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Destroy All Monsters Movie
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Destroy All Monsters

  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Released: August 1st, 1968
  • Directed by Ishiro Honda
  • Written by Ishiro Honda, Takeshi Kimura
  • Studios: Toho
  • Box Office: Not Yet Calculated

Destroy All Monsters Cast

Akira Kubo
Jun Tazaki
Yukiko Kobayashi
Kyoko Ai


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The King of the Monsters

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Emperor GorillaGodzilla

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Destroy All Monsters Plot Synopsis:

In the year 1999 mankind has consolidated all of Earth's monsters to the Bonin islands, known as Monsterland. When all contact is lost with Monsterland the giants appear around the globe and lay waste to major cities in various countries. The alien Kilaaks take responsibility and vow to conquer Earth with the monster army. Capt. Yamabe spearheads the war against the Kilaaks and gains control of Earth's monsters for a climactic final battle on Mt. Fuji.




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