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Any Sci Fi Hidden Gems Out there?

Started Nov-01-2015 10:25 AM by Sci Fi Movie Gadgets

Last reply by Augustus623 on Feb-22-2017 12:16 PM

The Leviathan ( help from Blomkamp ?)

Started Apr-08-2015 3:46 PM by Batchpool

Last reply by BigDave on Jun-24-2016 6:30 PM

What was YOUR favorite Bill Paxton movie!!?

Started Feb-26-2017 2:39 PM by Centauri

Last reply by Durp004 on Feb-27-2017 10:42 AM

Space movie where humans rediscover emotions: Hilarity ensues

Started Feb-03-2017 12:17 PM by Kaplah

Pop tarts and attention spam

Started Jan-31-2017 11:31 AM by Centauri

Last reply by Centauri on Jan-31-2017 1:39 PM

Interrogation in a log cabin movie

Started Jan-29-2017 12:50 PM by skyboss

Ridley Scott in Talks to Direct a Big Screen Version of Cult 60's Series The Prisoner!

Started Jan-26-2016 4:52 AM by Lone

Last reply by Lone on Jan-29-2017 10:19 AM

Not Available

Started Jul-11-2016 11:18 AM by Chestbursters!

Last reply by Centauri on Jan-17-2017 3:41 PM

" Attack of the Cyber Octopuses " 80s inspired short film project poster, what do you think?

Started Jan-15-2017 10:31 AM by ev3ln


Started Dec-15-2016 2:18 PM by Curtjm75

Imperite Candidate Needed

Started Dec-11-2016 2:23 PM by Arkian Emperor Tyrant

Top 10 Reasons Transformers Sucks

Started Oct-15-2016 4:48 AM by Arkian Emperor Tyrant

Last reply by Arkian Emperor Tyrant on Oct-16-2016 10:15 AM

Top 10 Least Favourite Sci-Fi Films

Started Oct-14-2016 7:08 PM by Arkian Emperor Tyrant

Last reply by Emperor GorillaGodzilla on Oct-15-2016 8:00 AM

Not available

Started Oct-12-2016 3:15 PM by Chestbursters!

Last reply by Darth Shiro on Oct-14-2016 5:32 AM

A turtle and a parallel universe... Please help me find this movie!

Started Oct-06-2016 3:53 AM by sekmo

Last reply by Shiro on Oct-07-2016 11:34 PM

What is the Worst Sci-Fi Franchise?

Started Oct-02-2016 6:11 PM by Arkian Emperor Tyrant

Last reply by Shiro on Oct-07-2016 12:36 PM

The Matrix - Agent Smith is THE ONE, Not Neo

Started Nov-30-2015 12:54 PM by Chris

Last reply by Shiro on Oct-03-2016 10:06 PM

The Universal Scified Empire Lays Claim To This Forum

Started Sep-21-2016 10:01 AM by Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Last reply by Shiro on Sep-23-2016 6:28 AM

Underworld: Blood Wars - 1st Teaser Trailer

Started Sep-07-2016 10:36 AM by Patient Leech

T.a.t.a.l Recall spoof trailer

Started Jul-23-2016 11:08 AM by Centauri

Last reply by Centauri on Jul-26-2016 10:32 PM

Top 10 Favourite Sci-Fi Movies (On Site Database)

Started Jul-23-2016 5:02 PM by Arkian Emperor Tyrant

Last reply by Durp004 on Jul-24-2016 8:46 AM

Name your favourite scene or scenes from any sci-fi movie.

Started Jul-01-2016 11:32 PM by pulserifle187

Last reply by Chestbursters! on Jul-05-2016 5:42 PM

Choose two sci-fi movies that you would like to see remade.

Started Jun-30-2016 1:00 AM by pulserifle187

Last reply by Mizikame on Jul-01-2016 11:07 PM

Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies Ever

Started Apr-19-2016 7:45 AM by Johan Thirapathi Appadu

Last reply by Patient Leech on Jun-30-2016 12:58 PM

Please Help me find an off earth movie

Started Jun-05-2016 5:55 AM by IanR

Last reply by IanR on Jun-05-2016 11:12 PM


Started Apr-22-2016 3:13 PM by Ballylfc

Last reply by UFOANAUT on Apr-22-2016 8:32 PM

Have movies gone the way of fast food ?

Started Mar-20-2016 5:26 AM by RR44

Last reply by Svanya on Mar-20-2016 7:17 AM

Low budget Paul Curran thriller!

Started Feb-25-2016 6:24 AM by CinemaLover

Last reply by DustyAlaska on Feb-25-2016 10:40 AM

My Scifi short films.

Started Nov-27-2015 1:21 PM by Mark Holmberg

Last reply by CinemaLover on Feb-25-2016 6:29 AM

great short SciFi -

Started Jan-26-2016 3:50 PM by RobotDRE

Last reply by Thoughts_Dreams on Feb-02-2016 9:28 AM

Movement + Location Indie Sci-fi

Started Oct-09-2015 9:31 AM by Sci-Lady

Searching for a Movie Title

Started Oct-03-2015 1:02 PM by scientec

Jurassic World 2

Started Sep-09-2015 5:51 AM by JurassicUnicast

Best Sci-Fi Comedy Movie

Started Aug-12-2014 8:47 PM by StarbaseOne

Last reply by oduodu on Sep-04-2015 10:34 AM

Sci-fi Short Movie: Blinky™

Started Aug-07-2015 10:11 AM by Svanya

Last reply by NCC 1701 on Aug-08-2015 6:27 PM

Somnio - indie SF film seeking final funding

Started Jul-18-2015 11:19 AM by SeeMoreSF

Last reply by SeeMoreSF on Aug-01-2015 11:22 AM

Ambition (Short Sci-fi Movie)

Started Jul-07-2015 3:43 PM by Svanya

Last reply by NCC 1701 on Jul-10-2015 1:19 PM

124: New Beginnings

Started Jul-04-2015 12:43 PM by Dark Haven Studios

Original Jurassic Park collection items on sale..

Started Jun-28-2015 8:54 AM by FauveYeah

Neill Blomkamp Uploads Strange Pictures of New Character

Started May-26-2015 10:14 AM by shambs

Last reply by Something Real on May-26-2015 6:26 PM

What is this film?

Started Mar-29-2015 3:26 PM by comedydave

Last reply by G. H. (Gman) on Mar-29-2015 4:57 PM

Warner Bros. Robotech Franchise

Started Jan-25-2014 10:01 AM by LCDMike

Last reply by oduodu on Mar-27-2015 4:05 PM

Who was the old white bearded man Neo spoke to in The Matrix??

Started Mar-03-2015 11:44 PM by oduodu

Last reply by oduodu on Mar-27-2015 4:03 PM

2001: A Space Odyssey filming miniature to be auctioned

Started Mar-23-2015 2:19 PM by djrees56

Last reply by djrees56 on Mar-23-2015 2:47 PM

Dont know the name of this movie

Started Feb-10-2015 2:58 PM by dedmoroz

Last reply by dedmoroz on Mar-03-2015 12:39 PM


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