Prometheus Ship Wallpaper

Amazing!!! thank you very much for sharing it to us.

Is Prometheus2 on the same (not the best) way then Prometheus was?

I really like Prometheus, however I agree with the discussion in this thread, the treatment for this sequel is similar to the development of Prometheus: a newbie is hired to write the script and then this draft is rewritten by an unexpected choice. But at least this time they promise more dark elements characteristic of the franchise, so fingers crossed. 

Celebrating the release date... new Paradise Fan Poster!

Good job, I hope to see more

Alternate Deacon Fan Art

Please make a fan comic or a graphic novel!

Lost Paradise

Now that is the right direction. Just imagine this combined with dark elements of Giger, could be Epic! thanks for this thread! 

Prometheus 2 news at last? 2016 release confirmed?

Well to be fair, Green Lantern originally had an excellent draft, which went to hell in the dark hands of the studio and DC Comics, and yes, the possible connection between the two universes is an interesting question for future debates.

Prometheus 2 news at last? 2016 release confirmed?

And I have the feeling that most people will return to these forums, as before :D

Prometheus 2 news at last? 2016 release confirmed?

Great catch Necro! Hype time begins now :)

Purpose for Prometheus (Questions from Alien).

To me the xenomoprhs were like biomechanicals androids. Btw, I like the idea that engineers change their size with nanotechnology (that could explain the differences in size) but what if the suits are just larger than the user (as a vehicle), as in the following case:

Japanese Prometheus novel?

Well, from now I'll take it with a grain of salt because, could be piracy or just another trick of the trolls.

DD9097MS Round 1 Bonus Fight

Allosaurus all the time, they were like jurassic tigers, good fight btw.    

STARLOG issue 26 (September 1979)

Amazing post Lone! as always ;)

The Secret in the Eyes of the Engineers

Maybe the black goo is the pigment of their eyes :p

The King Of JP ?

I did not know that Giga is smaller that T.rex :p

Mesozoic Marvels: Episode 6

Absolutlely marvelous :D

Thorn's Life: 65 Million Years Later Chapter 29

It was an entertaining read, thanks

Saurornithoides Mongoliensis

sorry, doble post :P

Saurornithoides Mongoliensis

Interesting and I wonder if this predator competed against dromaeosaurs

Sauropelta Edwardsorum

Nice! looks like a cousin of Gastonia

Early Dinosaur depictions...

yeah, after all science is changing its mind all the time

Early Dinosaur depictions...

you mean new look (scientifically acepted) of the dinosaurs in the future?

Early Dinosaur depictions...

Old Megaraptor



Teratossaurus like a theropod dinosaur


Early Dinosaur depictions...

One of my favorites

Yuuzhan Vong In Star Wars Episodes 7-9?

Sound like an Alien invasion Star Wars style, and in my opinion would be a good idea for the next films, or even a great spin off.  


Alien evolution theory.

Food for thought, thanks for the thread!

Predator vs. Engineer

It would be a badass fight, and who Knows, maybe a super predator could win. BTW I wonder if the Preds have hunted Arcturians XD

Experiment or New Opportunity

I think the Engineers, for some reason, see the xenomorphs as a very valuable thing, and not just as simple biological weapons, and that piramyd looks like a cathedral dedicated to that being. I mean, they wanted to create somthing new, and our destruction was the first step to complete that purpose.

Who knows, maybe they have done this before (on another planet with humanoid like us) and the Space Jockey from LV- 426 is evidence of that.

Retro-Alien action 3 3/4 inch action figures are here.

I would like a puppet that looked like this

Paradise posters made by me

Your avatar and the last two are so cool. You made me smile with this, god job pal :)

Why Is The Space Jockey in ALIEN Much Larger Than The Engineers?

Maybe the camera tricks combined whit CGI can help next time, with a reasonable buget of course.

Why Is The Space Jockey in ALIEN Much Larger Than The Engineers?

I agree, because for me this is one of the major inconsistency and it is something difficult to deal with this without answers.

The idea of the Elders is now the most plausible explanation, and I hope that Ridley (ore someone else) take that route. 

Why Is The Space Jockey in ALIEN Much Larger Than The Engineers?

I think the original Space Jockey have no legs, or at least that was the purpose of the original idea, you Know, before the God like Astronaut concept. Even the arms are disproportionatey long, and there is not enough space in the rest of the chair to the legs and feet of the creature, said that my thoughts are that the original Space Jockey:

1) Has an appendix instead of legs (ie, another type of creature and not an Engineer). In fact the head of the original creature has teeth and a tongue.


