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Deinonychus dominion IndieGogo project coming

Started May-10-2015 8:32 PM by Saitama

Last reply by Saitama on May-12-2015 10:32 AM

Tyrannosaurus Info Card

Started Jul-08-2017 6:58 PM by The Vengeful Rex

Last reply by The Vengeful Rex on Jul-08-2017 7:23 PM

3D Jurassic Fan Art

Started May-05-2017 4:32 PM by HumbleGumball

Last reply by HumbleGumball on May-06-2017 1:16 AM

Jurassic World Fan Film - Return To Isla Sorna (Released now!)

Started Feb-19-2017 3:11 PM by Justin van Tol

Last reply by Justin van Tol on Feb-20-2017 1:50 PM

Jurassic World Fan Film - Return To Isla Sorna

Started Nov-20-2016 12:10 PM by Justin van Tol

Last reply by Justin van Tol on Nov-21-2016 3:36 PM

Rexy Fan Art I Drew

Started Mar-09-2016 7:05 PM by The Vengeful Rex

Jurassic Park Dioramas

Started Jan-09-2015 7:26 AM by peterhyk

Last reply by peterhyk on Jan-01-2016 3:47 AM

Christmas Wallpaper Count Down!

Started Nov-23-2015 8:20 PM by VirtualVel

Last reply by VirtualVel on Nov-24-2015 2:10 PM

Speeddrawing of Indominus Rex

Started Oct-17-2015 7:51 AM by Hienschkunst

Last reply by **Al** on Oct-19-2015 5:13 PM

My Drawing of a Velociraptor

Started Sep-14-2015 7:01 PM by Raptor-401

Last reply by Jeanette_Chung on Sep-17-2015 8:27 PM

Can Someone draw the giganotosaurus from journey, wearing a shirt that says "swag?

Started Aug-19-2015 10:27 PM by indiana jones

Last reply by Sci-Fi King25 on Aug-22-2015 1:10 PM

Jurassic World:Extinction Chapter 1,2, And 3

Started Jul-26-2015 12:57 PM by Sword Sam

Last reply by Sword Sam on Jul-31-2015 8:38 AM

Secrets of the Indominus Rex (Spoiler)

Started Jul-25-2015 3:37 PM by xxx

Last reply by Raptor-401 on Jul-26-2015 7:44 PM

Tomorrow Chapter 1,2 And 3 Of Jurassic World: Extinction Will Be Revealed!

Started Jul-20-2015 7:32 AM by Sword Sam

Last reply by Sword Sam on Jul-26-2015 11:46 AM

The one animal that we weren't told was in Indominus' genes

Started Jun-26-2015 8:41 PM by The Hood

Last reply by Therizinosaurus Rex(aka Kaijusaurs) on Jun-27-2015 9:43 PM

Raptor Squad Poster!

Started May-24-2015 10:36 AM by MandyMarieB

Last reply by MandyMarieB on May-26-2015 6:10 AM

My New Jurassic World Story Summary

Started May-24-2015 10:46 PM by trevianhardeman2345

DNA Poster

Started Apr-10-2015 8:27 AM by R. Magro

Last reply by R. Magro on May-24-2015 12:38 PM

Jurassic World: The Forgotten Island

Started May-13-2015 10:37 PM by trevianhardeman2345

ANother new JW Poster

Started May-07-2015 4:54 PM by Darma1789

Last reply by Chris on May-08-2015 6:40 AM

Indominus Rex Cut-out (UPDATED)

Started May-05-2015 2:00 PM by TyrannoWright

Last reply by Sci-Fi King25 on May-06-2015 1:25 PM

JP Visitor Center "RESTRICTED AREA" (Fanart)

Started May-03-2015 10:44 PM by Maikel van Willegen

Last reply by JPCerato on May-05-2015 2:43 AM

My fan made Jurassic World poster!

