominent part of it if they chose a very story driven game. if they choose to just go more all out action, not as much care to the story, the SJs should be pretty much left out. that's just me tough

AVP films, Love them or Hate them?

The first one was okay, the second was absolutely terrible!!! I also disagree with the earth setting. I feel that both movies were a little lazy with the creatures. the xenos were just easy to kill terrible looking serpents and the Predators were just missing something. I really feel like a successful avp movie could be made one day or the two we have could have been great, but it just hasn't worked out so far I guess

Welcome to, introduce yourself here!

Hey there everybody! I'm a scified guy here. I spend most of my time over on the Prometheus website, but my passion for alien and predator will probably take me here a lot! to any soon to be new comers to the site, welcome aboard! :)

Same waterfall ?

Hope that works for everyone

Same waterfall ?


Aliens: Colonial Marines - Help Thread

okay. I tried following hicks and died. ill be more tactful abou it. thanks! :)

Aliens: Colonial Marines - Help Thread

Has anyone finished the stasis interrupted dlc? I am having trouble with the part that you have to get past the queen...

2 Questions/Thoughts

Well on your second thought, I kind of like the idea that there could have been lots of different specis. although, I don't think its the case, its just intersting

Elizabeth Shaw in front of your Destiny!

WHOA... haha this is definitely really, really cool!!! all the different shapes, faces, bodies, and everything come together so perfectly. i love it! haha and umm is that a predator in the top right corner(the red thing?) it just reminds a little of it. i see what looks like an engineers body right under that. huh. nice!!!!

Engineers/human hybrid

That reminds me of the stories and what not that you hear in a lot of religous readings of gods falling in love with human women and producing the monsters that supposedly walked the earth in ancient times. So i think that this is very possible

PREDATOR vs. THE TERMINATOR - Who would win?

yep. Predator for sure.

Alien Origins,...;)

Wow! those were really interesting!1 I cant wait for part three


I randomly got the feeling Shaw is going to see her Father in Paradise...


Giger's original necronom, a very xeno-esque, or the ruins scenario are my big three here. The original necronom, being a female and what not, seeems most interesting to me, because it could make for an interesting story about why we dont see any female engineers. Something along those lines...

Xenomorph to make an appearance in Prometheus 2?

I conquer with the opinions above. I just want a side story or small guest appearence by the xeno

Paradise Poster

Pretty darn cool!! good job man!

how would you classify zombie movies

I think their main genres would be horror or sci-fi, but obviously there is plenty of sub-genres. but yeah, sci-fi or horror as far as i know

Alien 5

haha Crazy cool link right there feebs!! hahaha I love it! and i see we have faces now...i like that too :)

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