Syd Mead: Spotting the Spinner

Love me some Daft Punk! Great post Sawa!

Harrison Ford talks about a Blade Runner sequel

Awesome news, thanks DJ! I'll post the Reddit link here: I will post this up as news asap! Thanks DJ!

Is it wise for Legendary to release all these clips even though the movie's a month away?

I have stopped watching them because I don't want to ruin the movie. The same thing happened with Prometheus and watching too many ads/promos etc was fun at the time but doing that really ruined the movie plot for me, so I am not making the same mistake twice. 

hopefully not

It's been established the movie has nothing to do with the 1998 version. And yes I believe Toho is involved with the 2014 movie.

Strange indifference to Shaw after the medpod scene

@Pulserifile; I'm pretty sure I saw it in some footage, I really don't remember where. Maybe I am mistaken and it's only in the script. Basically Weyland pities her and tells the guards she just went thu hell, something like that. It's in the same timeframe as the cut scene of Vickers commenting to Weyland about the alien that came out of Shaw: "...maybe you should look at the thing squealing next door......" Unless of course I have completely lost my mind and it was only in the script, where he says : "This woman's been through a horrible ordeal, Ms Vickers.  Please leave us".

It's been over a year since I looked into anything Prometheus so give me some time to find it. 


A few people have thought that, it is an interesting theory.


BR2 sound track?

I agree, Vangelis's soundtrack hugely contributed the movies success and charm.

Some small Blade Runner 2 info

Yes it was posted back when the news came out, but that's fine, it's interesting extra Prometheus news too that some may not have seen. I find it interesting both movies will have the same writer. I don't know much about the guy, thought what I have heard is he penned 'The Green Lantern" script and people were not thrilled with that movie. Who knows really, we will just have to wait and see. :D : Writer Michael Green to Pen 'Blade Runner' Sequel. *(Sorry links seem to be weird atm, Chris will fix the function asap) P.S: If you ever want to look back through older news or posts, or just to check if something has already been posted use the 'Search' function on the 'Scified' main forum. :D

Two guys made this blade runner style adventure in 6 days

Thanks Tetris, that's awesome.

Android engineering science

The same thing happened with Ash in Alien, his head functioned independently of his body. The speaker was in David's face obviously.  

Strange indifference to Shaw after the medpod scene

She was totally in shock from the experience and the pain. One version had Weyland react and be kind to her. I know it's in the script and I thought there was a cut scene that was filmed: Weyland says to Vickers "This woman's been through a horrible ordeal, Ms Vickers.  Please leave us".

My JP collection

Hiya. Just right click on your images on whatever site they are uploaded to (Photobucket) and paste them here to the page, no need to open any URL or anything. Srsly that's how I do it ad the site automatically centers and sizes them. Litterally right click , copy image, CTL+V to the page where you want the image to show. :D


Omg those are gorgeous images Sawa, thank you so much for sharing. :D I love the costumes for the movie, they are incredible really. Nice to see the Hocky Mask dancers got included, too bad that got cut out of the movie.

are we nerds for being Godzilla fans

I think he is wrong and also small-minded. Why label a person based on what they like? I never undestood that mentality. Anyways, who says being a Nerd is a bad thing. :D

It is HERE.(Repost)

@Primal Kingl; It means Role-Play. :)

It is HERE.(Repost)

Excellent post! You should get this up on a site, and make that your RP headquarters. :D

Prometheus 2 news at last? 2016 release confirmed?

Nice Necronom! 

Hmm, that's odd, because Micheal Green was brought on to do the Blade Runner sequel... And the news that this guy is writing the scripts came from the same source; The Wrap. Anyways, showing this to Chris.

Writer Michael Green to Pen 'Blade Runner' Sequel

This sounds almost too good to be true: "the sequel that Green will write aims to be much more “alien-y” and in line with the terrifying tone of past films in the franchise. Additionally, the sequel is expected to feature multiple ‘David’ androids'


look what i found (look you will like it)

Isn't that the Neca thats been posted here for days? Or is it a different one?

Chris even posted news about it: First Look at NECA's Godzilla 2014 Figures!


What I prefer not to see or on in the new film.

There really won't be any sex scenes as it isn't that kind of movie. I don't care what curse words they might use.


I'm pretty sure Godzilla is always male.

Possible Crossovers?

O_O you didnt write anything in your post. 

The Multi-legged Kaiju (from the ComicCon trailer) look like these real-life creatures.

You are most welcome! *Beep* *Beep*

I like your analogy btw, I will be featuring this. :)

The New Godzilla from a Woman's Perspective

I'm a woman, and I kinda just like watching Godzilla kick ass and tear up the place. XD

Godzilla being a gentleman ^__^


Maybe it "speaks".

Thank you Something Real XDXD

My sincerest apologies to Warner & Legendary as well as the forum

Just be careful with that type of thing, they are full of viruses. It's also so disrespectful to the creators of the movies to link such things.

Thank you. :)

Could extinct animal still be alive

Great thread. 

Hey, T-Rex White, try uploading your images to Imgur, the ones you linked have a faulty URL. 

The Godzilla Pod-War Hour Podcast

Wonderful, thank you!

I saw the leaked movie!

Seriously guys.... Locking this. 

Godzilla will be 400 feet tall Owen Paterson has confirmed!

