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The Leviathan ( help from Blomkamp ?)


Apr-08-2015 3:46 PM


Neill Blomkamp would appear to be having some input into the development of a movie called Leviathan.

Article from The Verge.


Teaser currently out for this

The Leviathan teaser

12 Responses to The Leviathan ( help from Blomkamp ?)


Apr-08-2015 3:49 PM

Excellent news. I posted that trailer awhile back on Oduodu's post, clips I would like to share . Glad to see some good people involved with it getting made into a proper movie.

Going to feature this news, it's really awesome. Thanks so much for posting, Batchpool!


Apr-08-2015 4:14 PM

I also featured it recently over at Scified Dark, went down well with our FB fans!

Something Real

Apr-08-2015 9:25 PM

BATCHPOOL - That was exceptional! I had never heard of this upcoming film (or the short teaser) until I had a go at this post! I am extremely excited by the prospect of this movie! Thank you so much for making me aware of it! :)


Apr-09-2015 11:14 AM

To be fair, Svanya was first to give the heads up. Well pleased something more has developed. It does look awesome.


May-05-2015 7:56 AM

This is totally amazing!

It's like a Moby Dick/Dune/ALIEN hybrid. Plus, there's more than a whiff of 70's Sci-fi art there!

Thanks Batch and Svanya, I'll be keeping an eye out for anything related to this project.


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


May-05-2015 8:02 AM

According to another site it should be set for a 2017 release date!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

Patient Leech

Jun-23-2016 6:03 PM

Well, the teaser was taken down, but if it's the one I think I saw a few years ago it actually did look pretty cool.


Jun-24-2016 6:08 PM

Saw this last year ... here's the 'Proof of Concept' teaser ...

The Leviathan - Teaser:


Jun-24-2016 6:30 PM

Cloverfield, meets 10 Cloverfield Lane in Space lol

I will keep my eyes out on this, see if any more news starts to come out.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Dec-06-2017 8:42 PM

Involuntary labor collecting dark energy larvae from space eggs fantastico I think Blomkamp should at least produce a full length of this concept yet he's more adept at urban deployment than space operatics so he should collaborate with .... um take your pic depends on who u find to fit the bill 


Jul-04-2018 10:02 PM

still sik sincerely exorcising the ghosts this film needs to be made!



Feb-10-2019 6:36 PM

texting these very words witn tv remote yet just to once again make praise  for Ruairi Robinson and Neil Blomkamp!   Swissindo World orbit funds or the Padmanabaswamy temple holdings should be sufficent capital to provide a fortune of paychecks for the entire crew involved in the potentiality of this short.:¢ 

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