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Joel Rivera

Feb-03-2013 1:59 AM

Hi World!!!! This is a awesome site!!! Thanks for unite us, this is like a big Alien Family. Well I 'm from P.R. and like my username said: I am a Huge Alien Fan and i will write my ideas from a Prometheus Paradise Sequel. First of all Fox can bring the entire production to Puerto Rico (U.S. Territory) we have big spaces, privacy, good professional local film industry and tax cut for filming here. Sorry for those who gonna read this and can't understand my writing in this language. Are you ready???? Ok this is my point of view for a sequel for maybe 2015. The film will start with the crash of the engineer ship in the paradise sea. The old Gods (our makers) try to find the ship and they rescue Shaw and David. Then in other chapter: The Wayland Corporation capture the emergency alert ( the technology its good but this form of communication in space still very slow) from the special room of Meredith Vickers (six month later) and the Shaw warning message that nobody had to get back to the origin of the signal (planet) because there's only death. But the Son of Charles Bishop Weyland (actor: Cillian Murphy) still want to know what happen to his uncle Peter and cousin Meredith. This is when Cillian remember his childhood with his father (actors: Lance Henriksen and Guy Pearse talk about the future of the company and their dream of funding intelligent life in space. Cillian knows that he is in charge but still want to know the facts of what happen in that planet and he command a rescue mission. Next Chapter: Shaw is very ill by the accident and also by the stomach injuries that happen in LV-223. She can talk but had trouble because the planet oxygen is harsh to her. David its the center of the attention and his knowledge of the history of human kind and language he can translate all the thing that Shaw and the God are saying and asking. Next Chapter: The Ship is already in planet LV-223 and the military/scientific crew wake up: (actress Gina Carano-Doctor in Medicine and co-pilot/ actor Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain) the Chief Pilot and robot specialist (someone had to fix David) but have military training in their past. The Military Crew: ( actor Sam Rockwell is the military in charge he's the captain and associate from Cillian Murphy agenda, this man is serious but also a crazy villain (He only care about money) the second man in charge is actor Gerard Butler, he is in charge of the ground "tactics" battlefield and actor LL Cool J is the expert in bombing operations. The thing is to find the ship room that its making the signal and find David. But the only thing that they find is chaos and death. Most of the entire military crew ( actors-extras) are death or in real pain because they find the queen nest and some nasty things happen. The thing is that Cillian Murphy know that the probability of fund his uncle and cousin are remote and the only thing that matter is to find David because he knows what happen to them and also because he is the true owner of the Wayland Corporations but he never came out of the ship. Most of the crew things that he is a robot. Next Chapter: Back in paradise the Gods are know thinking about desist to kill us all and taking the earth by the force. Shaw is very bad, she also can't eat the only thing that she is taking is water. Next Chapter: the military find another engineer ship but this also have a big surprise!! THE QUEEN-MOTHER...and its a brutal sequence of action between the military and the beast. They succeed by killing her but in that precise moment when the ship began to bornout because of the acid blood the enginner wakes up from hypersleep and he try to escape from the military and starts the engine and the military run out inmidietly from the ship. The enginner began to escape form the planet but at the same time a xenomorph began to get out from his chest and he crash in the LV-226. The next chapter: Shaw try to escape from the Gods temple because David said to her that they most leave and survive because the Gods are going to try to save their species and also because humans are not good with their future home. David sacrifice his life form because he know understand that any life in dangerous try to survive but sometimes with a deadly method. Next Chapter: the military crew is almost gone and only Gina, Rain, Gerard, LL Cool J and Cillian survived. Sam Rockwell is kill by the queen mother that he try to neutralized. Cellian a person you lost he's father by some creature in 2004 is know clear that he is the true owner of the company and the only way that he can capitalized his company is to capture and make this creature the most powerfull weapon in earth, so he without any emotion abandons the planet in a secret ship for extreme emergencies. So he return to earth, but the remain military crew knows that the ship are contaminated because Sam Rockwell expose the scientific crew to a xenomorph and the ship recognized the strange life-form and they explote the ship with the help of LL Cool J bombing stuff. The next chapter: Shaw escape from the temple and she run outside and try to take another ship but she don't succeed because of the terrible atmosphere and lack of oxygen in the planet. The Gods take her and started a ceremony to kill her. She said: it doesn't matter what happen to me because earth its a place that no matter who will win's it still be a place of sacrifice for preserve life. This is when David stop the ceremony to said her final word and then they desist to kill her. She is in a kind of strange bed in the middle of the Gods and they are trying to heal her. They told David that they are know not going to kill us but she is the key for their new method of survive in earth. She is now a Queen between them. Next Chapter: The military crew find another engineer ship and the surprise is that Rain is a robot for second generation. He can command the ship and they decide like Shaw to go to the engineer planet because theirs no way that life continued if that kind of species try again to survive. And they blew up the entire planet and are now into their way to the Gods planet to find more answers or battle. Next Chapter Shaw die because she don't survive the hostile environment of the planet but David still among they as the Human child from a Queen God. The FINAL CHAPTER!!! The military crew arrive into the planet but they crash into the sea and they all die in their hypersleep chamber. But this is not the movie end, they really don't drown themselves into the strange water, they die because the ship had all the time the weapon that the engineer make for us. And the finally the irony cycle its near to his end, the entire God planet get infected by the water of "life" that they drink. This is the end...but if the director wants to tease little more the fans: he finally film the moment when Cillian Murphy command a humanoid robot with a hidden agenda to the cargo ship USCSS Nostromo. The END....


NCC 1701

Feb-03-2013 2:21 PM

welcome Joel ,,,,,,


Feb-03-2013 5:16 PM

I think Cillian could be worry about the money no about family haha, Por cierto Bienvenido :)

The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you

Alan Williams

Mar-01-2013 5:47 PM

It should mesh together the remaining Lovecraft stories that continue on from At The Mountains of Madness (Prometheus), so it remains true to her search for the makers. The memories and body switching and especially The Shadow out of Time. I'm only half way through Lovecraft's complete works, I hope the answer is in it.


Mar-21-2013 10:27 PM

when you mentioned ll cool j i lol at you get out of here with that crap


Apr-06-2013 2:42 AM

might need to read 'some' Lovecraft...

2013 sci-fi horror novels 'Custodian' and 'Tandem' available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes etc...

Quinbus Flestrin

Apr-08-2013 11:52 AM

The writers should stick with the Prometheus myth - what goes around comes around - Shaw and David are headed to find the Engineers home planet - Shaw is infected with the alien DNA from her pregnancy - The Engineers still want to destroy Earth and start over again - The Alien that killed the Engineer is following Shaw because Shaw is its mother. The Engineers are its father - David admires the Alien and sees it as a way to exterminate Humanity and the Engineers. Shaw learns that Christ was a rebel Engineer who tried to save humanity from planned destruction - and that the Engineers have a God that they have rebelled from as well. Shaw and the Alien fulfill the prophesy - they destroy the Engineers - the Space Jockey is Shaw who is the only living creature who escaped from the Engineers planet - Paradise? - She dies so that the Alien -and Humanity - flawed as they may be - may live on - This merges the Christian story line with the Prometheus myth - saving humanity, killing the malevolent father, with the Paradise lost story line of the fallen angels (the Engineers) - in the end, Faith (Shaw) triumphs over technology (David). Which leads nicely to the Alien 1.

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