It would be good if you could link link the source of this, Owen Patterson's statements in particular. And please link something other than IMDB, link the actual interview.  Thank you. :D

I saw the leaked movie!

We really don't condone watching movies from online sites here. Just sayin'

A question about the spoilers

Just be sure to add *Spoilers* to your title and don't describe much in the title. People should be careful reading anything on site until they have seen the movie.

Miss Namikawa Pin up

Gorgeous Video!



and, also for you Sydra:


Something you all should know: Akira Takarada will be in the movie.

I am pretty sure I heard this awhile back. Maybe I was mistaken, but I thought someone from the original series was going to be in the new movie.

Maybe it "speaks".

LOL!!!! YES! The server is lagging and I got caught in it!! XD

Maybe it "speaks".

Been waiting forever for a chance to be able to post this image. :D


Freedom of Speech Doesn't Exist In This Dojo.

We have very few "rules" about posting here on site actually. One is that members treat each other with respect and the other is we ask people not continually post repeat threads. 

We get, on average, 10 repeat posts a day, if we had to let all of them through all other posts would get buried and that's not fair to the other members that post here either. It has nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with space management. If it's a repeat of a post, then it's a repeat, no need to make another thread for it, just talk about the subject on the other post that is already up.

If you think something was mistakenly locked please contact an Admin. We want people to be happy here, that's why we encourage communication.

"I've seen a lot of crap on this site that somehow makes its way through without a problem. Mind numbingly dumb questions, God awful drawings, false news, and the like somehow it makes it through." 

^Really? You are going to sit and say that about the others that post here on the site? That what they talk about is somehow lesser? I understand you are angry, but there is no need to bash others because of it. Everything is valid here, just not dozens of repeats. I am sorry your post got locked, it happens. Decisions are never made with malice here, all members are respected by Staff and Admin. You could have spoken to an Admin and explained why you think your thread was not a repeat or that it was locked unfairly, we would always listen to you and take what you say into consideration. 

Hello. Could someone explain to me why so many fans were unhappy with Prometheus?

@Nibbix; It was never planned a 3 part movie at first, that came after. It was described and 'sold' to fans as a direct prequel to Alien. People understood it would lead up to us seeing the crashed Derelict ship the Nostromo discovers.

BigDave sums it up well: "The Orginal Draft was more focused on being a more literal Prequel,  (John Spaihts Alien Engineers)".

I use the word "sloppy" because I can't explain it any other way, it was just jumbled, you can see ideas Spaiths had then ideas Lindelof had in it sort of cut together in a strange way. And the characters themselves were very odd. The whole thing felt disjointed and the scenes sort of got tossed at you one after the other so fast you barely had time to take in what was happening.

It's not a bad movie at all, it just isn't a great movie. The visuals of course were stunning, and the character 'David' was just amazing and unforgettable.

One of the redeeming qualities of the movie, in my opinion, is that it's made up of almost all of the original ideas Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett had for Alien (Starbeast) but were never used, such as the pyramids and the urns. That was really nice to see. 

Here is the Starbeast script if anyone would like to read it. ALIEN(project formerly titled STARBEAST)

Hello. Could someone explain to me why so many fans were unhappy with Prometheus?

Well, having been a moderator on the site almost 2 years now, this is what I have understood to be the biggest issues with the movie according to fans:

#1- It wasn't a direct prequel to Alien like it was originally advertised as. The story did not end with an opening to the events in Alien. 

#2- It was jumbled and messy, you could tell it had more than one writers ideas in it. The story seemed sloppy.

Important: Keep in mind some fans waited 30 years for the movie and felt really betrayed after. Prometheus was very interesting story on it's own, but never really was that Alien prequel people were promised. 


JW Pre-Production Tests? And Katy Perry might be singing the JW Theme

That news isn't sourced, so probably not real. I hope so, I really hope so. 

Do you like the fact that Godzilla is being portrayed realisticly?




^^ I know, I know!! It's not that it's bad, it just never appealed to me. I really took an interest when I saw the trailers to this movie. It looks amazing.

Happy St. Patricks Day!


Do you like the fact that Godzilla is being portrayed realisticly?

I really like that, I never was a fan of the suits. sorry guys. :(

March 17th : Toy embargo ends

No one has forgotten, there are plenty of threads on the subject and I believe Chris is working on an article.

Japanese Prometheus novel?

Interesting find Shambs, I'll ask Chris. I see some names on that thread I recognise. Following a link says "Page not found". We shall see. 

IMDB discussion board

It's IMDB, it's obviously not real so don't worry guys. Also, it's already being discussed here, please continue on that thread, no need for multiple threads for this subject. Thank you! :D



[Rumor] Ridley Scott looking to discuss the script with a closed group of fans

The fact it's on IMDB should have tipped you off. It's not real, don't let this get to you guys. If it was legit maintream news would have gotten to it by now and reported. Ridley doesn't go on social media, heck even actors say he still Faxes scripts to them. :D

99% sure it's not real.

Director's Cut???

A Director's Cut will not have more adult content, or be a different version, all it would contain is extended scenes and cut footage from the movie.  :D

PATRICK STEWART is a Godzilla fan!!!!!

A lot of people you wouldn't expect like Godzilla, he is very relevant in popular culture. Nice video. :D

This heavy metal song is quite fitting for Godzilla

Kinda hard to hear it without a link. :(

I have to ask, is it as awesome as THIS!!!!??? 


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