Started May-02-2015 8:19 PM by Primal King

Last reply by Something Real on May-04-2015 8:15 PM

Jurassic World Fanart

Started Apr-30-2015 11:54 AM by Maikel van Willegen

Last reply by JPCerato on May-01-2015 1:47 AM

Jurassic World T-rex Fanart

Started Apr-26-2015 6:52 AM by Darma1789

Last reply by indiana jones on Apr-28-2015 7:07 PM

which bashers and biters figure should i get

Started Apr-27-2015 11:18 AM by king of all KAIJU:)

Last reply by Peter Zanetti on Apr-28-2015 5:34 AM

Awesome New "Star Wars Style" Jurassic World Fan Poster!

Started Apr-22-2015 5:33 PM by Chris

Last reply by Sci-Fi King25 on Apr-26-2015 10:00 AM

Jurassic World Story So Far! Please View

Started Apr-25-2015 9:03 AM by trevianhardeman2345

Last reply by profden on Apr-26-2015 4:13 AM

Jurassic World The Story: Please View!!!!

Started Apr-03-2015 10:25 AM by trevianhardeman2345

Last reply by trevianhardeman2345 on Apr-25-2015 9:04 AM

Jurassic Park Tribute - Bleeding Out

Started Apr-23-2015 4:34 PM by High FLYERS Tag Team

Last reply by Lord Vader on Apr-24-2015 6:24 AM

Fan art posters

Started Feb-28-2015 2:15 PM by bangotomi

Last reply by R. Magro on Apr-10-2015 8:43 AM

Cool Drawing of I-Rex Concept Art

Started Mar-02-2015 3:00 PM by Raptor-401

Last reply by jurica on Mar-26-2015 2:50 AM

Indominus rex: The Fierce Untamable King + Indominus Rex toy packaging revealed!

Started Mar-02-2015 3:42 PM by Gojira2K

Last reply by JPCerato on Mar-04-2015 1:48 AM

Predators of Jurassic World (Art Thingie)

Started Feb-25-2015 1:41 PM by Ariccio

Last reply by Ariccio on Feb-26-2015 5:06 AM

Matt Frank sketches Indominus Rex, and friends

Started Feb-17-2015 12:26 PM by Gojira2K

Last reply by x_paden_x on Feb-19-2015 11:37 AM

Indi's Carnotaurus

Started Feb-08-2015 11:40 AM by Silver_Falcon

Last reply by Something Real on Feb-09-2015 12:20 PM

Spino vs Dimetrodon JW encounter

Started Feb-01-2015 9:10 AM by SpinoRulez

Last reply by Carnosaur on Feb-02-2015 11:10 AM

Just a little something...

Started Jan-31-2015 9:20 PM by noah eckeckenrode

Last reply by **Al** on Feb-01-2015 8:52 AM

Diabolus Rex by Hellraptor

Started Dec-10-2014 7:09 AM by Hellraptor

Last reply by Great Leonopteryx on Jan-12-2015 6:13 PM

More JW fanart

Started Jan-07-2015 4:04 PM by noah eckeckenrode

Last reply by Sci-Fi King25 on Jan-07-2015 5:56 PM

Logo Edit +

Started Jan-04-2015 7:55 PM by JPCerato

Last reply by JPCerato on Jan-05-2015 3:43 PM

Attack on the monorail (fan art)

Started Dec-24-2014 1:08 AM by Marty94

Last reply by Sci-Fi King25 on Dec-24-2014 5:48 PM


Started Dec-23-2014 11:07 AM by Gian

Last reply by Sci-Fi King25 on Dec-23-2014 2:17 PM

Drex concept sculpture (maybe)

Started Dec-17-2014 11:48 PM by jpjoe84

Last reply by Nano-Rex3 on Dec-19-2014 3:47 PM

Mosasaurus FAN POSTER

Started Dec-14-2014 4:20 AM by Delfin

Last reply by Sci-Fi King25 on Dec-14-2014 4:52 PM


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