2) The body of the creature is attached to the rest of the machine, as a biomechanoid (could be another species but can also be a lissing link in the evolutionary chain of the Engineer race, or even the future of their evolution). I imegine this as an alien version of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Thechnological Singularity\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".

3) Occam\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s razor; it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a huge man in a spacesuit, and probably and elder Engineer.   

Alien Queen from Aliens had wings!!?

Somewhere I read that the Brothers Strause wanted a cameo to a flying queen in the homeworld of the xenomorphs in the final scene of AVPR, with a predator trying to catch the creature, but the idea was out of the film due to budget.

Every Spaceship

Epic Thread! and on the other hand I would look at the ships of the Alien franchise (especially the Juggernaut) forming part of this great compilation of spacecraft.

Why the Engineers Wanted To Destroy Humanity Explained

Sometimes I think the last engineer is guilty for the outbreak in the Pyramid

I predict that alienDerilict ended up onLV-426because,likeJanek,someone crashed into it

Yeah, Ridley say that. But even if Him and Fox change their minds, with one collision is sufficient; two would be a bit monotonous.

I think the emergency landing would be more likely. But for some reason, I think that the Juggernaut of Shaw and David could become the future Derelict, that ship or another from the home planet of the Enginners (as long as they change their opinions, of course :p)


Which came first?

@Big Dave, considering the fact that they used a combination between that early Alien 3 screeplay and the Star Beast proyect; it is quite posible that there is still old material for the sequel, like the Dan O' Bannon' s original script (see the Svanya's Thread) which has some religious style elements in relation to the sacrifices and the life cycle of the monster.

Where was Fifield after his mutation?

So, he was trying to protect other life forms? like What? Shaw's Baby?

Where was Fifield after his mutation?

@Visionary Alpha, What is that of "when he discovered Charlie ' s remains oustside"? I`m curious.

Where was Fifield after his mutation?

Yes, they had many plans for Fifield, plans which unfortunately never saw the light of the day.

Sci-fi christmas wish list

Ok Santa, listen carefully:

1. More News about Prometheus 2.

2. News about other posible science fiction films of Ridley Scott (Wool, Blade Runner)

3. A site about Super Heroes here, on Scified.

4. The Raptor Team in the JW forums.

5. News about  Star Wars, Jurassic World and Interestellar.

6. A new Game Console.

7. Evidence of Extraterrestrial life.

8. An X files movie.

9. Weed legalization.

10. Una mamasota rubia de ojos azules como una que he visto por ahi XD



Which came first?

They also built a cathedral dedicated to the creature

Where was Fifield after his mutation?

Although, Fifield attack inside the pyramid would have been more creepy, IMHO.

Why the 'cocooning' scene and reproductive cycle concept in 'Alien' went unused

Could be just me, but I would have liked to see that pile of dead Engineers in Prometheus attached to the walls with some kind of slime or resin as in the pictures of this thread :)

Where was Fifield after his mutation?

Probably he was trying to get back to the Ship, walking down the corridors, suffering from pain, a little disoriented, but at the same time he was losing his humanity by this virus that was controlling his body.

Which came first?

@DJ, Yes! that quote is one of the best clues for now.

Why the 'cocooning' scene and reproductive cycle concept in 'Alien' went unused

It's more creepy? Yes! but it's long, complex and a waste of resources (the bodies). Even reminds me how disorganized and complex is the set of steps to create a deacon.

Definitely the queen is much more practical and productive, and no matter what the purist think about it.

Nice Thread btw :)

Which came first?

Probably totally off topic, but I remember having seen something about a virulent contagion spread by xenomorph, in a early screeplay to Alien 3. There, Infected become xeno-like-creatures, results from mutations.

I just found it a bit like the concept that we see in Prometheus, and you can read the script here:

William Gibson's unused Alien 3 screenplay



Which came first?

I also wonder if the black goo is the blood of some kind of god-like-creature or something, but that ' s just me, of course :p

Which came first?

The film does not give us any clue, but with the scipts we can see some interesting points, especially with the Jon'screenplay: with the DNA of an ancient lifeform, wich was collected by black scarabs.

Unfortunately it is not canon, and what we see on screen is all we have. 

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