Sylvia Hoeks cast in Blade Runner 2

Sylvia Hoeks cast in Blade Runner 2

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NoobMember10 XPMay-02-2016 10:17 PM

Not sure if this has already been posted..but an actress named Sylvia Hoeks has been cast as a lead in Blade Runner 2. Details about her character weren't released.

This is a mystery to me cause looking at her she could easily be a "Rachel" or a "Pris".

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2KAdmin4321 XPMay-03-2016 11:05 AM

YES! Great casting! It was posted on news feed yesterday, still its such a great story! TY DJ!


NoobMember4 XPMay-19-2016 11:20 PM


NoobMember10 XPMay-20-2016 5:27 PM

Hello folks. I think I have Chris to thank for getting logged back in.

 I was evacuated from Fort McMurray a few weeks ago. I'm safe and sound in Edmonton. Just getting caught up on my emails. I heard my home pulled through ( saw pics of it and everything). We're not allowed back in right now. Tentatively they said June 1st. But that could change.

 I've been in contact with friends and family who are all safe and well.

 I managed to grab a few items on my way out the door. I was tempted to use the Tyrell Panels on my windshield as I drove through the chaios out of town. 

 The stories some of my collection could tell if they could talk.

 Everything is getting back on track now. Glad to be back in the loop chatting with you folks ;)




AtmanAdmin21941 XPMay-20-2016 5:55 PM

I didn't know you were a fellow Canadian DJ! I'm so sorry you were caught in that, glad you're safe though! I know you've got quite the collection, I hope none of it was damaged! 

But great to know you and your family are safe. That's what really matters.

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NoobMember4 XPMay-25-2016 8:04 PM

I figured you've been bouncing around like a hot tamale, Dale. Best whip-out the Blaster ...instant rain. And yes ...maybe a Pris, possibly a Rachel. It'll be fun to see when they're finished.

It's always interesting to see which of the newly-casts pops-up audience anticipation.


NoobMember4 XPMay-25-2016 8:06 PM


2KAdmin4321 XPJun-07-2016 7:12 PM

Holy crap DJ, my cousin and her husband has to evacuate too. 

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