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Replies by cuponator3000 in Forum Topics

my nightmares...

Dec-25-2015 6:50 PM: I have only had a couple myself! One I remember was bascially me in Alien: Isolation and I was in the know that the...

Alien : covenant

Nov-16-2015 3:46 PM: Haha not until after I was at school though. Thats why I did't direct attention to you guys. Good work getting the ...

Alien : covenant

Nov-16-2015 9:22 AM: I saw the Alien facebook page post the title and plot synopsis! Did do the same? Oh no, Scott ...

Alien: Paradise Lost will apparantly be called: Alien: Covenant (working title perhaps?)

Nov-16-2015 9:19 AM: Yeah I just saw on the official Alien facebook page that it is titled Alien: Covenant! I like Paradise Lost better,...

Lucasfilm Promises Female ‘Star Wars’ Director

Oct-18-2015 7:03 PM: It is awesome to see some diveristy!...

Yutani coming?

Oct-10-2015 9:28 AM: I can definitely see that happening. It would make sense that Yutani would try and butt in. To MonsterZero's point ...

Why did they switch title from 'Alien: Engineers' to 'Prometheus'

Oct-02-2015 6:38 PM: I agree with two of the theories here. It seems that BigDave is pretty much right that money is possibly the drivin...

**SPOILER** Alien Isolation: The ending and more**SPOILER

Sep-24-2015 6:41 PM: Hey this is an older post, but I just got isolation on Xbox one after beating on  360 before so my mind is run...

Expectations and Hopes for Prometheus 2

Aug-09-2015 4:12 PM: Well I hope for a good movie haha, but really I have a huge list of wants I think but the only thing on my mind rig...

Prometheus 2 it's coming.

Aug-02-2015 4:57 PM: AHHHHHH YEAH!!!! WOOO! Haha oh man today is a good day  ...

Ridley's Next Film Might Be...

Jul-24-2015 1:40 PM: Its a wonder when Prometheus will ever be made! Haha oh man I remember after first seeing it and hoping some people...

Prometheus 2 plot, possible just speculation not FACT

Apr-05-2015 2:57 PM: I am interested with Weyland not being the first company to make that trip!!!...

Prometheus 2 Production time

Feb-19-2015 8:17 PM: I think there was a ridiculous amount of scripts written, I do not know abotu 25, but I know that the number if dra...


Nov-25-2014 7:24 AM: If Ridley does not want to play up the God angle (which is fine with me) then I agree that he can easily just not c...

Alien ISolation: New Map Hands On At PAX Prime

Sep-11-2014 8:06 PM: I can't wait for this game! I feel like it will scare the pants off of me ...

sorry for our soul, prometheus 2 cancelled in 2016

Aug-03-2014 9:11 PM: Yeah its tough to accept, but it was still expected. I agree that it will be made. No way Fox ditches this property...

Possible concept art for Prometheus 2 ???

Jun-16-2014 10:06 AM: Well if its, this would go with the idea that engineers have no means of reproduction other than clonig because all...

The design of the XENO. The true creator.

Apr-13-2014 9:38 AM: I definitely think Giger could be said to have the most responisbility in creating the alien we all know and lvoe, ...

Prometheus 2 Cast Ideas

Feb-20-2014 1:20 AM: I definitely agree with Guy Pearce being in the film! If it is handled properly, his possible part could help make ...

Top 3 actors in the Alien/Prometheus Series?

Feb-12-2014 5:58 PM: 1) Michael Fassbender- David 8 2)Sigourney Weaver- Ellen Ripley 3) Idris Elba- Captain Janek...

Would you like Prometheus 2 to be more about the Xenomorph origins, or just stay it's own story?

Dec-27-2013 1:26 PM: I'd prefer it to not rweally be baout the xenos. More the story of the engineers past and their culture and also th...

Primordial ooze

Dec-22-2013 6:15 PM: NOOOOOOO...

The Weyland Yutani Report...

Dec-21-2013 12:44 PM: WHOA Alien: Out of the Shadows looks awesome!!! I'm interested to see if they can really make it a good story becau...

I predict that alienDerilict ended up onLV-426because,likeJanek,someone crashed into it

Dec-19-2013 6:08 PM: @Necronom 4  AHHHHHH YES!! The nerd in me would explode and fall in love if i saw a dark, horrifying, and wel...

Why is the Deacon so small in form? Will Shaw and David deal with him before they leave?

Dec-19-2013 5:57 PM: And the size of the Deacon can't be too big! I agree that it will porbably grow to be anywhere from 15-20 ft. tall...

Why is the Deacon so small in form? Will Shaw and David deal with him before they leave?

Dec-19-2013 5:56 PM: I think one thing that i saw here is the question of the goo being a weapon or not...I think that that the door swi...

Where was Fifield after his mutation?

Dec-12-2013 10:54 PM: Are you sure he wasn't laying there? I thought he was and they just didn't have time to go check him out with Hollo...

What caused the hole in Millburn\'s Helmet?

Dec-12-2013 10:53 PM: I'd assume the hole was when he fell or something or maybe ot just a mistake with the production. Just a mionor con...

Project X

Dec-09-2013 10:28 AM: Wow it looks pretty sick! Make sure you post it here when you are done :)...

Sci-fi christmas wish list

Dec-05-2013 8:56 PM: Haha ditto on the prometheus sequel news!! And definitely anything doctor who :)...

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VirtualVel Happy (early) Valentine's Day everyone :D!

Feb-13-2016 7:42 PM


Raptor-401 Thanks VirtualVel and Chris, feel better today, though I'm still a little sick.

Feb-13-2016 5:50 PM


Chris Picard Hope you're better now Raptor-401!

Feb-13-2016 12:08 PM


Chris Picard Hope you're right Ruh! I'm getting anxious over here!

Feb-13-2016 12:07 PM


Ruhaniya Had a crazy Alien dream last a good feeling some new Alien news coming.

Feb-13-2016 10:05 AM


VirtualVel I hope you feel better soon Raptor-401 :).

Feb-13-2016 9:04 AM


Raptor-401 Hello, was gone the past days after being sick and feeling incredibly tired...

Feb-12-2016 7:00 PM


VirtualVel I just accessed my profile and my name under my profile picture seems to be off center.

Feb-10-2016 5:53 PM


Chris Picard Hey Lone, thanks for the heads up, can you PM me with more details? Thanks!

Feb-10-2016 11:20 AM


Lone When trying to edit or post on my site, I get error logged out!

Feb-09-2016 2:26 PM


Lone Thanks Chris, looking good!

Feb-09-2016 12:11 PM


Lone Speedy SCIFIED loads in a second! :)

Feb-09-2016 12:10 PM


Chris Picard @Everyone, you all should notice Scified loads a lot faster with thenew updates now live!

Feb-08-2016 9:26 PM


Chris Picard PM sent

Feb-08-2016 9:26 PM

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