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Is Venom after Infinity war

Is Venom after Infinity war


Oct-16-2018 9:38 AM

After Venom came out after Infinity war did, This could be also why spiderman wasn't in Venom. It could be true that Venom was after Infinity war. If so, then the town that Eddie lives could of been untouched by the snap but if Venom was before Infinity war, then we don't know why spiderman didn't show up. It could be true that a town was untouched by the snap from Thanos and a town of people gone. We don't know where Venom falls in the Marvel time line. What do you guys think? Was Venom before or after Infinity war? Comment down below what you think. I'll see you nest time. Bye. 

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Oct-20-2018 9:50 AM

Considering Marvel is keeping this Venomverse separate from their MCU, I don't think Venom has any relation to Infinity War.

I Meme Everything (Tyrannos)

Oct-22-2018 11:40 AM

Venom isn't in the MCU.

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