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Scified 2019 Update - New UI, Design and Features!

Scified 2019 Update - New UI, Design and Features!

Scified2019-03-10 08:35:30
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Scified has officially been upgraded for 2019! As many of you will have noticed today the site has a dramatically new look. We've done away with the overused white template and have reverted back to our roots with a sleek, dark theme. The update brings a multitude of improvements across all site features. The goal of this update was to give users more access to frequently used content more easily and to make navigating Scified for newcomers more easy.

Movies are our heart and soul

With a focus on movies above all else, this update puts latest movie trailers, movie info and upcoming movie trackers at the forefront and top of our navigation. On desktop, the main menu features a link to the latest uploaded movie trailers for films we cover. On mobile and desktop, movie links are the top spot when expanding the apps menu at the top left of each page.

Community is what keeps us alive

Editorial content aside, Scified has grown into a large community of various fandoms and we continue to strive to provide those fans with a unique platform with which they can use to dive deeper into their favorite film franchises, all while engaging with other like minded fans. Because of this, a feed of HOT TOPICS from across the Scified network is displayed on the homepage above our news feed and we also added a button to quickly access the Hot Topics list more easily on desktop. These topics are sorted by activity, meaning the Hot Topics that have been most recently replied to will be displayed first.

Activity Feed

The button icon in the top right next to your profile icon represents the Activity button. This will take you to a page which showcases all activities across the Scified network. See what's being posted, who's saying what and when all in one place. This is a frequent destination for those avid forum users and so, is easily accessible now with one click.


When you receive a new private message or account alert, your profile icon will highlight green to indicate you have unread content. Click your profile menu to expand your personalized list and the corresponding alert will also be highlighted green:

Easier to Read

Articles have been updated as well. Although the dark theme is nicer to look at and allows for images to pop more, reading walls of light text on a dark background is hard on the eyes. For this reason, article views remain dark text on a light background. However, a toggle for this option is on the way for those reading at night and who wish to dim the background color of articles.


Also coming this week is the implementation of secured browsing across Scified. Secure browsing is important and although Scified does NOT keep any personal data like real names, addresses, phone numbers or credit card information, readers want to know the site they're visiting is safe. For this reason, we have validated our SSL certificates and will be rolling out HTTPS across all sites on the Scified Network.

Every single page on this site has been updated and improved. However, as with any update, there are bound to be some bugs needing attention. So, if you come across any or simply just have some suggestions, feel free to message me or email us directly!

As always, thank you to the members who keep this network running. We hope you enjoy this update!

Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-03-10 08:35:30
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5 Fan responses to Scified 2019 Update - New UI, Design and Features!


ContributorMember665 XPMar-10-2019 10:17 AM



MartianAdmin19646 XPMar-10-2019 10:28 AM

Thanks Leto!

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1160 XPMar-10-2019 10:59 AM

Splendid work.


MartianAdmin19646 XPMar-10-2019 11:38 AM

Thanks Nebula! A similar update will be rolling put soon to the other forums as well.


ContributorMember665 XPMar-25-2019 3:12 AM



You can add a "quote" button for forums, please?

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