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Nov-01-2012 8:30 PM

We all know the meaning of t-rex's name, Rex means ''KING'' So why do you think they started to call him just ''Tyrant-Lizard'' and not ''Tyrant-Lizard KING'' is it : 1- JP3 Spino Killing him 2-The discovery of Giganotosaurus 3- Discovery of other big Therapods [img][/img]

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Nov-03-2012 9:45 PM

That's the same reasons I've came up with. Maybe to steer away favoritism to the new generation of young learners. Telling them not to draw conclusions based on just a name, but with facts....cough("JACK HORNER")....cough. But I'm 27 years old. I've looked up/studies to the best of my knowledge on Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, money is still on the KING.....Tyrannosaurus "REX". I grew up calling it that, and I refuse to change now, like I refuse to accept Pluto is no longer a planet. :) That can't even think of words for that picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nov-04-2012 5:03 AM

i'll give you the answer anyways... its not just jp3 or the discovery of giga, its actually both of those combined, Giga was discoverd in 1997 some paleontoligists spoke about him and put T-Rex in a challenge other than Rodolfo Coria, but not too many people new about it, tell jp3 apeared every body started to put T-Rex in the challange, so yeah the answer is all three combined. thanks for the replies BTW. ** read my other threads that Talk about Predatory dinosaurs sizes **

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