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A turtle and a parallel universe... Please help me find this movie!


Oct-06-2016 3:53 AM

I am looking for a movie in which a turtle was sent in a parallel world exploration.

I remember that this movie is set in a school / college laboratory where some students are doing this experiment: a turtle was sent forth and back to a parallel universe, using a teleport machine, and one day one of the students decides to enter in the teleport machine in place of the turtle to explore the world by himself...

I think that the movie was aired on 1998, I guess that it could be probably produced between 1994-1997...

Please, help me finding this movie! I was a kid when I was watching it and I couldn't see the final! :-)

4 Responses to A turtle and a parallel universe... Please help me find this movie!


Oct-06-2016 7:53 AM

is it animated?




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop



Oct-06-2016 10:09 AM

No, it's a filmed movie


Oct-07-2016 11:34 PM

...weird description. But i'll try to find it.

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Apr-15-2018 4:46 AM

Can you suggest me a search engine or some web services to look for this movie?

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