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Draconus Tyrannus

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Hello there. I am Draconus Tyrannus or The Vengeful One if I'm in a bad mood, hardcore Jurassic Park and dinosaur lover, giant Star Wars fan, devoted follower of our lord and saviour Jesu-RayQuayQuay, leader of the Arkonian knights, apprentice to Emperor GorillaGodzilla, and co-ruler of the Universal Scified Empire. Here's a quick rundown of my personality:

1. A savage, edgy edgelord that edges and- okay, I should stop

2. Dat boi who says he hates humanity but cares a lot about his friends

3. A crazy environmentalist

4. A generous guy who you can talk to if you need help

That's it, I'll see you on the forums, but you'll mostly find me on the Role Play Chat. Have a nice day, and feel free to PM me if you need my help with anything.

Joined: Nov-08-2015 7:39 AM

Latest activity

Draconus Tyrannus was last active on Scified on May-25-2017 3:03 PM.
Draconus Tyrannus Profile
Draconus Tyrannus replied to Top 10 Prehistoric Rivals 2017-05-24 12:46:24
Draconus Tyrannus Profile
Linkin Park-ified Draconus Tyrannus replied to Happy 8D 2017-05-10 15:10:56
Draconus Tyrannus Profile
Linkin Park-ified Draconus Tyrannus replied to PDBS3 Format 2017-05-07 18:00:33

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